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Just now, Roy Castro said:

Can i make it into a youtube video for better quality?


you already asked that man haha, sure, link whatever you got, its not for me, its for others reading your post, many other servers have proper information for their server! your original post was lacking

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The server is pretty much vanilla apart from a few textures, there's nothing to dislike, the guy i spoke to in game said it was a place holder until your other map is complete.

 If you are intending on running an Altis life server then you will need to do a lot more for it to become populated, vanilla altis life is pretty boring once you have been on a server that has additional scripts. You can find a lot of scripts on here but this isn't the only source for scripts, there are many German and French servers, and websites similar to this who cater for them, Armaholic is another place although some if not most of the scripts will need to be edited/reworked.

Seem like nice guys, i wish you all the best...good luck and seriously think about adding more stuff if you aren't going to be going to the other map right away.

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On 11/30/2017 at 3:24 PM, Deadlesszombie said:

@Roy Castro

Please supply more information than this



Background information on the server

What sets you apart from other servers

Experience with hosting servers


I need your help am i allowed to ad Modded servers? Like lakeside?

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