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  3. Anyone get this working on 5.0?
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  5. Hello, I have a problem with my NPC for driving on a modded map... Stay here, and take a coffee : Task : Moving a vehicle by AI driver in group player (Very simple)... Wait... I make a modification of Silverlake map, so I place road, make my "RoadsLib.cfg" clean and place inside for each road "AIpathOffset = 0;"... No problem ! But when I'm in game (On server or on Eden Editor, with mod or without mod), my NPC don't move each try... I need to return in Eden or restart server, try again and see if AI move on vehicle... I can try 10 time with no result, but so
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  7. Issue Solved A3AT Find OPEN_ADMIN_MENU_KEY and change = 0x3B
  8. I feel stupid asking this question although I've looked through the code for hours Infistar normally opens through the "F1" key I attempted to find this in the code with the following F1 F1..F15 DIK_F1 0x3B 59 I can't find how to change it from F1 to ins, I'm not asking to be spoon fed, but I am asking for a general area to look as I feel totally Lost, Google doesn't seem to know the answer either...
  9. Frist thing is get the (TADST) from this link: https://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=11655 and you need to install Arma 3 tools from Steam Library Before you go to the second step did you signed you mod or mod that you used is signed? if it no then go to Second step Second thing is you need to create a key create from Arma 3 tools C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\DSSignFile List thing is open where you save your key and copy it and place it in your server folder called keys or key and open TADST and fill it if you don`t know how to us
  10. Or make sure you have get it from here: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/releases
  11. Hello, I wanted to prepare a small thing for people who are new to their server business. Firstly open your >> config and config_vehicles >> https://prnt.sc/108gso2 << The civ_car part should look like this. (the list of vehicles available only to civilian players. This part means that the police cannot use a doctor. ) seletct to vehicle you want to add here >> https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_CfgWeapons_Vehicle_Weapons example >> B_T_MRAP_01_hmg_F go back the config_vehicles >> https://prnt.sc/108gxfu LifeCfgVehicles
  12. Hello everyone, Arma 3 has changed some software coding after a new update, so some servers and more precisely, all servers do not show the extensions of Weapons. Someone shared the following method as hotfix for this critical issue before, I wanted to open such a topic for server owners who are not aware of this. open your -->> core\shops --> cfn_weaponshopselection <<-- -->> Replace with the codes in Pastebin below link https://pastebin.com/iKJcR8qH -->> Sources Kasztura <<-- ( I just edited it a little bit. -->> after the --&g
  13. There is something changed with the accessories calling back when revived. Probably need a change of code or new codes for it.
  14. 18:56:19 Ragdoll - loading of ragdoll source "Soldier" started.18:56:19 Ragdoll - loading of ragdoll source "Soldier" finished successfully.18:56:24 Duplicate weapon Throw detected for C_man_118:56:24 Duplicate weapon Put detected for C_man_1 Nothing interesting with the logs.
  15. damn Arma 3 and unnecessary updates .. Anyway, I am sure I can find a result that I will continue to investigate
  16. please post your config_clotching, fn_playerskins.
  17. replace your >> fn_weaponShopSelection.sqf with this >> https://pastebin.pl/view/a1d630da Source > Kasztura
  18. I have a Altis Life RPG server and after the new arma3 update this started happening. When some dies with a weapon which has silencer or scope, it disappears after being revived.
  19. I have a Altis Life RPG server and after the new arma3 update this started happening. When some dies with a weapon which has silencer or scope, it disappears after being revived.
  20. Yes, my problem has been solved, but I have a different problem. When I buy a "Scope", it does not automatically come to my gun. What could be the reason? I also checked the RPT logs. It says the fn_acctype.sqf file is also a problem.
  21. You can try to replace fn_weaponShopSelection.sqf with this: https://pastebin.pl/view/a1d630da probably i can do it better, but it works.
  22. Hello, I would like to know what was your solution for your question number 1, in which file and where in the file? Thank you very much.
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