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A mission to revitalize Arma 3 Altis Life/RP

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Hey everyone!

If you've recently played Arma 3 Altis Life or any A3 RP server, you may notice that a lot of them are dying or there are fewer servers then there used to be.

It's a shame because personally I've played GTA 4 RP, FiveM, Arma 3 RP, Garry's Mod RP, and a few others, but no other experience has beaten Arma 3 to this day. I'm asking anyone viewing this post if you haven't started up Altis Life or joined an RP Server in a while, to give it another go and to help revive this great experience. Here's what I propose:

If you're a normal person:

Give an Altis Life/RP Server another go
Ask old friends you used to play with to join you
If you really like a server, help get the name out there through friends

If you're a content creator:

Stream an Altis Life or an RP server
Help out your viewers if they're lost or have questions

If you're a server owner:

Advertise your server, get your name out there on any platform you can. (Reddit, these forums, Youtube, Twitch, Steam, etc)
Make sure that your server is something you're proud of
Give Credit to script creators where it is due.
Respect your community and playerbase
Don't Admin Abuse

I believe that we can truly make Altis Life a thriving community again, it just requires a little bit of work. If anyone else is like me, I had just simply forgotten about Arma RP in general until I decided to boot the game up again. If we help bring people back then I believe we can revive a "golden age" of gaming. If you have any other ideas leave them below. This is no doubt a community effort but I believe we can make it possible.

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