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  2. For some reason only the first colour model of every vehicle is available in all the shops. Civilian, medic or cop shops have the same problem not selling anything else than the first colour in every class in the shop. For example, civilians can choose only red SUV or red Hatchback and so on. There is no error reported in server rpt or client, so I can't figure this one out. Ideas anyone? Config_Vehicles.hpp
  3. Hey, i have been trying to add OPFOR for a few days now and no luck.. I can join the server as civ, medic and police fine. but as soon as i join as OPFOR it tries to request my player stats and the server crashes. It must be a database issue. No errors in any logs.
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  6. menu.paa is not apart of this script. Check your rpt to see where the error is coming from.
  7. Hello @MHD I'm not sure but this seem to me be this variable. mapContent = 0; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Difficulty_Menu
  8. Hey, where is the texture for menu.paa? cant see a download link anywhere in this thread?
  9. i cannot see my self in the map thats civ marker https://pastebin.com/nH36NejW thats difficulty https://pastebin.com/egkvyrmL
  10. Hey, ive tried doing all the steps multiple times and im loading into the game fine. No errors in logs. But when i get in game the spawn menu is empty, and i cant use earplugs or y menu. I can still use shops and interract with all NPC's. Any ideas on how i fix this?
  11. Hey guys I wanted to share this since I have not seen a post on here about it. Step 1. Make a folder for your skins and sound such as" @Your Mod Pack Name\Addons\server_custom "server_custom"<- Folder Name Can Be what ever you want. Step 2. Move over the sounds and textures folder into server_custom folder. Step 3. Inside Addons\server_custom\ make a file called config.cpp inside add Step 4. To call skins from the mod on the say the NPC instead of this setObjectTexture [0,"textures\medic_uniform.jpg"]; You would change it to this setObjectTexture [0,"\server_custom\textures\medic_uniform.jpg"]; Make sure you remove the sounds from your description.ext or if you would rather call the sounds from the description.ext you would do like so class sirenLong { name = "sirenLong"; sound[] = {"@server_custom\sounds\sirenLong.ogg", 1.0, 1}; titles[] = {}; }; Then just use arma 3 addon builder to pack it into a pbo . And that's it hope this helps.
  12. okay, thank you we will try this at our server!
  13. Binarize your mission.sqm Reduce the size of your textures. Move scripts server side. If modded move textures and sounds to modpack. Pack mission file into a pbo. Use ObfuSQF it compresses the mission size some.
  14. Hello everyone, Currently I have a mp mission of more than 22k downloads (which are starting to be too much) however I was told that there is a way to compress this mission, but I do not know how! you have an idea?
  15. Yes this is how I did mine ClicksPerSecond = 0; lastlogging = 0; clickingstarted = false; (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["MouseButtonDown",{ _this spawn { ClicksPerSecond = ClicksPerSecond + 1; clickingstarted = true; if (ClicksPerSecond < 0) then {ClicksPerSecond = 0;}; uisleep 1; ClicksPerSecond = ClicksPerSecond - 1; if (ClicksPerSecond >= 11 && clickingstarted) then { clickingstarted = false; if ((lastLogging + 5) < time) then { lastLogging = time; _uid = getPlayerUID player; _name = name player; [_name,_uid,ClicksPerSecond] remoteExec ["life_fnc_autoclicker",2]; [format["AutoClicker Detected: %1 - %2 Is using a AutoClicker ClicksPerSecond %3",_uid,_name,ClicksPerSecond],"AutoClicker"] remoteExecCall ["A3Log", 2]; disableUserInput true; ["AutoClicker",false,true] call BIS_fnc_endMission; }; }; if (ClicksPerSecond < 0) then {ClicksPerSecond = 0;}; }}];
  16. Just Installed on a fresh 5.0 server for you, Can confirm it works.
  17. so, do I understand this right? the script detects Autoclicker if a person does 20 or more clicks per second ?! and in this line we can tell the script to kick the person with replasing the "Logged the autoclicker..." by the Arma Command for kicking players? systemChat "Logged the autoclicker.."; //Replace this with a logging function or auto kick/ban
  18. Hello everyone, today i wanted to change my fn_processAction to stop having the error if (_vendor in [mari_processor…, but now i have a new problem , its say "You don't have the license to process", i can only process if i have the money on me for NoLicenseCost. There is my fnProcessAction: https://pastebin.com/VMq1c5Pc 4 My logs : Logs RPT server : https://pastebin.com/aGV7y7kg Logs RPT client after process : https://pastebin.com/pqWpWfpc 1 If i try to "whitelist" process with : if (_type isEqualTo « TestProcc1 ») then { _hasLicense = LICENSE_VALUE(« TestProccess1 »,« civ »); }; Its style not working. Im quite disapointed cause its blocking all the server Thx in advance for your help ! And im using the 5.XX framework
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