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  2. Ehhhh.. i don´t know if the modded cars are classes or bases? But there is a pastebin of mine fn_storevehicle https://pastebin.com/kAMKTx2n
  3. Skirmish_

    [ A3LUK ] Developer Recruitment.

    Yeah I really don't think he meant it that way, obviously my work is mine and everyone's work is theirs. Also since I'm in partial ownership of A3LUK all the rules put out there would be my decision also. He meant to say that if you work for us and make original content for the server we don't want you to sell it or give it some script kiddies.
  4. imthatguyhere

    [ A3LUK ] Developer Recruitment.

    Does that not mean that your work on the project is now owned by him by that rule? Maybe you should contact him and get it straight there. I know there's no way in hell I'd work for free to lose my rights on anything, or have to fight over my work.
  5. Skirmish_

    [ A3LUK ] Developer Recruitment.

    Yeah idk man I didn't write it, he's a bit pepega
  6. Delexical

    [ A3LUK ] Developer Recruitment.

    Well this entire topic is a bit of a yikes. Who the hell would want to develop for you if you own every script that they create?
  7. Yesterday
  8. Prophet

    [ A3LUK ] Developer Recruitment.

    "yOuR wOrK iSnT yOuRs"
  9. ❃ AlaskaMaska ❃

    Defiant-RPG.com | Modded Life | Jobs, Grow Plants, Mine Ores, More!

    Yeah sorry updated links
  10. Skirmish_

    [ A3LUK ] Developer Recruitment.

    Alright, thanks for pointing out the obvious, we are very careful on who we recruit to the team, and we are very serious about this. We are more than aware on how to protect our work from little slime balls. Thank you for replying to the post.
  11. You mean this ? https://pastebin.com/5KuN3xbc
  12. You have an error in your playerSkins, pastebin it. It seems you may have an extra "};".
  13. Outdated website link?
  14. yeah its this one, i copied out the time where i joined my server : https://pastebin.com/7Q9iWwe5
  15. That would be found it in, but I need the whole file, not a snippet.
  16. you meant this? : https://pastebin.com/7Q9iWwe5
  17. RPTs are the logs/reports for ARMA. You can find your Client RPTs in "%localappdata%\Arma 3" and they are timestamped with the time you started ARMA 3. I see nothing wrong in the keyHandler.
  18. https://pastebin.com/7hJ7JKsj - fn_keyhandler.sqf I dont get it what you meant whit RPT 😅
  19. Pastebin your fn_keyHandler.sqf and your client RPT from when you tried it.
  20. Ive put the command in the file, but its not workin.
  21. Powsa

    [Tutorial] Simple Morphine/Bandages

    I have fixed this issue thanks anyway
  22. Insert it here: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/master/Altis_Life.Altis/core/functions/fn_keyHandler.sqf#L220 Put this: [] call life_fnc_playerSkins; Just above (create a new line) : [] call life_fnc_p_openMenu; Then ingame, pick up the clothes, and then open your Y-Menu. Every time you open that menu, it will re-run playerSkins and reapply the texture with the change above. Then see if opening the Y-Menu fixes your clothes.
  23. Sounds like you may have a Hidden Character in your file that is causing the error. Run it through my tool here: http://arma.imthatguyhere.com/bom/ Instructions: If it finds no hidden characters, pastebin the hpp and link it here.
  24. imthatguyhere

    "There isn't a Vehicle near the NPC"

    Send your Client and Server RPTs from when you tried it (for the not showing after reboot mainly). As for storing, it sounds like your modded cars aren't considered Air/Car/Ship via the config, so they don't store. Add their classes, or their base class, to the list here: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/master/Altis_Life.Altis/core/actions/fn_storeVehicle.sqf#L13
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