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  3. Heaps of unique content and devs pushing updates with new stuff+fixes daily, all community feedback is taken into consideration and normally added Defnitely a server worth checking out!
  4. Can't get it to work. Getting this error in my RPT: Could not load 'core\zipties'. Extension not listed in allowedPreprocessFileExtensions Using Altis Life 4.4r4
  5. Okay, Now this is odd, lets me open the vault but nothing is showing....
  6. If you think its any good i'd probably release it but i got to work on it a bit more first. ArmA 3 2020.01.26 - (online-video-cutter.com) (1).mp4
  7. Hello! i'm having a problem with wackbatts Zipties, Blindfolds and Gags scripts. Using Altis Life 4.4r4 This is from my rpt: Could not load 'core\zipties'. Extension not listed in allowedPreprocessFileExtensions How can I add core\zipties to the allowed preprocess file extensions? Any help would be appreciated!
  8. How do i make it so that cops can only restrain people when they have their hands up och when they've been tazed? Can't seem to find anything on the forums. Using Altis Life 4.4r4 and the original restrain script.
  9. Bank works great 5.0 Framework, Just had to do some tweaking.
  10. okay so rather then help i need to ask to you guys and i want to know what's your opinion or suggestion about this issue okay so the problem is whenever i start my server my server fps start's at between 1 to 20 fps and then when i check task manager for cpu usage it always stays at below %5 but after certain amount of time (15-20mins) server fps goes to 47fps and my cpu usage become normal like it used to be i don't know how or why this happen. i am ready to provide more if needed.
  11. Assuming you are running the latest version you have to edit Config_Loadouts.hpp located in Altis_Life.Altis > config.
  12. Hey guys and/or girls, so i have just started up a new Malden Life modded server with some mates and all and have gone into my mission.sqm thru eden editior and have gone to spawn island and gone into all the playerable police, civs and medic factions and editied their loadout to have their own unique uniforms, weapons and some gear when they spawn in. But for some reason on the server itself none of it works and if u die and respawn you still dont get the stuff i editied you get the default arma 3 spawn in gear and all. Does anyone have any idea as to why this is and how i can get it to successfully work!!?? Thank HEAPS!!!!!
  13. So I'm looking for a design like this or this form of UI, have this been posted here?
  14. Do you recon I can use a <br> to make a text under the Store name with a different color?
  15. https://hosthavoc.com/billing/index.php/knowledgebase/173/How-to-configure-RCON.html
  16. Yes and it works, but I think the positioning is off, or does it look like this? https://prnt.sc/qrsr5v
  17. this setVariable ["realname","<t color='#0000ff'>Clothing Store</t>"]; Then change #0000ff to what ever color you want.
  18. Okay so settings this to the NPC in the editor will show their name, but I wanna change the text, do you have any idea where to change this because I tried and it bugged the thing out with orange text saying NPC under, and color didnt even show. As for the masked player if someone wears a mask the players name disappear it woul be better if it said "Masked Player, or Unknown" Thanks for the respond!
  19. Cheers man I have many more skins if you do go modded I have Victoria Skins I no longer need for D3S Car pack
  20. Add this into the init of the Clothing Store and you should be able to see a nametag over the NPC, if you want to add the "NPC" text below it will require more editing but should be quite easy, check in fn_playerTags. this setVariable ["realname","Clothing Store"];
  21. And is there a way to just show the prices without having them changed depending on actions?
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