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Supportertool.com - A supporttool for all arma 3 mods

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I would like to present you Supportertool.com. It's a supporter tool for every arma 3 mod, that means for every altis life version and every custom mod.

Different to other tools you can build the layout of the tool on your own. You select which tables and which fields should be read out of your database and should be used inside the tool.

The supportertool converts your raw data in a readable format.


You can split up your supporters into groups and give them rights for every single field.

All changes made in the player profiles will be logged, so other supporters know who did what. Furthermore you can see all changes globally. 

In the player profiles you can write notes and highlight them.


Furthermore you can use rcon features like kick and ban just right out of the tool.


If you search for a player name, your input will be automatically completed like on google.


You don't need any webspace. We host the tool on our fast, always online servers. So you don't have to do any own installations. You only have to create a Server inside the supportertool.


If you don't have a clear picture of what the tool offers or you just want to see how the tool works, one of our german customers made a (in german) video.


In the case you dont speak german I also took some screenshots. Please note that the player profile may vary because you build the layout on your own.



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