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    Core I5 6500
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    8GB Memory
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    1TB Hard Drive And 600GB Hard Drive
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    ASUS GTX 1060 Dual
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    EVGA 80 Bronze
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    Sceptre 22 inch, And ACER 22 Inch
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    LED Strips. MotherBoard: MSI Gaming M3 B150

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  1. Thank you!!!!!!!! <3
  2. Author: Haduuken Hope You Guys Enjoy The Texture. If You Would Like For This To Be Added To Another Car Lemme Know. What I Based The Car Off Of Was A County Sheriff Charger Below This Is What It Came Out On The SUV Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tj3go7k5nde4cqc/Sheriff_SUV.jpg?dl=0
  3. give an example on what you mean. multiple traders, or add to another trader?
  4. I would honestly use these if I still was running my server. These are beautiful
  5. learn that part of photoshop
  6. Here's a heads up, I don't think this is the place you want to find staff members. I have ran plenty of communities in the past (mostly arma 3) and I stopped due to staff. If you accept people you don't know your gonna deal with a lot of abuse, false bans, staff fighting, etc.... I have been through it all. well good luck maybe you will get lucky and find good staff (hard to find), cause I never could.
  7. This wasn't intended for 4.5. I made on 4.4r4 a while ago. that's the version its compatible on
  8. @(AOGN)Sidewinder how did you get a prowler template? I've been searching and trying to find ways to get one.
  9. Haduuken

    Uniform Work

    clothing and or vehicles?
  10. they refuse to update it. I have requested multiple times for them to update it with my tobacco field script which works. if you have anymore issues I can always add the mine for you myself
  11. This is broken. It was never fixed.
  12. for swat icons I used the army icons. could try that if you want
  13. https://gyazo.com/3adaf8c29dfca5ca3d1546658b543c70 its next to the between the rust and major icon. I also used this guys icon pack
  14. i have some punishment icons if you want em
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