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  3. The best police officer is right here
  4. If you're still having an issue, please share Server RPT/ Client RPT/extDB3 Log
  5. More information would be nice such as will the Dev be paid? What are you looking to get out of the server? What kind of life server are you wanting? Is it US/EU/RU/UK based?
  6. Most people that are decent Devs that are still around will charge you by the hour not the job itself and you're looking around $300+ depending on what you're looking for. And you need to be very careful about scammers or script stealers who will sell you scripts that are not there's to sale. More details of what you're looking for and wanting would help you find the right Dev for you. Custom Map or just using editor? UI's such as? What kind of scripts are you looking for? Do you have the skins or are you wanting custom ones made?
  7. Update v1.2.0.3 : Removed program hang when searching for a player, and replaced with a seperate progress window. Fixed the incorrect update text You can download the update from the Releases or directly from here To use the update feature within the program, you must run the program as administrator. It will throw an error if you do not You need to uninstall previous version to install new version. I am trying to find a way around this.
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  9. Everywhere I have posted the release I have added this in every first post. I can add something else in there though.
  10. I would say another thing is when you search sometimes it freezes when you search someone for a sec then switches. Maybe add a search notification so user don't think it crashed.
  11. Update v1.2.0.2 : Changed when user searches for a player, it will now take you to the first tab. - Thanks @GraveYard Fixed "Illegal Characters in Path" issue. Changed how the program updates, and checks for updates works. Removed "Save Settings" from settings page. Added "Open File" option to Exports. To open the selected .pdf easier quicker. Version information will now display the actual version (e.g: Each update this number will increase by 1, unless its a major update. Made the label visible to let you know if you search a profile that is private. You can download the update from the Releases or directly from here You need to uninstall previous version to install new version. I am trying to find a way around this. To use the update feature the program must be ran as administrator. It will throw an error if you do not.
  12. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll change it so it switches to the results, and yes if a profile is set to private it will return vague information about it. There is some text on the main page but I forgot to make it visible (oops) for the version; it’s but the way the update is setup, it reads the value without the points it was setup like that to avoid confusion within the checking updates side of it. Hence why it’s 1201. I’ll have a look at a better update feature in a future update.
  13. Tell us about yourself: Hello I'm Graveyard, I have been playing Altis Life since and started to get into coding servers around 4.0 I have over 8k hours in Arma 3 and Arma 2 even more. I love to script and make fun servers and help those in need and not charge a dime because we all know free help is hard to find these days What skills do you possess that you feel will help you do well as a helper? I'm active on the website I know my way around the framework I love to help people and provide free support Have you ever been banned/kicked ( if yes please specify why )? Nope! Your date of birth: 02/09/1994 What's your experience with SQF and SQL languages, or other sorts of Arma related development? I have only worked with AltisLife/Exile/Wasteland/Dayz frameworks and know my way around them. Other then that I do not have much experience outside those. What is the first thing you would like to change about the forums(Nothing? then NA)? Help clean up the forum such as remove posts not in the right spot and make sure posts are in the right place. As well bring in make video tutorials for the forum on how to work on the framework and add in custom scripts from the forum itself. Do you have Discord? Yes Do you have any problems working with other staff members? Nope Why do you want to be a Helper? I happen to love helping people resolve their server issues, we all know good free help is very hard to find and I just want to give back to the community that has brought me this far. I also am very active on the website and would like to bring it back to life. How would you deal with someone being rude towards members? If they are breaking the forum rules they will be given a warning then if they continue be banned or what every protocol you guys have set. If you were to become a helper, would a moderator position be appealing to you as well in the future? No where to go but up so yes.
  14. Love it, One thing I did notice was when you click search it does not tell you that your search and or dose not auto switch you to the results. Also you might want to note that when a profile is set to private a lot of the information returns unknown since the profile is private. Also where it says the version it says 1201 instead of 1.2.1
  15. A little about the program; I created this tool mainly for server owners, to quickly and effeiciently get information about a player all in one place with the option to export it to .pdf - Its made in vb.net, and utilizes HtmlAgilityPack as the main form of getting all the data from different places. You may be asking "Why use this tool when there is many steamid websites" .. well that is true, but this tool was designed using all of the known websites but just displays it all in the program, as each website offer different statistics about a player. I discovered HtmlAgilityPack and wanted to learn more about it, so this is the program I have whipped up using it. Known Issues: I have made effort to detect if the steamid is valid, while this can still be avoided by entering "765xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" which will still try and search for the steamid since it contains 765. If you do this, the program will crash. It is highly recommended to use a real steamid. Sometimes the nodes will not connect properly after searching for a steamid. If the program hangs, give it sometime to load everything it needs to load. If after 5-10 minutes nothing has loaded, you will need to force close it. Some steam username's will return an error illegal characters in path - I am still looking into finding a way around this. If you do get an error "Illegal Characters in Path" you will still get information about the player, but you wont be able to export it. Not A bug: After searching a steamid the program will become unresponsive for a short amount of time, this is purely because the program is searching the nodes for the information. Usually its about 50 seconds, but could take longer. If you choose to "Auto Export" it may take longer. The program can only search for a steamid. Vanity URL's are not accepted at the moment. If you have any issues saving files, exporting or any other errors. Please try run the program as admin. Starting the program for the first time Once you've installed the program using the .msi provided, a folder will be created called "SteamSpy" in C:\ProgramData - from there, there will be another folder created called SS-Exports. This folder is used for exporting player information, so each player will get their own folder and in that folder will be the exported pdf file. The folder Userdata is created as that's the folder where the "Recently searched" steamid's will be. Program features (in order of search) Profile Details contains Steam Profile picture Steam Username SteamID Steam2ID Steam3ID Profile Information contains Invite URL Profile Link Estimated Cost of Account Member Since Account age Steam level Country Online Status Profile state (public, private etc) Total Hours combined (for game play) Windows hours Linux hours MacOS hours Profile Bans contains Total Game Bans VAC Banned Total community bans Total trade bans Overall bans Last Ban Detected friend bans EAC Bans EAC Ban Information EAC ban information is purely for rust. Recents contains A list of searched steamid's - This will only show recently searched if you have the setting enabled for it. You can right click each entry, to search the id again, or copy any information from it. Settings Contains Automatically paste steamid's from clipboard Automatically save all searched id's to recents Delete saved file Automatically check for updates upon starting the program Auto Export Load default settings Open exports folder Change-log contains When I release new updates, the changelog will automatically show the changes that have been made. Export Profile Export currently searched steamid to a readable and organized .pdf with some information. About Basic information regarding the program and credits. You can download the .msi from my github page https://github.com/System32-0/SteamProfiler/releases/download/Release/SteamSpyInstall.msi If you run into any problem that isn't mentioned above, please post in Issues https://github.com/System32-0/SteamProfiler/issues Some pictures Please note: The program has changed slighly since these pictures were taken. Update v1.2.1 contains Removed .ini file saving/loading as it was causing saving issues Removed Program Updates tab from settings. Checkbox is now located on the first page All settings are now saved and loaded internally Removed useless code Change form color, and design Fixed the link of the update button. (oops) Fixed broken node to display user's last ban. You need to uninstall previous version to install new version.
  16. Found an error in step 12. Was missing the ";" at the end of the maldenArray. Below is updated. Good tutorial! private _altisArray = ["Land_u_Barracks_V2_F","Land_i_Barracks_V2_F"]; private _tanoaArray = ["Land_School_01_F","Land_Warehouse_03_F","Land_House_Small_02_F"]; private _maldenArray = ["Land_u_Barracks_V2_F","Land_i_Barracks_V2_F"]; private _hideoutObjs = [[["Altis", _altisArray], ["Malden", _maldenArray], ["Tanoa", _tanoaArray]]] call TON_fnc_terrainSort; private _hideout = (nearestObjects[getPosATL player,_hideoutObjs,25]) select 0;
  17. Open the mission.sqm in the editor copy one of the processing NPC's and change it to what you want.
  18. I wanted to state that I haven't worked on this for a while and I don't think that I will work on this much more unless people ask for it. I will work on bugs if anyone points them out to me but I don't have that much more enthusiasm to work on this anymore. This is a version 2 for the experience system that I put out a while ago and I feel that it is much better that the first one that I put out. The features are: A experience and level up system that is saved by the database with experience points, levels and level ups saved to the database. A new menu thanks to @Drunken Cheetah A new algorithm that allows the server developer to add and remove perks without having to rest the database that is super easy to do! set conditions on perks to make things more interesting such you need to be a certain cop level or a certain level to get the perk. a small debug addition to make things easier to debug on the developer side. a new way to give out experience that prevents bugs. A cleaner looking database to give developers an easier time Installation: Please back up everything before moving forward! In mission file in Functions.hpp insert in init.sqf at line 123 insert in cfgRemoteExec.hpp on line 19 insert in MasterHandler.hpp add this optional if you want to have this on your vanilla y menu place on line 279 of player_inv.hpp Drop in Missionfolder from downloads into your mission folder Server files in config.cpp insert and drop in server files from downloads The last thing you need to do is put in the data base with this code That should be it. Please let me know if you find any bugs! Helpful commands [10, "test"] spawn life_fnc_queueexp; give exp [] spawn {sleep 2; createDialog "Experience_Menu";} call menu Like I said please let me know if you have any bugs I will try to fix them! Hope yall enjoy! exp.zip
  19. Hey guys, today I'm releasing all of my private source codes, provided in the marketplace in the past. You can find all packages and installations' instructions here: https://github.com/Casperento/cxp-scripts-sources Hope you enjoy!
  20. @l15696002444 https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setObjectTexture It should help you
  21. Wer sind wir ? Unitopia-LifeRPG ist ein deutschsprachiger Arma 3 Modded Server. Wir benutzen die Karte Havenborn die von uns liebevoll umgestaltet wurde um eine Tolle Deutsche Roleplay Atmosphäre zu schaffen. Unser Ziel ist es einen deutschen Modded Server zu bieten bei dem die Roleplay Kreativität keine Grenzen gesetzt sind. Was bieten wir ? Unser Fokus liegt dabei auf unserem Roleplay was deutlich mehr spaß als das Klassiche Altis Life Farmen. So ist es zum beispiel möglich verschiedensten Jobs anzunehmen Unser Fraktion System besteht derzeit aus Rettungsdienst, Feuerwehr, Polizei und ADAC. wir haben auch schon 1-2 Firmen auf der Insel da zugehört derzeit Straßenmeisterei, Havenborn security, Und Ein Import Export Autohändler. Features : Road Service System Eigene Farmrouten KAT + ACE System Locker System Überarbeitete Karte (Havenborn) Hochwertige Fahrzeugmods (A3F, CH) Eigene Mods (Kleidung und Skins) Über 100 kaufbare Fahrzeuge Aktives Serverteam Regelmäßige Events Wichtig : Wir befinden uns derzeit in der Beta Phase geplanter Release ist Anfang 08.07.2022 um 20:15 um 20 Uhr ist noch mall ein Willkommen an alle Besprechung Wie findet ihr uns ? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Discord : https://discord.gg/pN5BzwkApf _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bei Fragen stehen wir jederzeit zur Verfügung Wir freuen uns auf euch MFG, die Unitopia-Life Team
  22. [“SignAd_Sponsor_ION_F”,[3631.6,13117.4,11.1677],[0,97.8569,0],“kav_rr_sign_3_5 = _this;_this setObjectTexture [0, ”“images\rr_sign_3.jpg”];“,false], [”SignAd_Sponsor_ION_F“,[3632.07,13120.8,11.1483],[0,98.1158,0],”kav_rr_sign_3_6 = _this;_this setObjectTexture [0, “”images\rr_sign_3.jpg“];”,false], [“SignAd_Sponsor_ION_F”,[3632.58,13124.3,11.137],[0,98.5166,0],“kav_rr_sign_3_7 = _this;_this setObjectTexture [0, “”images\rr_sign_3.jpg“”];“,false], [”SignAd_Sponsor_ION_F“,[3633.13,13127.7,11.1236],[0,98.3878,0],”kav_rr_sign_3_8 = _this;_this setObjectTexture [0, “”images\rr_sign_3.jpg“”];“,false], [”Land_PedestrianCrossing_01_6m_6str_F“,[3616.17,13074.3,10.6279],[0,183.84,0],”“,false], 如何在编辑器中使用此代码,使用 sqm 文件打开它,然后对其进行修改
  23. Is there a way to change the license that is required for processing items or does the process variable and license variable have to be the same?
  24. I've never used that or looked at the source code so I'm not sure how it implements using items. Try checking if it overrides the useItem script and check your rpt logs.
  25. im using the xphone mod and i cant get it to work, i know it was working before i put the xphone script in. any ideas? Thanks!
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