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  2. So i have made a script called fn_lifeServerKickIdle.sqf and placed it in my life_server \ functions with - params ["_user"]; serverCommand format["#kick %1",_user]; In my mission folder - scripts i have put the fn_idlekickscript.sqf and adjusted like so - In the mission init.sqf i have put - //Idle kick script [] execVM "scripts\fn_idlekickscript.sqf"; In the CfgRemoteExec.hpp i have put - F(life_fnc_idlekickscript, SERVER) F(life_fnc_lifeServerKickIdle, SERVER) Testing now.
  3. What is it doing? opening the cell phone without the item or not opening with the item?
  4. I did. It still didn't work. Literally i changed everything with Item_Radio with TFAR_anprc154. It still didn't work
  5. @whitehammer9 I'v installed this before so if you need help don't be afraid to ask.
  6. Change ItemRadio ItemRadio With the TFR radio you use...
  7. Made a Mistake with Enter key double post
  8. You need 2 scripts The first one in @life_server the script will received a parameter (profilename) send from remoteExec and will execute the kick command with your ServerCommandPassword. params ["_user"]; "ServerCommandPassword Here" serverCommand format["#kick %1",_user]; and he need to be define to be called by your remoteExec. the second script is the script you made but in you mission. and for the remoteExec you need to call the script define in your @life_server. [profilename] remoteExec ["the name you five to your script in @life_server",2]; You also need to allow the remoteExecution in the file called CfgRemoteExec.hpp
  9. Yesterday
  10. What should we do to make it play continuously?
  11. How does this work with TFR?
  12. It stops you from being killed when you are hit by a vehicle.
  13. With that said. May i reccomend you contact the server staff of THAT server, and appeal the ban?
  14. i deleted the files and went back to normal im running 5.0 does it matter if not ill re install and see what it says again
  15. Last week
  16. Still not working. (no system chat or kick) Do i need to add it in life_server \ functions? If so i am a bit out of my league to understand how.
  17. Thank you for your guidance - I have defined the script in life_server \ config.cpp like so - class IdleScript { file = "\life_server\scripts"; class idlekickscript {}; }; and have adjusted the chat like so - systemChat format ["%1 You have not moved for 5 minutes and will be kicked if stationary for another 10.",_name]; and changed the ("#kick " + profileName) remoteExec ["serverCommand", 2]; to [profilename] remoteExec ["#kick",2]; I am calling - [] execVM "scripts\fn_idlekickscript.sqf"; in the @life_server init.sqf In the @life_server / addons / life_server / scripts with the fn_idlekickscript.sqf script in it. Testing so the whole script looks like this now -
  18. The script in the @life_server is only here to handle the kick. So you need a script define in your @life_server and on your mpmission the actual script but when you execute your remoteExec this should be something like this: [profilename] remoteExec ["Your fonction define in @life_server",2]; And for the systemChat he doesn't need player before systemChat format ["%1 You have not moved for 5 minutes and will be kicked if stationary for another 10.",_name];
  19. If you haven't changed anything this shouldn't be a problem with 5.0
  20. if !(isNull objectParent player) exitWith {[] call life_fnc_stopEscorting;}; if ((animationState cursorObject) isEqualTo "animstate") then {};
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