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Found 5 results

  1. Hello guys i recently started up an altis life server and could use a little help on the devolpment side, i am just a beginner, so i am still learning.I am willing to pay you for your help, but understand I must need proof of your skills. Perferred Development Skills - SQF - SQS - Map Developement - Custom Dedicated/Server Setup's What i wish to add to my server - Custom map- Quest line- Quest level system and perks.- Custom drugs/useable drugs - More veihcles and weapons in shop also Price adjustment.- setting up pvp/kos Island -Much more Contact me! Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Cuckboii/Discord: .......#0050
  2. A group of friends and I are looking at starting an Altis or Tanoa Life server in the coming weeks, as we don't have experience with the dev side of servers we are looking for a server dev with experience. We are willing to pay a small amount if needed, anyone that is interested can contact me through steam (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198110552736) or pm me for my teamsepak. My name will be KnightlyNeil. I am looking forward to talking to anyone interested.
  3. Phantom Entertainment __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Features: First, Our website can be found Here! Many modifed altis life systems Many modifed altis life systems Police uniform textures for all ranks Preformance optimization Better Dialogs Server sided changes Placeables for Police & NHS Anti-Hack filters, idd whitelist, battleye, CfgPatch check Always active Community lead(s) A few small systems like Bug reporter Improved player sync Auctions Dyn Market Modifed Website Join our teamspeak server And alot more, the community and our game server is currently under development and we are in progress of making it is not ready but is online for players who want to join. Here are some screenshots. Outside Kavala police station. The Kavala Square. Our Map Custom Y Menu As you see, custom Health, Food and Drink bar. Border Checkpoint between civillians land and rebel controlled area. (May be updated) Rebel Base (Will be updated) Kavala Police HQ outside Decorations inside Kavala Police HQ Kavala Square (More details will be added soon) Custom police Station in Athira Inside Athira Police HQ
  4. Hey, my community needs a developer for a lakeside server mostly just implementing pre-made scripts and stuff and some GUI things if you know how. Also if you know how to make GUI like pictured here: Would be amazing. I wouldn't be able to pay you so it would be kinda volunteer work but I hope someone can still help as I'm currently the only one working on the scripts side of my server! Thank You, TeamSpeak IP:
  5. I need help setting up a modded server (TFR, gun reskin, police, and medic reskin,) I'm missing things like ear plugs a new y menu hud (adding cars skins and items to car and heli shops) this will come with perma dev on our server. (we run dedicated) if ur willing join our TS: forbiddenclan.com:9987 (speak to DJ_SKY, Iceman show post as proof if needed) feel free to msg me on these forums as well
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