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  1. Just stop, please keep the topic on hand like AlaskaVet asked.
  2. To restrain cops you have to edit the fn_restrainAction.sqf find if(side _unit isEqualTo west) exitWith {}; Comment it out with "//" That should work, havnt tested it yet.
  3. You insult me, say your lazy to do work then ask for help? Figure it out for yourself.
  4. Dont set up a server if your not going to take the time to learn how to script. It is such a major part in Arma. The tutorial isn't perfect. It was written' for my server. You have to acclimate it to your server.
  5. There not issues, thats how i wanted it for my server. If you want it like that you have to add in some checks in the variables. Like to stop people from pulling them out of vehicles, check if its locked.
  6. Post RPT logs to hastebin or something like that. Cant help fox it if we cant see the error.
  7. I looked into it a bit more and it seems to be a problem with your windows, take a look here. http://superuser.com/questions/866120/cant-remove-read-only-attribute-from-folder-windows-8-1
  8. Try disabling read only and see if it works. It would be faster then waiting for a reply.
  9. There is a lite version out there that does the same thing. I believe i got mine from this site. It stays free forever.
  10. Can you tell me what these numbers mean? I go it to work, but i have no clue what these number mean. ["peach",-1,30,100]
  11. What do each of these numbers mean? ["peach",-1,30,100]
  12. I just grabed a pic from the web, let me link you. Thats if the _unit is a police force then they cant get restrained
  13. No problem let me know if you get error or it doesnt work
  14. Yes right now it is setup so that if they are knocked out you can to add the check to see if they surrendered you need to change this part && animationState cursorObject == "Incapacitated" to this && animationState cursorObject == "playerSurrender" The whole part of this piece of code would look like life_actions = life_actions + [player addAction[localize "ZipTie",life_fnc_RestrainAction,"",0,false,false,"",' !isNull cursorObject && player distance cursorObject < 3.5 && isPlayer cursorObject && animationState cursorObject == "playerSurrender" || animationState cursorObject == "Incapacitated"']];
  15. Try replacing "side player" to "playerSide"
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