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  3. Buenas a todos, me presento soy uno de los administradores del servidor POPRENEW, aquí os presento servidor. Lo primero es pop 5 implementado en pop 3 gracias Sergio Rex y el mapeo por guillermo Hassan, pensareis esta el sistema axe en el servidor negativo, esta el sistema medico de pop 4. Pensareis ¿ que cosas tenis que no hay en otros servidores? 1- Tenemos el sistema de Incendio que funciona con 4 ems en activos y las pandemias, y funciona todo 2- Una nueva Isla en el mapa llama Isla Jinx, 3- Somo el único servidor que tiene autopista desde lakeasid
  4. Anyways, a way you can make this yourself is to edit your "Altis_Life.Altis\core\medical\fn_onPlayerKilled.sqf". In that file you have access to the killer and the victim. From them you can get their names, groups and any other info you want. You can then remote exec for all players using the broadcast ("Altis_Life.Altis\core\functions\network\fn_broadcast.sqf") and specify system chat.
  5. i have been trying to figure this out for some time, how can i make it so when a player gets killed by another it says in the kill feed/chat "Player [gang] was killed by Player [gang]"
  6. Help me please how to get markersize form mission.sqm [a-axis],[b-bxis] this code it not working can someone help customize this code?
  7. #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" private ["_inArea","_zone1","_zone2","_zone3","_dis1","_dis2","_dis3"]; _zone0 = getMarkerPos "Kavala_safe"; _zone1 = getMarkerPos "rebel_1"; _zone2 = getMarkerPos "pygos_safe"; _zone3 = getMarkerPos "Athira_safe"; _zone4 = getMarkerPos "mainair_safe"; _zone5 = getMarkerPos "rebel_1_1"; _zone6 = getMarkerPos "Police_sofia"; _zone7 = getMarkerPos "spawn_safe"; //setmarkersize form mission.sqm "Kavala_safe" setMarkerSize [4330, 2715];
  8. Yea there that unique that you get banned for nothing but affiliation with another community that started a Taki server before them. Clap clap. All so please read https://www.altisliferpg.com/topic/1895-read-before-posting-your-server/ oh and will this be like A3O a flop?
  9. I am having this error where on takistan map the vehicle isnt showing up on the screen but soon as I revert it back to altis life map it is working. Any idea how this can be fixed. Thank you in advance.
  10. I paid for a modpack for Arma 3 life a while back, some of it was custom made by a friend and I but time has screwed me over and I have forgotten for the most part how to install everything. I am running into problems with Mission files specifying dependencies on addons/mods that don't exist, etc.. among some other things like Teamspeak integration, are all getting me overwhelmed. Please reply in this chat if you are able to assist me, or add me on Discord: ostridge#0001. I am willing to go into further details answering any specific questions, Huge thanks in advance! log a3 latest.
  11. I've looked through hours of videos & looks everywhere online, and I cannot find any source that can help me figuring out how to store Tracked Tanks and other vehicles in the Garage on Altis Life, as my Server is Militarized Life Server. Can someone help me with this issue?
  12. Work on 5.0 today just need to edit this : Replace classSellCar: class InsureCar : life_RscButtonMenu { idc = 97480; text = "ensure" ; onButtonClick = "[] call life_fnc_insureCar;"; x = 0.43 + (6.25 / 40) + (1 / 250 / (safezoneW / safezoneH)); and = 0 . 9 - ( 1 / 25 ); w = (6.25 / 40); h = (1 / 25); }; By : class InsureCar: life_RscButtonMenu { idc = 97480; text = "ensure" ; onButtonClick = "[] call life_fnc_insureCar;"; x = 0.43 + (6.25 / 40) + (1 / 250 / (safezoneW / safezoneH)); an
  13. Earlier
  14. Hello all! I recently took it upon myself to start an Arma 3 Life community with some friends, however I have only had past experience in developing for and running Altis Life server, so it left me the short straw so to speak with setting up the Modded Life server. I have been given Kelley's life server files with the Firestorm Gaming mod from a past community a friend was in, however he is unaware how to set it up. I am willing at this point to just setup any modded life server, inclusive of map and mods, as long as it is a life server. If anyone is able to assist me in setting
  15. We are a new takistan server releasing in the next few weeks with a complete rework of how taki normally plays out with plenty of unique content you can find in the video below! Website: https://takistanlife.net/ Discord: https://discord.gg/BUN9r3xMH3 Content and Features Video:
  16. Well according to this is cant find your Vehicles Cfg as well you have a Database error. 0:21:36 ": LifeCfgVehicles class doesn't exist" "extDB3: Protocol Error: [0,""Error MariaDBQueryException Exception""]"
  17. Hi guys, i was looking for a way to replace spawnmaker for vehicle by coordinates since i would like to make them spawn over a building. I found some topics here related to that : I already know i need to edit something in fn_spawnvehicle.sqf but after that i'm a bit lost, some one can help me ?
  18. Maybe little late 😃 My RPT: https://paste-me.net/xodow Server RPT: https://paste-me.net/wavam
  19. ☹️ I want to delete all tools in iqiLoad.sqf and add only HEMTT and HEMTT Flat tools. And I want to remove other tools from within this script. Can anyone show it as an example?
  20. This is what i mean, I want to create a custom tag. For example ; It will be the [Taxi] Tag. And the taxi without this tag won't get the car
  21. Thank you my friend. I hope it will work for me.
  22. Google is your best friend. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/151777-tutorial-simple-re-texturing-guide-from-start-to-finish/
  23. Hello, I want to make textures for uniforms and vehicles but I can't find a very accurate step by step video about it. Can anyone help?
  24. When I created the Gui RscPicture and put it in it, boommm! Unbelievable, the color is wrong. How can I solve this problem? (Google translation) Like this:https://www.picz.in.th/image/unknown.buVkPD help me pls
  25. @CrimzonUK1 goto core\admin, then create a file called fn_camera.sqf, then put the code under in the file. #include "..\..\script_macros.hpp" /* # File: fn_Camera.sqf # Author: Martinez | MartineZ#5762 # Description: Spawns the bis camera */ if (FETCH_CONST(life_adminlevel) < 1) exitWith {closeDialog 0; hint "You are not a Staff Member"}; // Actions private _action = [ "Are you sure to open the free camera?", "Camera", "Yes", "No" ] call BIS_fnc_guiMessa
  26. I'm only asking because I don't know what kind of answer he is looking for. If he wants a snippet of code or just advice.
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