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  1. Well your old scripts might not be compatible with 5.0.
  2. Import your custom scripts from the old framework (and possibly/probably update them) to the 5.0 framework.
  3. Here you go: https://i.gyazo.com/d1377d8d815dc5f4c6984598fa9179d0.mp4 I have gone ahead and changed/improved it: https://paste.fini.dev/uvoy.cs Instead of adding all that stuff above to your init.sqf just add the following line to your configuration.sqf: Message_Notification = [];
  4. They are hiding that the old community owner was a pedofile. Which is one of the reasons for all the players leaving.
  5. I recommend using 5.0 as it is constantly updated compared to 4.4 which is extremely outdated by now. And for fast testing you can use this:
  6. The tag is set as "Aquaman", so it would be ["Text","Type"] call Aquaman_fnc_notification_system;
  7. Vehicle skins, player skins, player clothing, weapon colors etc... Just not money or weapons if you don't want pay to win.
  8. Considered using custom framework that wasn't leaked/stolen?
  9. It stops you from being killed when you are hit by a vehicle.
  10. Make sure you have verify signatures set to 2. DSSignFile is for signing addons. If you are running Altis Life then there is no need to sign anything unless it's modded ofc.
  11. Explain what's not working and send server logs. Would rather help you than do it for you.
  12. The file is called functions.hpp on 5.0 and it is in your mission root folder.
  13. Doubt someone will actually pay 10 euros for a simple loading screen like that.
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