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Found 16 results

  1. The problem is when i add some people to bounty list, and the crime gone saved on the database but my menu doesn't show nothing why? please help i'm single
  2. How do i make it so that cops can only restrain people when they have their hands up och when they've been tazed? Can't seem to find anything on the forums. Using Altis Life 4.4r4 and the original restrain script.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to un an Altis Life RP server, (Polish version) and i need few textures for uniforms, vests and cars. I woudlike to pay for anyone work, also if you want to help in server (scripts etc.) we can figure something out ! Just PM me Best Regards, Artur.
  4. Website | Discord | Steam Group Hello and greetings from the team at Arma.Life! We’re an upcoming Arma Life community based on the Takistan map from the CUP Project. Our philosophy is if we like it, we’ll have it! That’s why you’ll see a different mix of styles with our law enforcement, such as the uniform and vehicles; this will be explained later. We market ourselves as a hybrid life server because of this.| Our Mission: • To create a fun and unique project – Almost all of the people that have helped start up Arma.Life was part of an older community, British Borders. As such, our style of roleplay and the management of our community influenced by British Borders. We aim to recreate what we had there, as well as introduce our own ideas. This is why our community has started off on the Takistan map; Arma 2 was where we started from and enjoyed so much. • To maintain realism, not accuracy – While some may consider the two inseparable, we must remember that this is a game and must be flexible. If we were to limit certain mechanics, cosmetics or gameplay for the sake of ‘accurate realism’ we would be limiting the enjoyability of the game. Instead, we have adopted an open-minded realism approach; as long as it’s not bat-sh*t crazy such as Cops with wands and it’s something that will enhance gameplay, we’ll add it. A great example of this would be our Police Uniform, a blend of German-Greek Police and the emergency vehicles, based on the British. • To be the next big thing – We all know the quote, right? “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” A successful community is a mix between the right people, the right idea and the right platform. We have the right people, we have the right idea and we definitely have the right platform (Arma Franchise) and we plan to stick with Arma 3 and beyond for as long as possible. Basically, we’re in it for the long-run. Now then! Let’s get talking about our main features. • Takistan Map – We are convinced the Takistan Map is most suited for roleplay on Arma 3; It’s not too big nor too small and can comfortably accommodate quality roleplay for as little as 10 people to as many as 100 people in our experience. The shops and other locations are evenly spaced out for balance and we’re analysing the information we receive about the locations and adjusting accordingly. • Takistan Divided – North and South Takistan are divided by a border that spans the entirety of the map. To get across, players must enter through one of two checkpoints or cross illegally. We have plans to introduce a secondary, separatist persistent government that can be set up by players when they meet the minimum numbers and requirements. • Unique Points System – While this is more of a community feature, it directly affects in-game roleplay. We are proudly unmonetized and don’t agree with monetization at all. Instead, we have introduced a points system where members can gain points by communicating on our Discord and getting involved in the discussions. Points are automatically gained as soon as they join our Discord and start messaging. These points can then be used for in-game tiers from 1-3 which contain exclusive vehicles, items, and weapons to use. As everyone can earn points and use them, Bohemia Interactive have given us the green light to use this system. In the future, points will be an additional in-game currency where they can be used for purchases within the game itself. And here are our other numerous important features: • Open factions – You do not need to be a member or apply to play any of our official factions, which are Police, United Nations, EMS/THS and of course, civilian. • Custom Hospital System – If you’re knocked unconscious, there is a chance you will need to be treated at the hospital. • Various The Programmer Scripts such as Government, Companies, Drugs, Police Dispatch and more. • Multiple Civilian Jobs • Custom Number Plates • Black Market that moves regularly • Jail Break System • Casino Betting, Slots. • Additional Money Making Opportunities, such as slaves that slowly gather money • Faction Weapon Locker • Awesome Custom Skins • Court House Roleplay • Zipties, Gags and Blindfolds’ (For them special moments) • Terrorists & Insurgents • 3 Month Persistence followed by a Battle Royale Purge, with the winner(s) receiving significant money boosts for the next cycle. • South Government System (planned) • War System (planned, North VS South) • Player-owned PMC system (planned, can be done by group/gang system for now) • And so much more! We're scheduled to release Friday 19th July 2019. For the mean time, please see some media below.
  5. If anyone are interessted in some Norwegian police vehicle skins and uniform, you can contact me and i will send everything needed to you. (Just need to finish the work) This is just to show what i have done so far.
  6. here is a uniform for CT-SFO, its not a proper copy as i think the current uniform in use by the Met is a little boring (all one shade of grey) this will work with the new urban uniform, the CTRG one, but it should work with any long sleeve uniform (not entirely sure about this but in theory, someone with some more knowledge should be able to answer) pictures below of it in use and the jpg and paa files have fun ! CTSFO_.paa
  7. Looking for a fresh start? A new beginning? A different experience? Come join British Life Roleplay Roleplay! Click Here to join our community! TeamSpeak Server: ts3.britishliferoleplay.co.uk Server Details: IP: Port: 2302 With a custom and unique government system like no other, lots of legal and illegal activities and a refreshing town centre, British Life Roleplay is the new community looking to bring you an experience like no other! Our Police force is built off trust and experience, giving you, the player the change to interact with them without the fear of corruption, and the ANHS is only a phone call way using our phone system, to review you when you crash your car with its custom registration plate! Once you’ve retrieve your car from the impound lot, you can head over to Kavala City Centre, which is easy to navigate and has a wide range of stores, ranging from clothing to firearms. The wider map has been heavily edited and developed, it includes a bank and the Alits Reserve allowing you to take your pick of cash or gold! Please note: Our website is currently down for maintenance and will be up again shotrly. Thank you for your understanding. We’re currently looking for willing paramedics and brave police officers to counter our strong rebel force, do you have what it takes? Come and find out at ts3.britishliferoleplay.co.uk! Phone Script credited to Maverick Other Scrips credited to the amazing work from the guys and gals at www.the-programmer.com
  8. Hey Guys! I have a new server I have just released onto a dedicated server! Fully scripted Civilian and Police system (I am still working on the medical system) Rules and regulations can be found here I have a few developers and admins who will be working around the clock to ensure BigRP becomes a fully sustained community. Please check my server out and tell me what you think! Police recruitment will be open very soon and we will be accepting many applications for police! Our Database system is complex and fully automated which means there is no hassle trying to get into the server! Admins will be on the server quite often and we will be fixing bugs around the clock in the next upcoming updates! Direct Connect IP: Server name: [UK/EU] BigRP http://big-rp.freeforums.net/ Come join the fun!
  9. COME JOIN REVIVAL ROLEPLAY FOR SERIOUS ROLEPLAY, POLICE CHASES, SHOOTOUTS, DRUG RUNS, AND MUCH MORE! Hello I am James ORyan from Revival Roleplay. I am a Senior Admin here and I have come to advertise here because we are a fairly new server and we need more players who want to roleplay and have fun. This server is an american based server previously an english based server. Our mission is to bring the best roleplay possible to our server. We currently are in our late dev stage, adding little scripts, more skins, customizing map, and we need players to put that all to use. The Police Divisions include, FBI, DEA, SWAT, Internal Affairs, as well as Field Training Officer [FTO], and Air Support certifications. Come to Revival Roleplay to experience good roleplay and amazing staff! Kavala Parking Kavala Shopping Center Kavala Shopping Center Police HQ Police Offices Interrogation Room Holding Cell Police Sniper Training Nest Police Sniper Training Targets Police Training Field Management Villa [AREA 187] Revival Roleplay Website Revival Roleplay Twitter TS3: Discord: discord.gg/DkSGMAg Server IP: ALL DONATIONS ARE MUCH APPRECIATED AND ALL DONORS GET VIP AND PERSONAL CHANNEL ON TS
  10. I've uploaded a high quality siren to replace the current version that is included in the Altis Life files, you can edit the siren to your needs there's only a few versions of the different siren modes but you can always chop edit etc. I've also added the mp3 of all the sirens together, just remember to change the timing to match your edit (for the newbies) in your respective files otherwise it will over lap and sound really crappy. Anyway enjoy. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/33ub0h7ssal3oth/Rumbler.zip?dl=0
  11. I am wondering how to log a players hours and then save those hours to the Database. For example for every 60 minutes on the server the database column increased by 1. Thanks in Advance. Fuzzy <3
  12. ALTIS-GAMELAND in Zusammenarbeit von TEAM HEIDELBERG WILLKOMMEN Sie wollen dem Alltag entfliehen? Dann besuchen Sie Tanoa ! Genießen Sie dass tropische Klima an einer unserer Azurblauen Lagunen. Nehmen Sie sich Zeit und erkunden die Insel mit einem Offroad, oder machen Sie einen wilde Quadtour durch den einzigen inaktiven Vulkan von Tanoa mit seinem zerklüfteten ausläufern. Für das leibliche Wohl sorgt eine Vielzahl von Geschäften und sollten diese Ihnen nicht liegen, so ist es kein Problem denn auf Tanoa gedeiht eine Vielfalt von Früchten welche nur auf Sie warten. GEWINNE MIT DEINEM TEAM Sie können sich bei uns auf der Insel in verschiedenen Gruppen einfinden, um zusammen mit Ihrer Gruppe zu einer Erkundung von der Insel auszufahren. Desweiteren gibt es auf unserer Insel mehrere Events, an diese Sie gerne eingeladen sind alleine oder als Team das Event zu gewinnen. MERKMALE Was ist besonders an unserer Insel ? Auf unserer Insel finden Sie nicht nur eine schöne Gestalltene Flore, sondern wir arbeiten daran die Waage zwichen allen Gruppen abzugleichen. Gerne können Sie sich auch ein Boot mieten, um raus auf dass Meer zu Fahren und Ihrere Angelkünste zu perfektionieren. Mit 183 Quadratkilometern Fläche gild die Inselgruppe Tanoa bereits jetzt als eines der schönsten Feriendomizile der Welt. Besuchen Sie Tanoa Sie haben es sich verdient... UNSERE ANIMATEURE SHOOTER "Gamemaster, Servereigentümer, Projektleitung Design" MUDDIII "Gamemaster, Designer, Skripter" ROUMBLE "Skripter, Root Admin" ANDY "Abteilungsleitung Social, Forum" JONZEN "Abteilungsleitung Forum, Designer" BELLU "Abteilungsleitung Werbung" ZUKUNFTSPLANUNG Wir arbeiten gerade mit dem Skripter-Team von RFC zusammen an einem neuen Modserver. Auf diesem Modserver streben wir alle die Dinge an die Ihr als Spieler gerne auf einem Server wollt. Daher haben wir engen Umgang mit unseren Spielern... Denn nur Ihr als Spieler könnt es schaffen uns die Ideen zu bringen, die wir dann für euch umsetzen. WELCHE ANVORDERUNGEN BENÖTIGT IHR FÜR DEN MODSERVER 100 Spielstunden auf unserem Tanoa Server 5 Belobigungen über euer RP Verhalten von einem Admin WIR SUCHEN NOCH NACH UI-Designer/in Dialog-Designer/in Map-Designer/in Skripter/in Online-Redakteur/in Server IP: TeamSpeak IP: Web: www.altis-gameland.de Mail: [email protected] MELDEN SIE SICH NOCH HEUTE AN.... EUER ALTIS-GAMELAND TEAM
  13. Willkommen auf Arma III Tanoa, Entdecken Sie in Ihrem Urlaub auf Tanoa wunderschöne Naturschätze und historische Ruinen, erleben Sie wunderschöne Urlaubstage oder aber lassen Sie sich arbeitstechnisch nieder. Entspannen Sie sich an unseren Swimmingpool's oder legen Sie sich auf die Sonnenterrasse, wo Ihnen Liegestühle und Sonnenschirme zur Verfügung stehen. Es befindet sich im Hotel selber ein kleiner Aufentshaltsraum, ein Fernsehzimmer und ein Restaurant mit Außenterrasse. Wir bieten Frühstück, Mittag- und Abendessen in Buffetform an, sowie Nachmittags Kaffee und Kuchen, dieses ist selbstverständlich inklusive und benötigt keiner weiteren Zahlung. Das lebhafte Zentrum mit zahlreichen Einkaufsmöglichkeiten ist nur ca. 10 Gehminuten entfernt. Der Strand ,der in umittelbarer Nähe der Hotels ist, garantiert einen tollen Blick auf die weiten des Meeres und verspricht einen erholsamen Tag unter der Sonne Tanoa's. Die Reise nach Tanoa bietet vielerlei Möglichkeiten an Freizeitaktivitäten oder aber sich ein neues Leben aufzubauen. Auf der Insel erwarten Sie Bilderbuchlandschaften mit idyllischen Plantagen und schönen Wäldern. Um sich etwas Geld nebenbei zu verdienen oder aber um sich ein komplett neues Leben aufzubauen kann man Tropischen Früchte abbauen. Allerdings gibt es auch Rebellen, vor denen man sich in Acht nehmen sollte, da diese in Illegale machenschaften verwickelt sind. Die Polizei tut das möglichste , um diese in den Griff zu kriegen, vielleicht können Sie sie tatkräftig unterstützen? Oder aber möchten Sie auf die Seite der Rebellen und sich wilde Verfolgsjagten mit der Polizei liefern? Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten und Sie können entscheiden, welche Sie wählen. Lassen Sie sich kostenlos von Ärzten untersuchen und beraten oder aber übernehmen Sie selbst die Kontrolle als Arzt und retten Menschenleben. Unterstützen Sie, wenn Sie wollen, auch Farmer, Dealer, Banditen oder andere Touristen und finden Sie Ihren Platz auf der Urlaubs Insel Tanoa. Wo findet man unsern Server: Starte Arma 3, geh dann auf "Spielen" und "Multiplayer". Suche nach [GER] Tanoa-life | New Apex | Housing | TS Server | Aktive Admins & Supporter. IP: Port: 2302 Bei Fragen oder Problemen wende Dich bitte an einen Admin, Moderator Supporter im Tanoa Supportbereich unseres TS3-ReiseBüro: TS IP: Der Server startet alle 6 Stunden automatisch neu. Wir hosten zuverlässig und sind nicht irgendwann plötzlich weg oder down! Features des Servers: *Anmerkung: Alle Features aufzuzählen ist kaum möglich, aber hier mal ein paar Eckdaten.* Map: Parkplatzschilder Ärzte/Polizei , Beleuchtung in Georgetown erweitert. Die Ganze Map wurde überarbeite mit Safezone sind in Kreise eingeteilt. Texturen: Polizeiskins neu entworfen und Uniform. Scripts: Bugtracker und Für Polizei eine Fandungsliste, Z Menü tablet sowie Personalausweis. Zivilist: Rebellenlager wurden Gebäude hinzugefügt Garagen und Bootshops hinzugefügt. mehr Krankenhäuser eingefügt in diesen man sich auf 100% heilen kann. Polizei: Georgetown Polizei Hauptquartier wurde komplett erneuert und auch umgesetzt Medics: Drei neue Zentralkrankenhäuser und eine neue Radiologie sowie ein Medic-Prowler eingefügt Regeln des Servers: Die Regeln findet ihr im Forum: http://altis-gameland.de/ , da wir an unserm Forum bauarbeiten vornehmen Findet ihr die Regeln aber im Ts bei uns Wer steckt hinter Team-Heidelberg? Team-Heidelberg wurde 2003 gegründet unter der Führung von Shooter & THD MuDDi, die bekannt wurden durch Call of Duty ( COD ). 2003 bis 2009 haben sie sich Realistische Ziele gesetzt wo durch sie bekannt geworden sind. Ab 2009 hatten sie einige Sponsoren, darunter waren Teamspeak sowie Activision. So konnten sie eigene Cups veranstalten. Der größte Cup war der Sommer Cup mit 32 verschiedene Clans dazu kamen noch 2Twitch Moderratoren. Ab dem Jahr 2014 haben sie eine neue Herausforderung gesucht in Arma3. Leider hat sich einiges geändert durch ( Bohemia Interactive ). Somit mussten wir uns ein neues Konzept gemeinsam überlegen. Nachdem wir gemeinsam auf einen Nenner gekommen sind, haben wir angefangen mit der Entwicklung an unserem Server. Wir haben unsere Struktur grundlegend angepasst, um einen gleichartigen Vorfall beim nächsten Mal kompensieren zu können. Gesucht werden bei uns Medic´s und Cops ab ein Mindesalter von 16jahre Die es ernst meinen mit dem beamtendienst Bewerben könnt ihr euch bei uns im Ts mit der GoogleDocs Dokument ,da wir an unserm Forum bauarbeiten vornehmen Viel Spaß beim Zocken! Eure Animateure 2017 - Vorstellung Tanoa [GER] Tanoa-life | New Apex | Housing | TS Server | Aktive Admins & Supporter Endlich Ferien - als Tourist unterwegs auf einer sonnigen Insel! Oder doch nicht? This is Tanoa Life, and it's AWESOME! Link zum Game auf Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/107410/
  14. Welcome to Black Wolf Gaming - An Arma 3 Altis Life community! We currently offer an Altis Life server with a high quality, unique and exiting mission file which heavily tailors towards RP between players. The emphasis in RP allows us to run a community which is suited towards those who enjoy interacting with others and getting the best possible experience out of their time on Arma 3. Our server as mentioned, heavily focuses on roleplay. Meaning that every aspect of the server meets this criteria such as the Police force who involve RP with every move they make, putting words before bullets. Along with our extensive staff steam who enforce this roleplay making sure that the server is as fun to you guys as possible. The staff team consits of long time ARMA admins who have kept communites in check for years, therefore resulting in our team being as fair, helpfull and experienced as possible. If you would like to direct connect to the server, bellow you can find the IP to do so. Enjoy! IP - Port - 2302 Website - http://blackwolfgaming.invisionzone.com/ TeamSpeak - ts.blackwolfgaming.net As an Altis Life community we offer several different factions such as... The Rebels - This faction dispises the intervention of foreign authorities on their land, as a result of this oppression the rebels have reached out in order to get their hands on high powered weaponary capable of putting an end to this oppression and some day take Altis for their own. However, the great firepower brings out the worst in some of their members who have even decided to split into seperate gangs in order to cause chaos accross Altis and in doing so focusing their efforts on drugs and robbery. The Police - The Police on Altis are foreign to the land as increasing violence and firepower has lead them to intervien. The Police consist of long time memers who have access to a wide range of weaponary and vehicles in order to stop the chaos.However, if peace and control is the main prority then police have to do their best to deal with situations without falling on weaponary. Within the force are special units such as SWAT who intend to use lethal force especially in situations such a federal reserve heists as a number of rebels have decided to target it and take what lies between the vault doors. The Police force was set up by veterain members of the ARMA community who have spent years playing, building and running police force's. The force is consists of members who are of a older age, mature and serious about the Police, fitting in very well with our emphasis on roleplay. Corporation - Corp are a military group hired by the Altis government in order to assist the Police force. Corp have access to a wide range of advanced weapons and vehicles which include 7.62 rifles aswell as armoured vehclies such as the Strider. Corp are well known throughout Altis for their willingness to help civilians complete ther daily dutties of mining by providing them with armed escorts or assistance. They also patrol and protect them from loosing their belongings to rebels if Police are unable to. This faction is unique to our server and works in the same way as rebel, meaning you need to buy the license. Features We currently offer a vary extensive mission file. The file has had much input from a lot of talented people who have been founder, developers and owners of long time communites such as Amarok. We include features such as car modifications, not the same as any other server however. Our car mod shop was made by to our design by a developer who incorporated many unique features within the shop Another feature we take pride in is our instant cop loadout script. The script allows Police members to save their desired loadout and collect it within an instant. Allowing for a much faster response time and ease of access. We heavily tailor the server towards RP and the map has been designed to do this in every aspect. From the runs you can complete to random construction points blocking roads. Trailers Heli Unit Trailer
  15. Come and join our new server @ Web presence coming soon We are currently recruiting Police and EMS/medics stop in and join the server we look forward to meeting you!
  16. We have started a new server and are currently recruiting whitelisted cops! If youre interested join. we also have a wide variety of things for civilians to do around town!
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