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  1. Hello ALRPG, I have been playing around a little with adding a second type of federal reserve. This one doesn't have a vault but money which can get picked up. However none of the things which I have tried so far has worked. Is it possible to add doors with an assigned variable name to be able to get bolt cut. The gate which I want to be able to get bolt cut is this one "Land_WallCity_01_gate_yellow_F" it has an assigned variable name "bankDoorOne" As of now I lock the two gates I use in the initServer with the bankDoorOne setVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_1',1,true]; function. The methods I have tried so far doesn't seem to be very optimal, so if anyone knows how I would go about making this it would be very much appreciated. The version which I run is 5.0.0 Altis Life Framework on a modded Kelleys Island map
  2. @imthatguyhere, Okay yea I did see that, but the part where I would have to remove _Btn4 ctrlEnable false; It just wasen't there, so I didn't really know what was going on there.
  3. @imthatguyhere, I just tested it right now, and I'm gonna explain exactly what happens from both sides (cop & civ) For Cops: When handcuffing a civilian and putting them inside a vehicle the vehicle interaction menu for cops does show, and you are able to click a button called pull out, but it just puts them back in the vehicle whenever you do so. For Civs: When a civilian zip ties someone, in this case me when I was a cop, the civilian interaction menu doesn't even show a pullout button. Sorry for the late response
  4. @imthatguyhere The "Pull out" button doesn't show at all, not even greyed out just gone. And I'd suppose I wouldn't be able to find a client.rpt since I couldn't even click the button.
  5. Hello AltisLifeRPG, So I recently installed the zipties script (by Wackbatt) And I encountered this issue where I no longer have the option to pullout players from vehicles. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. Below I have proviced you with the fn_vInteractionMenu.sqf. If you need me to publish any other files let me know. Link to the script I installed - !!! LINK !!! fn_vInteractionMenu.sqf
  6. A long time ago I made a trigger do so it would display a "hint" to the BLUFOR team when a civilian entered the trigger area, but I have completely forgotten how to do it, and I have been searching and trying various things, all day. If anyone know how to do this could you please help me XD
  7. Can this get fixed? I would really like to change the backpack capacity
  8. Is it possible to change the backpack capacity im running 5.0.0
  9. I did it the hard and long way and reinstalled my whole server, i messed something up sorry for bothering but anyway thanks for your answer
  10. So when civilian tries to rob a person by having him knocked down or having his hands up the "Rob Person" function doesn't appear how do i fix this?
  11. So can anyone help me setup my taskforceradio for my Altis Life 4.4r4. I have tried myself and when i join the server i do not get moved down in the "TaskForceRadio" teamspeak channel
  12. Let's say a player equips a balaclava on his profile before he joins the server, if he then die on my server he will get that balaclava on his face when he gets revived? Is this possible to remove
  13. Forgot to say that i have installed a huge modpack on the server
  14. So i can't see my HUD AKA my ability to see my weapons fire mode ammo or anything like that. This is the error that appears https://gyazo.com/099a580d89f1dd5cbf1126f17a0cfb8f
  15. Okay i made a mistake it seems to work, the items are listing in the shop but i have made myself cop rank 1 and i can see all the other ones too? how do i fix that
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