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  1. Authors: Tonic (Didn't change enough within the files to put mine or anyone else's name as an author) Difficulty: Easy Version: Tested on 5.0 (Could work on 4.4) (Thank you @TaskForceTactical for the idea of this script) Description: Similar to the fed but instead of spawning gold bars when successful this will spawn randomized weapons and gear in a crate. NOTE: To the ungrateful copy paste kids who thinks it's cool to steal credit or try to sell the scripts me or any of my friends created for you guys, if it continues I will no longer help anyone or post scripts to for the community, the only reason why this was released was because it's a small rewrite of Tonic's files. MISSION EDITS: STEP 1: Find a place for your armory on the map and place a marker and name set federal_armory as the variable name. Now you will need to place a vault, a"CargoNet_01_box_F" works perfectly set the variable name to fed_armory and don't forget to set allowDamage to false, a vaulthouse, I use "Land_Research_house_V1_F" for example, and a dome big or small depends on how you want it. To make it easier I've used this compound within the top right area that's apart of the map all I did was place a vault: Step 2: There was a simpler way to do this but I didn't realize until after I made this both ways work the same so go into your fn_useItem.sqf replace "case (_item isEqualTo "blastingcharge"):" with: Step 3: Go into your fn_useItem.sqf replace "case (_item isEqualTo "boltcytter"):" with: Step 4: You will need to configure this so it's the correct coords to the vault & vaulthouse. Go into core >> items and create the file fn_blastingChargeArmory.sqf and paste this in: Step 5: You will need to configure this also with the same coords as you did in fn_blastingChargeArmory.sqf, create a new file in core >> items called fn_boltcutterarmory.sqf and paste this: Step 6: go into core >> civilian and create a file called fn_demoChargeTimerArmory.sqf and paste this: Step 7: Open you Functions.hpp and under "class Items {" add Under "class Civilian {" add Step 7.5: heres what mine looks like: Step 8: Open your CfgRemoteExec.hpp and add LIFE_SERVER EDITS: Step 1: This step locks your doors and prevents exploiting it will need configuring with the same coordinates as Step 5 and Step 4 of the mission edits. Open your init.sqf and add this above "/* Setup the federal reserve building(s) */": Step 2: Go into Functions >> Sytems and create a new file called "fn_handleBlastingChargeArmory.sqf" this is where all the magic happens you're free to edit whatever you paste this: Step 3: Last but not last open your config.cpp and add this under "class Systems {" under "class TON_System {" Step 3.5: here is what yours should look like
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