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Here is a tutorial on how to work in McDonald´s.

Difficulty: Easy


Author: MrKraken / Edited by me.



1. Navigate to the core folder and then the functions folder, create a file called fn_work.sqf and paste the following or download it:

file: fn_work.sqf
Author: MrKraken
Made from MrKrakens shop robbing tutorial on www.altisliferpg.com forums // Edited By Raúl Rueda // Free
Executes the work action!
Idea developed by PEpwnzya v1.0
_shop = [_this,0,ObjNull,[ObjNull]] call BIS_fnc_param; //The object that has the action attached to it is _this. ,0, is the index of object, ObjNull is the default should there be nothing in the parameter or it's broken
_robber = [_this,1,ObjNull,[ObjNull]] call BIS_fnc_param; //Can you guess? Alright, it's the player, or the "caller". The object is 0, the person activating the object is 1
//_kassa = 1000; //The amount the shop has to rob, you could make this a parameter of the call (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction). Give it a try and post below ;)
_action = [_this,2] call BIS_fnc_param;//Action name

if(side _robber != civilian) exitWith { hint "You can not work here!" };
if(_robber distance _shop > 10) exitWith { hint "You need to be within 15m of the cashier to work!" };

if !(_kassa) then { _kassa = 1000; };
if (_rip) exitWith { hint "Already started work!" };
if (vehicle player != _robber) exitWith { hint "Get out of your vehicle!" };

_rip = true;
_kassa = 6000 + round(random 5200);
_shop removeAction _action;
_chance = random(100);
[[2,"MCDONALDS IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS"],"life_fnc_broadcast",nil,false] spawn life_fnc_MP;
//Setup our progress bar.
5 cutRsc ["life_progress","PLAIN"];
_ui = uiNameSpace getVariable "life_progress";
_progress = _ui displayCtrl 38201;
_pgText = _ui displayCtrl 38202;
_pgText ctrlSetText format["currently at work (15m) (1%1)...","%"];
_progress progressSetPosition 0.01;
_cP = 0.0005;
if(_rip) then
while{true} do
sleep 0.85;
_cP = _cP + 0.001;
_progress progressSetPosition _cP;
_pgText ctrlSetText format["Working at Mcdonalds, stay close (15m) (%1%2)...",round(_cP * 100),"%"];

if(_cP >= 1) exitWith {};
if(_robber distance _shop > 16) exitWith { };
if!(alive _robber) exitWith { _rip = false; };
if(_robber distance _shop > 16) exitWith { _shop switchMove ""; hint "You need to stay within 15m! - Your Fired."; 5 cutText ["","PLAIN"]; _rip = false; };
5 cutText ["","PLAIN"];

titleText[format["You have completed your shift $%1 !",[_kassa] call life_fnc_numberText],"PLAIN"];
life_cash = life_cash + _kassa;
[[1,format["Mcdonalds", _shop, _robber, [_kassa] call life_fnc_numberText]],"life_fnc_broadcast",west,false] spawn life_fnc_MP;
_rip = false;
life_use_atm = true;
if!(alive _robber) exitWith {};
sleep 10;
_action = _shop addAction["Start Work",life_fnc_work];
_shop switchMove "";

2. Open your mission.sqm in the editor and go to a gas station you wish to rob and add then following to the init line of the NPC:

this addAction["Start Work",life_fnc_work];

3. Go back to your root directory and open functions.hpp, once opened, find class Functions and at the end of the block add:

class work {};

4. Play and enjoy


Edited by Raul125
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48 minutes ago, imthatguyhere said:

I 100% expected this to be a troll with that title. Thanks for contributing a funky edit and not just a pic of someone at McDicks!

Thank you

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