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    • I want to make a new player tag that is visible to both the opponent and myself. How do I do this?
    • //This way is better than remoteExec in my opinion, ill leave it bellow for those who want it. if ((backpack player) isEqualTo "B_Carryall_cbr") then {    (unitBackpack player) setObjectTextureGlobal [0,""]; };
    • Hey, brother! Missions can't be spawned Must respawn to spawn All buttons don't work Is it possible to provide mission content other than skins and paid scripts😳
    • Hi, I used to be Dev on NoName Fun Server and now I want to give my work over 3 years to you guys. You should note the following: All files which are related to an acquisition are empty Police, SEK, BKA, Rescue & Clans skins have been emptied The Mission.sqm is halved. To see the mission in the editor you have to use the [tt]NoName%20Remake.Altis -> mission.sqm[/tt].   Mission: Download If you have any questions: Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198061631265/ Discord: TheFireRunner#3400 Post a comment
    • Title: [EU] Survivor Roleplay | Custom Framework | 175K Start | Strict RP | Mature Staff Server IP: : 2317 Slots: 100 Join Us On Discord:   Factions: Survivor Island Police Department Survivor Island Medical Service Civilian Careers:   Taxi Driver Tour Guide Department Of Transportation [Highway Agency] Construction Worker Bounty Hunter Government Security Most Unique Features:   Completely Custom Map Government System Taxation System Phone Menu [Custom UI] Casino & Gambling Crime Lab Robberies Casino Robberies Federal Reserve Robberies Gas Station & Store Robberies Talent System [Still Been Tweaked] Unique Texturing & Graphics Unfortunately some of the features listed may not always function as intended, we are aware that the server still has bugs and work to be done on it however, we are in the process of pushing some major patches, UI improvements & overall making the server a whole lot more polished. Please be aware that we are always open to ideas and are happy for external input however we have posted this ad to more get the community and server out there more than to gain a player base extremely quickly. Myself along with everyone else on the staff team are aware that arma 3 life is on a rapid decline however we aim to make the most of it while it lasts.   Videos, Screenshots and promotional artwork is still been designed and worked on so the post will be updated once this is ready  
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