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  1. Hello, I am one of the managers at http://freedomroleplay.com/ an we are looking for developers with experience in altis life to join our team in a permanent position, We can offer pay and staff position if we find you suitable. Jobs will include: Config work e.g: Changing stuff around Map work HUD addons Custom Scripting If you are interested and wish to talk join our Teamspeak ts3.freedomroleplay.com and contact either myself (Feyzi) or Jazz Cat on Teamspeak.We have an extremely productive team and all have our own ways we can help out, E.g: Server administrators, Web Development, Graphic Designers, Map devs etc You will be working alongside other devs and will be given creative freedom in most scenarios. Any and all work put in by anyone will be credited on our website. feel free to contact me, or jazz cat heres my steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/feyzi-rhf/
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