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New to Arma3 envirorment, help will be appreciated.

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Hello all!

My name is Cee, and I've decided to move myself for awhile to the Arma3 just for the time being and I'm excited to get to know others around the community. I have been programming for about 7 years now, and I'm looking iif anyone could give me some advice on how to get started. I'd really appreciate any feedback and any questions you all can answer.

Question 1:

When making a mission, how far are you allowed to go within modification, before you have to start marking things as mods, in other words, at what point are clients required to manually install mods. Are great example of this would be the AltisLife framework, this doesn't require mods, but if i decided to make my own roleplay framework, how would I know when things 'need to be manually installed for clients to join'.


Question 2:

If i make my own mission, will it show on the gamemode list in multiplayer? ( Just like KOTH, Roleplay, etc... )


Question 3: 

Why doesn't arma3 support auto-workshop downloading for clients, when joining server?


Question 4: 

Relative to Q1, but, if i whipped up lets say, a slot machine and imported it, why would clients have to manually download this to join? Why not automatically download?


Thanks for your precious time reading/answering my questions. Your feedback and answers will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again.



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First of all, Welcome! We hope you have fun on arma as well as being apart of this community. I hope the answers below help you.


Q1 - if you're planning on making a altis life server then clients would only have to download stuff when you start adding custom things like Ferrari's and lambos etc. Basically anything that you have to download to add to your mission they will most likely have to download it too.

Q2 - If you make youre own roleplay framework like you mentioned in Q1 then it would fall under the "RPG" game mode. Or if you made a Capture the flag server then it would have the game mode tag of "CTF" etc. 

Q3 - No idea, you could always pack all the workshop content you require people to download into a collection folder on the workshop itself so people only have to click one button and then it would install lets say 50 mods in order.

Q4 - Theres actually a script you could add to your mission file which makes and enables players to use the slot machines, such as black jack, roulette, etc. - link to the script - 



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