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    • yeetus reetus go commit self deletus
    • Are you using a server host (Host Havoc, Vilayer, etc) or are you hosting it on your pc/localhost? If you are using a server host they should provide you with the database username and password. Whereas if you are hosting it from your PC/localhost you will need to set up a database and use its username and password. --- Server host instructions: Go to your control panel and find a button labeled "Database info", "Show database info", etc. when clicked it should show something along the lines of: -- PHPMyAdmin Link -- 158.**.***.** */phpmyadmin -- Database Information -- Host: 158.**.***.** * User: *** Password: *** Database Name: *** The script has executed successfully. You may close this window. Go into your exDB3 config and replace   [altislife] IP = Port = 3306 Username = arma3 Password = Database = altislife with   [altislife] IP = database IP Port = 3306 (leave as is or change to database port) Username = database username Password = database password Database = database name Then save your exDB3 config and attempt to run your server. ----- To set up a local host database I recomend following the GitHub instructions https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/wiki/Setup-Server
    • Where else do I have to enter the password?
    • Does the password you set match that of the database?
    • yeah I tried copying the NPC shop init and paste in the infostand init but it wouldnt work, it said something like "there's nothing"   But thanks for the texture to clothes