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[Question]BattlEye Script Restriction #18

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On 4/19/2019 at 1:14 PM, Methemby said:

I installed battleye filters to my server but now people get kicked out for nothing and i dont know how to whitelist scripts.

You need to whitelist every exception you get. Interestingly though, both players got kicked for what I would assume to be a script executer/menu:

19.04.2019 20:04:26: Naruto (85.107.xxx.xxx:2304) b96778e8df496caca00246b5c9e2cee8 - #18 "sonWhomMadeThis_is_TRdv2","Scary_synced","eddawesppp","HelicopterExplobig","Bomb_04_F","EXECUTE","execute","_ScaryButton","Scary"

So unless that is in your mission, I would avoid it.


As for adding an exception, let's go:

First, find an exception you want to add:

19.04.2019 20:04:26: Naruto (85.107.xxx.xxx:2304) b96778e8df496caca00246b5c9e2cee8 - #17 "irdType","eagle_f"];
if (_birdType != "") then {
_bird = createvehicle [_birdType,[100,100,100],[],0,"none"];
_logic setvariable"

So that's #17, which the comment (//new2) doesn't count for and the filters start at #0. So that means #17 is on line 19 in your file.

Which makes sense as it is a createVehicle filter:

1 CreateVehicle !"_centerOrig" !"#lightpoint" !"_lightBlue" !"DAYZ_CREATEVEHICLE" !"The_Programmer_Iphone_Model" !"life_veh_shop" !"createVehicle ASLTOATL" !"_spikeStrip" !"Land_HelipadEmpty_F" !"sa_tow_debug_arrow_1" !"sa_tow_debug_arrow_2" !="e{0};_z=if(count _this>4) then{_this select 4}else{0};_m=createVehicle[_type,position _to,[],0,\"CAN_COLLIDE\"];_m AttachTo[_to,[_" !"Land_ClutterCutter_small_F"

So we take the exception between the quotes:

if (_birdType != "") then {
_bird = createvehicle [_birdType,[100,100,100],[],0,"none"];
_logic setvariable

And we need to make that all on one line, with any double quotes escaped.

So to make it all on a single line, we replace all of the new lines with the escaped character for new lines (\n). You can do this in Notepad++ using the extended options in Find and Replace:


Now we should have it all on one line, but those double quotes need to be escaped too:

irdType","eagle_f"];\nif (_birdType != "") then {\n_bird = createvehicle [_birdType,[100,100,100],[],0,"none"];\n_logic setvariable

So replace all " with \" to escape them. You can also do this in Notepad++:


And now we have the correct string for the exception:

irdType\",\"eagle_f\"];\nif (_birdType != \"\") then {\n_bird = createvehicle [_birdType,[100,100,100],[],0,\"none\"];\n_logic setvariable


Now we need to add that exception to the filter. So back to #17 (line 19 in this case), we add our whitelisted exception as !="<exceptionString>":

1 CreateVehicle !"_centerOrig" !"#lightpoint" !"_lightBlue" !"DAYZ_CREATEVEHICLE" !"The_Programmer_Iphone_Model" !"life_veh_shop" !"createVehicle ASLTOATL" !"_spikeStrip" !"Land_HelipadEmpty_F" !"sa_tow_debug_arrow_1" !"sa_tow_debug_arrow_2" !="e{0};_z=if(count _this>4) then{_this select 4}else{0};_m=createVehicle[_type,position _to,[],0,\"CAN_COLLIDE\"];_m AttachTo[_to,[_" !"Land_ClutterCutter_small_F" !="irdType\",\"eagle_f\"];\nif (_birdType != \"\") then {\n_bird = createvehicle [_birdType,[100,100,100],[],0,\"none\"];\n_logic setvariable"


Now you can restart the server or run loadScripts via RCON and test it again. Rinse and repeat until you have resolved all of the exceptions.

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