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  1. CuBeX

    Landing Site For Your Community!

    Updated Screenshot
  2. CuBeX

    Landing Site For Your Community!

    Hello Everyone This Landing site may not be related to Arma scripting, but its related to the Arma communities. I decided to share this site because I always want to give back to the community and I think that this site is something different but Important, some of you have, had or saw communities with sites that look really bad (not trying to offence) and In my opinion, good-looking sites make communities look nicer and more professional. This landing site might be simple, but Its pretty nice looking In my opinion. So I hope you guys will enjoy this p.s- this site was created and designed by me (for all the people who wondering) Download Preview (an old version of the site sorry) : 2018-09-06_18-54-23.mp4
  3. CuBeX

    Hi from France !

    Welcome Elenui! hope you'll have a great time here!
  4. dont want to be a d!ck or sound rude, but that 'y' menu is destroying my eyes Anyway, looks cool good luck!
  5. CuBeX

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

    alright, I'll tell @Jake John @Alec Sickler can you send me your logs as well please?
  6. CuBeX

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

    messenger? you mean the phone? (message system aka cell phone)
  7. CuBeX

    Get Free Custom Work/Scripts/GUIS For You

    what the hell is this post
  8. CuBeX


  9. CuBeX

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

  10. CuBeX

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

    Thank you so much! we are really appreciate it!
  11. CuBeX

    Atlanta Takistan Life RP

    it would be nice to see some screenshots
  12. CuBeX

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

    fix your Includes, we updated the post
  13. CuBeX

    Custom NEW Phone Menu

    Fix 1 Fixed Includes (thank you @Nathan Hindle)