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[EU/UK] Ascension Roleplay | A Server focused on Real Roleplay


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Hello everyone, welcome to Ascension Roleplay!

I used to play Altis Life back in 2014/2015. Servers back then were much more focused on the roleplay side of things, bringing real rememberable player experience to the table. Nowadays servers usually are filled with random RDM zones such as "Warzones" and things of that nature. We believe these are just excuses to ignore roleplay and have a "King of the hill" area to the map. Whilst we have some small red zones on our server the main focus is the back-to-roots design we used to love to play. This may not attract the largest amount of players but we hope to build a community that values roleplaying over a deathmatch. Let me tell you a bit about our server!


The Factions!

ALA - The Altis Liberation Army

The ALA are a CSAT backed communist insurgency on Altis, funded by a diverse set of groups ranging from the CCP to Corrupt government officials looking to get top spots in the newly formed "People's Republic of Greece". Whilst it was previously thought that ALA was only funded by these organisations, after failing to secure the Altis International Airport and being pushed back by the Western backed APF military police to the Sofia border, the investors got impatient. During raids on known ALA hideouts, Advanced Chinese weapons & Tech have been found. With no serial numbers or fingerprints left, there's no evidence linking them directly to the Chinese Government. After a press report came out accusing the CCP of such actions, it was swiftly denied and put down to bad actors committing "Thefts along the Chinese military supply lines". Although the ALA has had it's territory pushed back it is still considered extremely dangerous and with news of VIPER equipment spotted things are only set to get worse.....



APF - The Altis Police Force

Once a peaceful police force with barely a gun in sight, in recent years the APF has been heavily militarised. With western funding comes Western stipulations and with the Communist threat looming, western governments are taking no chances. With the Greek Isles being key locations to limiting both Middle Eastern and Russian activity in the Mediterranean sea, it is imperative that Altis stays under western influence. To ensure this, western military officers have been deployed to provide training and improved equipment to the local police force to both protect the civilian population and keep the ALA at bay. Special Forces are also opening up, hoping to deal with rising level of organised crime on the island due to the influx of cheap, readily available CSAT weaponry that has flooded the market. An interesting situation is set to unfold.



NHS - National Health Service

One of the stipulations the local government's could make when militarisation of the island happened is that the new found violence to at least, in part, be mitigated by a new Western funded Altis National Health Service. Their goal is maintain the health of the Police &  the civilian population, with advanced medical equipment and vehicles they can get you out of any sticky spot!



The Features!

Our server contains many features you already know and love along with some new ones.

Our Major crimes include - 

- The Altis Treasury 

Rob the gold that backs the local Altis Currency, whilst an extremely risky operation, it is a highly profitable one. Only the best rebels should under this massive task!

- The APF Evidence Locker

The APF Evidence Locker is where all the seized guns, drugs & money is kept, rob it for a chance to get it back!

Rob Local banks, gas stations or sell drugs the criminal life is endless!


Want to live life legit? We've got you covered too!

- Become the Governor! 

Set the legality of certain items, enact new laws and govern the island under your own ideology. Every governor is different but if you want to get voted back in, you better treat the citizens with respect and enact laws that will make their quality of life better.

- Start your own company!

Mine and sell iron, copper or take packages across the island. You could even become the next Amazon!

- Join the Altis AAA

Get paid to take care of vehicles and maintain the highways, crucial to the APF & keeping a grip on the island.

- Join the Altis News Agency

Document the going's on in Altis to the local population and the Western world, release exposé reports on ALA activities and go undercover to get the juicy details!

With so many other features and so many more to come, anything is possible on our server, we'd love for you to come and check it out.

We currently post weekly content updates, adding new content and the like. Whilst this will eventually slow down, we made sure the server was the most enjoyable one we've played on so there's 100's of features impossible to list here.


We currently need members of all factions & staff particularly - 

  • Admins
  • Developers
  • Map Editors
  • Wiki Editors


If the server interests you, please consider joining.


WEBSITE - https://ascensionroleplay.co.uk/

DISCORD - discord.ascensionroleplay.co.uk


Lastly, Thank you for reading this & thank you to my amazing management team that has made all this possible, they're truly some of the most dedicated people! 



(Community Founder)



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16 hours ago, mattybee22 said:

Hey i'm loving this server! Its crazy how far the server has changed in just two weeks, I left some suggestions in your suggestion channel please take a look! Honestly one of the most underrated servers!

Hey man I think I met you in-game the other day possibly. I agree with you, this server is one of the best I've played for new content/actual roleplay.

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Just checked out this server with a couple friends and had a blast, looks like it's really going somewhere. Never seen a pop up Altis Life server be this successful now days. Devs say they're working on a brand new framework so I'm gonna stick around, please populate this server!

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On 3/14/2021 at 9:24 PM, LucasBLRP said:

Its an alright server, good start, needs some work.

From what I've seen, they've got a better mission file than I've ever seen on even some of the big servers and a good dev team working hard. If your looking for an up and comin Altis Life Experience, this is the one.

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