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How to add doors that can get bolt cut

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Hello ALRPG,

I have been playing around a little with adding a second type of federal reserve. This one doesn't have a vault but money which can get picked up. However none of the things which I have tried so far has worked. Is it possible to add doors with an assigned variable name to be able to get bolt cut. 

The gate which I want to be able to get bolt cut is this one "Land_WallCity_01_gate_yellow_F" it has an assigned variable name "bankDoorOne"

As of now I lock the two gates I use in the initServer with the bankDoorOne setVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_1',1,true]; function. The methods I have tried so far doesn't seem to be very optimal, so if anyone knows how I would go about making this it would be very much appreciated.

The version which I run is 5.0.0 Altis Life Framework on a modded Kelleys Island map

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Okay, getting the boltcutter to work on that gate is fine (using coords/objectNear), problem is. Once they break into it, you'll want to police to fix it after it's broken? Fixing the gate after broken on cop, you'll have to code a function for that, if you use the one already in there you'll have problems as it check if the object is part of the "House_F" class, I'm not sure what the gates are part of so you'll have to figure that one out. That's if you go that route though and use what's already in the framework.


You could copy the bolt cutter and create a new script with it and reverse the doors being unlock to locked, init that on the gate. Remember to add your checks and tweak the script to the cop faction.

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