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  1. Haduuken


    Thank you!!!!!!!! <3
  2. Haduuken

    Altis State Sheriff SUV

    Author: Haduuken Hope You Guys Enjoy The Texture. If You Would Like For This To Be Added To Another Car Lemme Know. What I Based The Car Off Of Was A County Sheriff Charger Below This Is What It Came Out On The SUV Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tj3go7k5nde4cqc/Sheriff_SUV.jpg?dl=0
  3. Haduuken

    [Tutorial] Tobacco Field

    give an example on what you mean. multiple traders, or add to another trader?
  4. Haduuken

    Sidechat disable

    I believe the way to disable voice chat would be in your server.cfg. I am not sure of that but when I was running TFR on my old server I believe that's how I disabled ingame voice chat
  5. Haduuken

    Corey-Smells Skins

    I would honestly use these if I still was running my server. These are beautiful
  6. Haduuken

    Disable Task force Radio

    I believe there is a marker you can place down for the TFR mod. Been a while since I have used TFR server side. You could try contacting the mod creator and see if they could assist you with it.
  7. Haduuken

    doctor and police side channel

    have you tried to do it yourself or are you requesting someone to create you a script?
  8. Haduuken

    REMOVE From Helicopter AMMO

    @pravietis1 have you added the code to the .sqf file? If yes are there in errors showing up in the rpt logs about that?
  9. Haduuken

    need help to photoshop

    learn that part of photoshop
  10. Haduuken

    Looking for staff

    Here's a heads up, I don't think this is the place you want to find staff members. I have ran plenty of communities in the past (mostly arma 3) and I stopped due to staff. If you accept people you don't know your gonna deal with a lot of abuse, false bans, staff fighting, etc.... I have been through it all. well good luck maybe you will get lucky and find good staff (hard to find), cause I never could.
  11. this is all I see Error: Object(2 : 1609) not found
  12. Haduuken

    Oil Rig

    I've seen a guy try this before. I think what he did was changed the location by grid cords. that might work
  13. Haduuken

    [Tutorial] Uranium Mine (Fixed)

    This wasn't intended for 4.5. I made on 4.4r4 a while ago. that's the version its compatible on
  14. Haduuken

    Im offering graphic, skins-textures or map design help

    @(AOGN)Sidewinder how did you get a prowler template? I've been searching and trying to find ways to get one.