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  3. I have just finished my Own craft Script
  4. bruh those are dying cuz every other gang dont let you survive, new players get killed randomly. Rich guys use their money to rob new guys with no self defense and stuff.
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  6. hello i know it's old but the assest.zip is not more aviable can someone else share it ? thanks a lot
  7. First Caller is from fn_actionKeyHandler.sqf with: if ((typeOf _curObject) in FTD_House_Item && {player distance _curObject < 3} ) exitWith { if (alive _curObject) then { [_curObject] call life_fnc_containerMenu; }; }; That open that menu: case "Land_PressureWasher_01_F": { _Btn1 ctrlSetText "Lavora Metallo"; _Btn1 buttonSetAction "[Metallo] spawn life_fnc_FTD_ProcessWeaponsPart; closeDialog 0;"; _Btn1 ctrlShow true; _Btn2 ctrlSetText "Lavora Legno"; _Btn2 buttonSetAction "[Legno] spawn life_fnc_FTD_ProcessWeaponsPart; closeDialog 0;"; _B
  8. Hello, I did everything as shown in the tutorial. But HP always regenerates itself when I put on the seat belt, when I crash. Even though I did everything from scratch, my dear suddenly becomes 100%.
  9. Hi guys i have some problem with that i don't know i can pass these parameters to the same file the first call from fn_actionKeyHandler [1,0,0] call life_fnc_FTD_DriveLicenseTeoric; the file: #include "..\..\..\script_macros.hpp" #define Btn1 37450 #define Btn2 37451 #define Btn3 37452 #define Btn4 37453 #define Btn5 37454 #define Btn6 37455 #define Btn7 37456 #define Btn8 37457 #define Title 37401 private ["_Ndomanda","_result","_count","_Btn1","_Btn2","_Btn3","_Btn4","_Btn5","_Btn6","_Btn7","_Btn8"]; params ["_Ndomanda","_result","_count"]; disableSerialization; if (isNul
  10. Hi I am having an issue with getting xampp MySQL to work on my dedi //error im getting 2021-05-02 7:17:56 0 [ERROR] mysqld.exe: File 'C:\xampp\mysql\data\aria_log_control' not found (Errcode: 13 "Permission denied") 2021-05-02 7:17:56 0 [ERROR] mysqld.exe: Got error 'Can't open file' when trying to use aria control file 'C:\xampp\mysql\data\aria_log_control' 2021-05-02 7:17:56 0 [ERROR] Plugin 'Aria' init function returned error. 2021-05-02 7:17:56 0 [ERROR] Plugin 'Aria' registration as a STORAGE ENGINE failed. InnoDB: using atomic writes. 2021-05-02 7:17:56 0 [ERROR] In
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  12. Hi there, I would like to know if it is possible to make the players reappear where they disconnected ? If it is, how can I apply it on my server ?
  13. I really really like this menu, is there anyway i could get the source files and a installation guide. I would love to put this on my Tanoa Life 5.0 server.
  14. MaviS

    [Tutorial] Seatbelts

    Hello, I did everything as shown in the tutorial. But HP always regenerates itself when I put on the seat belt, when I crash. Can anyone help?
  15. https://gyazo.com/e45549d9f2e8606c1907df4d9c74b2e2 https://gyazo.com/306a71f70c66d48507ba905c916e707a
  16. You can do a if statement depending on the class name of the vehicle and then do a check for the item that they are putting in.
  17. Hello guys and ladys, can You tell me or is there any where a script which will define the virtual trunk of a car for specifik virtual items only ? Example; The Fuel Hemmit virtual trunk is only for gasoline (virtual item). thanks
  18. Hello there, im searching for people with script experince writing. Im the Project Leader of a Polish community which needs help in script development. We pay a small amount for the time You are giving. Contact me for more. Peace and take care
  19. Hello friends, when I seize the vehicle, the vehicle stays where it is and does not go to the parking lot. How can I solve this problem? I could not find the script ?
  20. Ingame Name: SteamID: UID: Hours Played On Arma3: Tell us about your self?(100 Characters Min): Why would you like to become apart of the staff team? (100 characters Min): Additional Comments
  21. https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/master/Altis_Life.Altis/core/vehicle/fn_fuelSupply.sqf#L67 Can someone explain me how do i install this future :). Thanks
  22. i am new to arma 3 and was wondering how i play altis life and other types of multiplayer servers. when i go to server browse it just loads endlessly.
  23. Hey guys, could someone paste the WORK one for altis 5.0 ?
  24. Project Roleplay was formed this year with experienced Arma 3 players. We were brought together out of the dying ashes of Arma 2 Takistan Life community with one goal… To succeed where other life communities have failed to provide serious roleplay for their members. To provide a new style of Life. How will our server become successful? What makes Spartan so great? That answer is simple. You, the one currently reading this. Its people like you who makes us want to become the best Takistan Community since the early does of Arma 3. The server is in its early days and we are looking for peopl
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