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  1. some Images of the server will be nice you know
  2. CuBeX

    [RELEASE] Terms And Conditions Menu System

  3. CuBeX

    [RELEASE] Terms And Conditions Menu System

    next time read the topic https://imgur.com/Zvavji5
  4. CuBeX

    Armalisum Advertisiment

    First of all Must say, well done on the writing, it was a pleasure to read about the Idea, server and what makes you different. Second, I do like your Idea, can be really cool I might try your server in the future when I'll have time. and to sum up, keep it up, and good luck!
  5. CuBeX

    [RELEASE] Terms And Conditions Menu System

    pretty cool and useful, well done
  6. CuBeX

    Hi from France !

  7. CuBeX

    Hi from France !

  8. CuBeX

    Hi from France !

  9. CuBeX

    Border Life Roleplay | Malden Life

    doesn't matter, you posting here to get new people as well, so why not have Images showing your server and features so more people will may like it and try your server.
  10. CuBeX

    HEMTT Box skin

    Hi, I dont think you can skin the box itself, only the truck.
  11. CuBeX

    Hi from France !

    I got 4,300 I feel like a noob
  12. CuBeX

    Unknown Roleplay Altis

  13. CuBeX

    Unknown Roleplay Altis

    notice it now, thank you