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Found 5 results

  1. Buenas, mi nombre es Ramón , y vengo hablaros sobre mi servidor de Altis life el cual tiene la apertura programada para este viernes a las 18:00. Mañana por el Discord pasaremos el ts3 Discord: https://discord.gg/rewfwpTVM9
  2. Welcome to ArmaRoleplay WEBSITE https://www.armaroleplay.net/ SERVER IP Who are we? ArmaRoleplay is a new Altis life server that has been Heavily customised. We are a new community hoping to take off in the near future with our Arma 3 Servers. Altis life is currently our first server and i am planing on bringing out many more in the future. Some of our Features Exp System with perk upgrades Shipwreck missions Gang capturable Areas Capturable Drug Dealers (Tax other player's) Casino &
  3. Raged Gaming would like to invite you all to come try our Altis 5.0 server This mission is still under development but we are working very hard on it everyday to add more and more content as well as balancing and fixing any pre existing issues discovered by the community on the way We are a combat RP server with some great unique combat styled game play added thanks to the territory system shown below. We have a amazing road map on the way with the server and a good helpful player base which are located not just around the EU but also the US. We would love for you to check us ou
  4. Introduction We founded on January 27th 2020, we are a roleplay community with serious devs, a well constructed base of staff and admins, and a very strict well put together rule set. Our aim is too get a consistent player base and to prosper as a server as the work we have put into it so far is quite mesmerizing for a vanilla Altis life server Main Features LSD Fields Uranium Ability to rob gas stations Ability to rob our bank Custom market prices Custom vehicle skins Enhanced police station Oil rig Custom rebel stores
  5. My processing code in this format: this addAction["Process Oil",life_fnc_translatar_petroleo,"",0,false,false,"",' !life_is_processing']; this addAction["Licença de Processamento(R$ 2000)",life_fnc_buyLicense,"oil",0,false,false,"",' !license_civ_oil && playerSide == civilian ']; Im looking for a way to send the processing call ("life_fnc_processAction") via scrip. » The Player comes with a barrel of oil and requests processing ... Being that it has no virtual item, only one Barrel; So, this "NPC" will send the request for processing item... This script
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