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Website: www.WorldOfAltis.com

Server address: playworldofaltis.nodecraft.gg or

Coming Soon:

Custom textures

Further design of the current Altis map

Adding bank

Adding more suggested runs


Current server features:

We are currently working only multiple things to keep improving the server as we go along. We are always open to suggestions from our players to make sure the server is developed the way the community wants it. We want the server to have a good economy system so its not to easy for either the police side neither the rebel side. We have developed a seperate side that works along with the police called Special Forces its a highly trained military group that handles bigger operations such as bank robbery's or massive drug trading. 

To make sure the economy stay's even on the server we use a dynamic market system that makes sure all the prices on the server are never the same and force players to not always do the same thing. This will make it more balanced for new players trying to get to know what Altis Life is and how they can get their fortune!

We have made sure that its fair to rob player their gear after a combat situation to make the revive timer at least 5 minutes before being able to respawn. This gives rebels the oppertunity to contact a medic and make sure they get revived before they are able to get away with losing all their gear.

We have alot of idea's for great events on the server such as Auctions every month for rare textured vehicles or Gang wars. We love to have fun with the community and are always open for new events.

Our staff team is always available and ready to help with any questions or reports. We play alot on the server and make sure everything goes smoothly for any questions you may visit the forums.



XP System

New runs such as Moonshine

Advanced rebel licence (Better gear)

Federal Reserve

Gas station robbery's

Custom made Altis Map


Capture-able gang locations

Anti-Hack system



Kavala PD:



Rebel outpost:



Capture-able area's:



Federal reserve:



Thank you for reading hope to see you in-game soon or speak to you on our forums!


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