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  3. Hey I'm a known coder for archetype-gaming and many other servers. I have a really good server and looking for another developer and maybe someone to found this server. Contact me to check out the server.
  4. Starting mission: Mission file: Altis_Life1 (__cur_mp) Mission world: Altis Mission directory: mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\ a3\data_f\blesk1.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape a3\data_f\blesk2.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape a3\data_f\raindrop.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape a3\map_stratis\data\obloha.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape a3\data_f\stars.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape a3\map_stratis\data\horizont.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape a3\data_f\rainbow.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape Strange convex component202 in a3\structures_f\households\house_small01\d
  5. Hello, First you have to declare your server-side functions in your @life_server/config.cpp Then in your mission folder, you have to declare your server-side functions in the CfgRemoteExec.hpp so the client is allowed to call it. Then you can remoteExec your server-side function from the client like this: [player] remoteExec ["SRV_fnc_test", 2]; In that file you have your functions fnc_test1 fnc_test1= {blablablah}; You have to send it back to the client, so create a function in the mission folder that will receive it and allow it for RemoteExec for the cli
  6. aye how do i join this? the two links above the teamspeak address are non functional and when i tried to just join the teamspeak it says i need a password which i dont have and im assuming i cant get to because of the dead links.
  7. remoteExec "life_fnc_test" will search for life_fnc_test on the client, first you need to declare the function variable on the client, then you can remoteExec it, elseway if you do "[] remoteExec [life_fnc_test,player]" it will use the variable on the server
  8. hello i have file in server side and that file name is : fn_test.sqf and in that file i have this fnc_test1 = {code}; i want to use remoteExec ["life_fnc_test", player]; to make fnc_test1 define to that player but its dos not work and i dont want to use publicVariable
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  10. Hey Guys, it looks like arma3 has devoted itself to a problem, altis life players are facing a long time now. In the current development branch, they introduced a new script to lock vehicle and player inventories. I'm aware there are some workarounds created by the community, but in my opinion there's noting like a dedicated vanilla command, to fix this problem once and for all. Here's the link to the command wiki page: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/lockInventory Have found this script today and wanted to share this with you asap. Greetings,
  11. 22:58:38 Error Undefined variable in expression: _url 22:58:38 Error in expression <21b8&pr=A3'] call FN_ARMA_FETCHDATA; if(_res find '$do$' != -1)exitWith{_res = (> 22:58:38 Error position: <_res find '$do$' != -1)exitWith{_res = (> 22:58:38 Error Undefined variable in expression: _res This is infashit and you can ignore the error, The error you should look at is 22:58:38 Error in expression <teCivAlive", 1] call DB_fnc_asyncCall; [_query,1] call DB_fnc_asyncCall; }; }; > 22:58:38 Error position: <_query,1] call DB_fnc_asyncCall; }; }; > 22:58:3
  12. Hi ive been working on camera scenes that i want only the player running into a trigger to be able to see but im having trouble where it makes everyone see these cutscenes. is there a way to have it so only 1 player that triggers the area see's the cutscene/cameras, thanks. ill link a bit of the code that i have so far below if it helps. //fade to black cutText ["","black out",1]; sleep 1.5; //fade back in cutText ["","black in", 1.5]; //create the camera private _camera = "camera" camCreate [3224.148,8509.237,1.524]; // 3224.148,8499.814,1.523 _camera cameraEffect ["internal","back"
  13. Thank you!, and enjoy it šŸ˜„
  14. Sorry didn't get a notification about your reply. It would depend on your framework version. If you are using the latest 5.0 then it will be what i posted. Otherwise, use the same format that you see in your file.
  15. Works very well and looks really clean, Thanks for the share @CubeX
  16. Are you using default y-menu or a phone menu? Also if your using the most up to day 5.0 it would be: case "bandage": { [] spawn life_fnc_bandage; closeDialog 0; }; As well you don't need to change edible -1 to 20 since this then would increase your food if you use a bandage.
  17. Well you have a couple problems in your logs. 22:58:38 Error in expression <[""]]]; ["armalog" callExtension ("7" + _url)] param [0, ["_out", "", [""]]]; _o> 22:58:38 Error position: <_url)] param [0, ["_out", "", [""]]]; _o> 22:58:38 Error Undefined variable in expression: _url 22:58:38 Error in expression <21b8&pr=A3'] call FN_ARMA_FETCHDATA; if(_res find '$do$' != -1)exitWith{_res = (> 22:58:38 Error position: <_res find '$do$' != -1)exitWith{_res = (> 22:58:38 Error Undefined variable in expression: _res @imthatguyhere Do you have any idea on this
  18. What are they dropping? Physical items like guns or virtual items? What version of the framework are you using.
  19. Hello i sending you the logs and i use 5.0 https://pastebin.com/EMF9fL75
  20. Just like a regular site, drop it in your domain website hosting/server and it should be good to go
  21. Sending us only your extDB3 logs won't really help. Send your client and server logs too. What version of the framework are you using?
  22. Hello, I looked everywhere on the forum and I can't find a solution so I open a topic when I try to spawn in police spikestrip and containers in a house in civilian, nothing happens Thank you for your help here are the logs : https://pastebin.com/LfxBUBqk
  23. Hey. There is a problem on my Altis Life server. When one player drops things on the ground, the second player cannot pick them up. He writes that it has already been discovered by someone. Help
  24. Buenas a todos, me presento soy uno de los fundadores de Project Gamer - EspaƱa Roleplay soy Antonio Cid Villas, aquĆ­ os presento nuestro servidor. Nuestro servidor lleva 4 dias abierto, estas bienvenidos a probarlo, aqui os dejo discord de la comunidad Nuestro discord: https://discord.gg/WcbuAyh Nuestro ts3 ---> ts3.espaƱaroleplay.es Foro: https://www.uptimerp.es/foro/ PROMO DEL SERVER Tenemos varias nuestro server altis, guardia civil, ems y bandas. Cuando comienzas en servidor tienes 30000 ā‚¬ en cuenta, con directo pues comprar vehiculo, y comenzar a
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