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  3. Hi, i would much appreciate some help on this matter. I just bought Arma 3 on sale Today, I am Extremely new to PC iv always wanted to play the Atlis RPs. And i finally got it. But everytime i click to join a server i get a Pop up before i load in That I was kicked. FYI i play using GeForce Now. I know its pretty shit, but not everyone can afford a PC. It is what it is. Id love some help with this because i really want to Jump into a Roleplay. Thanks.
  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone had a guide or quick fix to have a license condition on a vehicle skin. For example, i want the bounty hunters to have their own skins, but when i add them under the vehicle class, they show on all car shops.
  5. Hi, I'm having a problem on my server. People can open car inventories even if the car is locked and not theirs. I checked fn_inventoryOpened and the eventhandler and all seems good. Any clue how to deal with this?
  6. Yesterday
  7. When I pay the gate stays locked. They both have the code inserted. Maybe I don't have the scripts folder in the right place. Where does it go?
  8. how to turn off the clamping system in safe spaces
  9. Hello how do I make it so that players can buy anything (including licenses and drug training) with debit card. I don't see an sqf for it in the debit folder. Ty in advance
  10. Last week
  11. @steven walker Here you go. Functions.hpp description.ext
  12. Hello I am still having an issue with my server setting it up This is the error it gives me: Warning Message: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\description.ext, line 196: /CfgFunctions/: Missing '}' Functions.hpp description.ext
  13. @PiterChannel potresti aggiungermi su discord? crimilo#9330 oppure steam: crimilo (icona scura)
  14. Oh, got it, can you tell me if i can find compatibility issues and/or differences between 50 and the forum?
  15. Well your old scripts might not be compatible with 5.0.
  16. Thank you for the answer. Sorry for my ignorance, but I have lost contacts with my old scripter and I'm trying to use my c++ knowledge to understand sqf. What do you mean by "update"?
  17. Import your custom scripts from the old framework (and possibly/probably update them) to the 5.0 framework.
  18. Hi all, i haven't played Altis Life since 2016, now i'd like to run a server again, but i have a major problem, I see that there is the 5.0 version, but i still am on version, is there a way i can upgrade my mission to 5.0, and also, I get a "Setting up Client, please wait". Can someone help me at least with the first thing? Thank you in advance
  19. Sus reglas parecen haber sido modificadas por NeonLife y otras fuentes. ¿Tienes permiso para usar los archivos de servidor de PopLife?
  20. ¿Puede por favor proporcionar imágenes de su servidor?
  21. When i load up the server i keep getting the error code Script \life_server\fix_headgear.sqf not found The server is launched with TADST and, has @life_server enabled. The fix_headgear.sqf is located in life_server > addons > life_server.pbo
  22. Nuevo servidor de pop 3 (modificado) Ts3 : backlife.cf foro : https://backlife.mistforums.com/
  23. I'm confused, is this a Wasteland server or a life server?
  24. Have you installed apt-get install libtbb2:i386 ?
  25. I need an auto restart .bat file to restart my dedicated server every 5 hours
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