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Found 2 results

  1. Halloweenpsycho

    Rob ATM

    S 2. Open your mission.sqm in the editor and go to a ATM and add then add the following to the init line of the NPC: this addAction["Rob ATM",life_fnc_robATM]; step: 3 Go back to your root directory and open functions.hpp, once opened, find class Functions and at the end of the block add: class robATM {}; 4. ReCompile your mission and enjoy!
  2. Author: GhostsBR Description: This is a script to send robbery message, very mutch popular in brazilian servers, sorry for my bad english and for my bad traduction. Difficulty: easy 1. Select your file language and make download. 2. Open/Create a folder called Scripts and drag the fn_anuncio.sqf and fn_openanuncio.sqf into it. 3. Go to main folder functions.hpp and paste this: class scripts { file = "scripts"; class anuncio {}; class openanuncio {}; }; 4. In main folder stringtable.xml paste this: <Key ID="STR_NOTF_anuncio"> <Original>%2 sent the announcement for %1</Original> <Portuguese>%2 fez um anuncio para %1</Portuguese> </Key> <Key ID="STR_menu_anuncio"> <Original>Announcement Menu</Original> <Portuguese>Menu de Anuncios</Portuguese> </Key> <Key ID="STR_pessoa_anuncio"> <Original>Announces Person</Original> <Portuguese>Anunciar Pessoa</Portuguese> </Key> <Key ID="STR_veiculo_anuncio"> <Original>Announces Vehicle</Original> <Portuguese>Anunciar Veiculo</Portuguese> </Key> <Key ID="STR_afastar_anuncio"> <Original>Announces Get Out</Original> <Portuguese>Anunciar Sair</Portuguese> </Key> 5. Go to core/functions/fn_keyHandler.sqf and place this into: //TAB case 15: { if (cursorTarget distance player < 60 && {(isPlayer cursorTarget)}) then { [] call life_fnc_openanuncio; } else { hint "You need to be within 60 meters of your victim!"; }; }; 6. Go to dialog and place the anuncio.hpp into this folder. 7. In dialog open MasterHandler.hpp and paste this into: #include "anuncio.hpp" PT-BR.rar EN-US.rar
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