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  1. Im trying to install task force radio on my server, but everytime I try to join I get kicked for Public Variable #1, in the logs it says this: Value Restriction #1 "radio_request_76561198067366458WEST" = ["tf_fadak"] Any clue how to fix this?
  2. I am using this script on 4.0, everything works but for somereason when the charge explodes and I go in the inventory I can not take out any items?
  3. ok, no problem man, thanks anways for the help
  4. @Fopeak No, still doesn't work. RPT: https://hastebin.com/mefuqimoxa.vbs
  5. @Fopeak Yea me either, i have really no idea. Now i have this error with an other version of my mission, maybe you know a fix for that? https://hastebin.com/wetaluroja.vbs fn_asyncCall.sqf: https://hastebin.com/facibetepo.cpp
  6. @Fopeak https://hastebin.com/vifoyorafo.http
  7. @Fopeak Still spawning in debug, rpt doesn't give any errors: https://hastebin.com/aqesayazas.tex
  8. @Fopeak Now everyone gets added to the database but everyone just spawns in debug. RPT logs: https://hastebin.com/igeyocorut.tex
  9. For me I can, for the other person joining no.
  10. @Fopeak https://hastebin.com/amuviberoy.cpp
  11. Hello, I have a problem that some people spawn in debug and others don't. They get added to the database even when they spawn in debug. Now I checked my RPT and nothing is in there. Its also not giving any errors. RPT: https://hastebin.com/qanacaqulu.tex
  12. Anyone knows how to fix this battleye filter kick: #1 "radio_request_76561198067366458WEST" = ["tf_anprc152","tf_anprc152"] Its in public variable.
  13. these are for 4.4, not 4.0. They don't work
  14. Can someone maybe sent me the battleye filters for altis life 4.0? Can't seem to find them anywhere
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