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  1. Hello everyone, we are excited to tell you that we have launched a Takistan Life server using the good old Arma Network mission file. Here are some of the features we have: Gas station robberies Federale Reserve NATO Armory Robbery Dynamic market Jail break with blasting charge Destroy parts of the borderwall Gang hideouts Weapon drops Suicide vests Different types of drugs (multiple drugs make one drug) Different drug dealers (Each one accepts different drugs) Ofcourse we will be adding alot more! If you are interested in checking out the server, here is our info: Discord: https://discord.gg/naMcggE Teamspeak: Website: https://armalife.network/ Arma 3 server:
  2. Im trying to install task force radio on my server, but everytime I try to join I get kicked for Public Variable #1, in the logs it says this: Value Restriction #1 "radio_request_76561198067366458WEST" = ["tf_fadak"] Any clue how to fix this?
  3. I am using this script on 4.0, everything works but for somereason when the charge explodes and I go in the inventory I can not take out any items?
  4. Anyone knows how to fix this battleye filter kick: #1 "radio_request_76561198067366458WEST" = ["tf_anprc152","tf_anprc152"] Its in public variable.
  5. these are for 4.4, not 4.0. They don't work
  6. Can someone maybe sent me the battleye filters for altis life 4.0? Can't seem to find them anywhere
  7. Everytime I open bec when my server is running it says checking for new bec version and than it just closes. Any idea how to fix this?
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