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  1. Well your old scripts might not be compatible with 5.0.
  2. Import your custom scripts from the old framework (and possibly/probably update them) to the 5.0 framework.
  3. Here you go: https://i.gyazo.com/d1377d8d815dc5f4c6984598fa9179d0.mp4 I have gone ahead and changed/improved it: https://paste.fini.dev/uvoy.cs Instead of adding all that stuff above to your init.sqf just add the following line to your configuration.sqf: Message_Notification = [];
  4. It’s not a question on if you stole the anti cheat or not. You did. I am friends and co-worker with the owner and creator and I did in fact contact him. And I just have no interest in helping people with stolen files.
  5. Do you have permission to use the framework and the anticheat? Update: Have been notified that you are using the anticheat without permission, so I would recommend purchasing it or not using it for your own sake.
  6. Run a script with the function used and then send your client and server rpt.
  7. Have you changed anything in the fn_clothingFilter? Wait your problem is that the playerskins script don't work?
  8. Another copy of Arma-Life 😑
  9. Would love to see this "custom framework" you have in the process. I hear a ton of people saying they are creating or almost have created a custom framework. But it's all the same. They talk the talk but don't walk the walk.
  10. They are hiding that the old community owner was a pedofile. Which is one of the reasons for all the players leaving.
  11. Have you changed anything? Money variable, something in the actual chopshop script. Have you checked your rpt's?
  12. What framework version are you running?
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