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    • @FawksThe reason I was targeting  Elias is because of repeated bans he has already taken on the server, yes I sometimes leave my infistar toggles on, and sometimes the markers become second nature to me, I normally do not leave them on and if I am using my admin powers when interacting with someone who has not been reported multiple times by multiple people for trolling, I usually make sure they are taken care of in return. Did you see me in that stream attack anyone but Elias (I was attacking him to see if he had somehow godmoded) using my admin powers? I am giving context pre-stream, as I was receiving text messages in my discord and teamspeak about him. Just a little bit more context.   Edit: basically I have given multiple people multiple chances when they have misbehaved on the server, when based on the behavior they maybe should have just been blacklisted from the server.  Normally when I interact with Civ's unless they are in Armored Patriots(My organization that spans a few different games), I normally have everything turned off, I actually died and lost about half of my bank today when I smashed a jet into the ground. It's quite easy to make money on the server, and thats why bank accounts are that high, there are several people with 100 Mil+ in their accounts, I watched them grind it out too...
    • I would like to share our Trello which contains all of our update information - https://trello.com/b/1LGJ2Un8/gorilla-gaming-altis-life
    • I'm currently having troubles finding the location of my errors displayed in the extdb3 log. Maybe i just don't know how to read this but if any could help point me to the location of this error i'd really appreciate it! [00:22:05:814488 -05:00] [Thread 760] extDB3: SQL: Error MariaDBQueryException: Input: INSERT INTO players (pid, name, cash, bankacc, aliases, cop_licenses, med_licenses, civ_licenses, civ_gear, cop_gear, med_gear) VALUES('76561198054773765', 'Aleks', '0', '50000', '"[`Aleks`]"','"[]"','"[]"','"[]"','"[]"','"[]"','"[]"')  
    • re-link: Start from the beginning to get the full context.
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