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  1. Works great, i get a db entry to but after restart the bountylist is empty.
  2. Yes the POPO is for informing the Police, and without for the server, it just tells the server when the area capture is done but not if someone starts capturing it.
  3. Works great, but for some reason the CaptureAreaAttempt for all Players are not popping up anymore. So if you start Capturing a Base the other gangs and people dont get a message... just if its finished ... somebody can help ?
  4. Hey, it works fine for me but the only problem is that the civilians cant withraw money anymore
  5. Same for me, has anyone a tip for us to fix this or how to whitelist this script in Infi
  6. Yes my friend. Seems to work now,... would love to tell you all the reason,... but i just started the server new again. Thanks so mutch
  7. Works perfect, just can´t use it with the "ineraction Key" (Windows). I must config the controls and add the custom key action 10 to some key, this one works then. But would love to use the win - key for this.
  8. skiT

    Wedding Ring

    Hey, thanks for this script. How can i play the sound global... i added it in the description.ext. hint "You have just gotten married! Congratulations! Here is $500 in cash!"; sleep 3; //Sound XXXXXX ? <= what should i call here =) //Adds the money! _funds = 500;
  9. German my friend =) can i help you out ?
  10. Thanks Guys, what should i replace or ad in this lines ? i try my best to solve it...
  11. Hey Guys, is there any chance to get a simple and working life_server with the .Malden sqm ? Just the standard traders and stuff on the map... I tried neary everything to run Malden Life on a Alits Life 5.0 based Framework. I tried to fit the life_server with my fresh and new Mission file, but nothing works for me...one time its the spawn problem (Copied altis stuff on malden map and made everything fit),... or the database problem....sorry but does someone know where i can get the Framework like Altis from the internet ? Sorry for my bad english. Best regards.
  12. Okay, thanks. Yes thats what i did... here is the log. 10-36-4.log extdb3-conf.ini
  13. Hey, thanks i did it. Sadly it didnt work. I attached the actual rpt... Sorry for getting on your nerves... If you like i could give you root access to my server may it would be easier ? arma3server_x64_2017-08-16_09-50-31.rpt
  14. Yes, iam using the 5.0, and i modified the init to set the fed bank to the right coordinates like so. init.sqf
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