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  2. Awesome i did what you said and it seemed to fix that error however i now have another error from my extdb3 logs as shown below: [00:11:17 +02:00] [Thread 15924] extDB3: SQL: Initialized: Add Quotes around TEXT Datatypes mode: 2 [00:11:17 +02:00] [Thread 15924] extDB3: SQL: Initialized: NULL = "" [00:11:17 +02:00] [Thread 15924] extDB3: Locked
  3. "Unknown column 'maxmembers' in 'field list'" Same as before, re-check the gangs table
  4. yes these are the extdb3 logs https://pastebin.com/UrbWjn2f
  5. Could you send me your extdb3 logs?
  6. ok im also getting a RPT error below when joining as a civ?
  7. just delete the table gangs (maybe backup the content of it in a backup table) then re-import the altislife.sql and re-insert the backup content into the table, mind that you'll need to set manually the max amount for each gang (should be 8 members by default)
  8. sadly it does not am i able to add the maxmembers to the db?
  9. sadly it does not am i able to add the maxmembers to the db?
  10. there's not a single way to fix this, it could be the database, check that 'maxmembers' column exists in table gangs of your DB
  11. how exactly can i fix this?
  12. the file "Config_Housing.hpp" is what you're looking for, add the warehouse classname into it and follow the rest of the entries as an example That's more complicated, you'll need to edit the fn_placeStorage.sqf and put an if statement that checks wheter or not you're placing the big storage inside the warehouse
  13. Altis life stores the trunk items inside of the vehicle variable Trunk in this format: ["ItemName",itemNumber] So you could use a forEach loop to solve the array and a switch statement to execute the code you'd like to execute, I'll write an example here _trunk = cursorObject getVariable ["Trunk",[]]; // trunk of the vehicle you're looking at (add a kindOf check to see vehicles only) { switch (_x select 0) do { case "wood": {hint "hey, there's some wood in here!"; /* Code to be executed in here */}; default {}; }; } forEach _trunk;
  14. Best way is probably removing altis life evhs from the fn_setupEVH.sqf in mission_root/core you should comment out these 2 lines player addEventHandler ["Killed", {_this call life_fnc_onPlayerKilled}]; player addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {_this call life_fnc_handleDamage}]; Edit: Keep in mind that you'll need to set up a custom respawn system to make this work, elseway the player'll only respawn in the spawn island and be there forever.
  15. Does anyone know why u have a 200 kb jpg and then u put it into paa and it goes to like 2k and how do some servers have like 200kb texture files?
  16. In this case extdb is telling you that "the db column maxmembers doesn't exist" so probably your database structure isn't correct.
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  18. @Deadlesszombie Maybe could lend a hand?
  19. [20:57:28 +02:00] [Thread 29803] extDB3: SQL: Error MariaDBQueryException: Unknown column 'maxmembers' in 'field list' [20:57:28 +02:00] [Thread 29803] extDB3: SQL: Error MariaDBQueryException: Input: SELECT id, owner, name, maxmembers, bank, members FROM gangs WHERE active='1' AND members LIKE '%76561198075176480%' So at first i checked my RPT logs and it showed something to do with the extDB3. I check the extDB3 logs and this is what it provided? any help is greatful! When loading in as a civilian you will get finishing client setup procedure and it will just stay stuck on that
  20. === English Version === === French Version === Dashboard / Tableau de bord : Terminal : Search system / Système de recherche : Player panel / Panel joueur : Player progression / Progression d'un joueur : Player backup / Sauvegarde d'un joueur : If you have any question or any suggestion, don't hesitate to contact me here or on discord : Feziyk#1622 Si vous avez des questions ou des suggestions n'hésitez pas à me contacter ici ou sur discord : Feziyk#1622
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  22. hello everyone im looking to get rid of the Frameworks medical system so i can put in ACE advanced medical system so my EMS can have a realistic Experiance in my server i am using 4.4r thanks in advance!
  23. I would start with taking a look at this https://www.altisliferpg.com/topic/4049-toggle-adminstaff-loadout-saves-previous-loadout-to-load-when-toggled-off/
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