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  1. Them Ripper (Tim_The)

    [Tutorial] Bounty Hunting Framework [Dialog, DB, Player Interaction] - Updated!

    Like the error says it already defined so just delete it
  2. Them Ripper (Tim_The)

    Quest System for Maverick Talent Tree

    what do you even mean with "end of your federal reserve robbery reward file" can you give a file name? and is there a way to get the 2nd relic without the script? yes i have seen number 10 but don't really get it
  3. Them Ripper (Tim_The)

    [REL] Store Discounts

    for what version is this as i'm trying to implement it on V4.4r3 and some of the steps you give are not there or different
  4. Them Ripper (Tim_The)

    Attachable Lightbar [Police]

    is it possible the make it so civs can use it but they need a license to use it? and change the color for them like orange
  5. Them Ripper (Tim_The)

    [Tutorial] Bleeding Script [5.0, 4.4R3]

    this is not working on v4.4r4 the old respawn timer is showing
  6. Them Ripper (Tim_The)

    Mr. New's TeamSpeak Icon Pack

    Is it possible to provide the Photoshop file's ?