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[TUTORIAL] Repetitive Cleanup Script

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Author: aeroson

Difficulty: Easy

Version: All

Description: (Customizable) Cleans up dead bodies, blown up vehicles, damaged vehicles, dropped weapons, explosives, and smokes & chemlights

First, go into your main mission directory and create a folder called scripts if you do not have one already and put in the following file:


go back into your main mission directory and open your init.sqf and paste this on the last line

    8*60, // seconds to delete dead bodies (0 means don't delete)
    5*60, // seconds to delete dead vehicles (0 means don't delete)
    10*60, // seconds to delete immobile vehicles (0 means don't delete)
    5*60, // seconds to delete dropped weapons (0 means don't delete)
    20*60, // seconds to deleted planted explosives (0 means don't delete)
    5*60 // seconds to delete dropped smokes/chemlights (0 means don't delete)
] execVM 'scripts\repetitive_cleanup.sqf';

To edit, change the first number (You can change the second number I just find it easier just to change the first number), To disable one just do 0*0

Examples: 420*60 = 420 minutes

               30*60 = 30 minutes



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4 minutes ago, imthatguyhere said:

Por que não publicar a solução que você criou para que você possa se mostrar e ajudar os outros também?

Great idea!!

In fact it's very simple, the repetitive cleanup file that needs to be changed is inside the Life_Server folder and not in the mission folder. This is not written anywhere, I discovered stirring and trial and error. That simple.

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