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  1. Deadlesszombie

    EMS Restrain

    It checks if the playerside is equalto west, add a check that compares if they are in west or independent(medic), try it out yourself, reply if you need help
  2. Deadlesszombie

    Problem with my bank script

    Either the time or the box. if you read that line of code, it checks if the vault is that specific box, and also checks if it has been 3200 seconds.......
  3. Deadlesszombie

    Problem with my bank script

    if(typeOf _vault == "Land_CargoBox_V1_F" && time - (bank_bank getVariable ["reset",time]) < 3200) exitWith {hint "The bank was recently robbed!";}; problem is you are missing something that trips this
  4. Deadlesszombie

    How to add Death animation ?

    bro literally try to figure these out yourself, every day you ask a new question without proof you even attempted lets think about how animations are done in altislife prime example, repairing, gathering, look there at how they play the animation, test it yourself. Maybe figure out how vanilla arma allowed for players to die but be only incapacitated https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Revive
  5. Deadlesszombie

    Police Lights on Apex Vehicles

    This may help you https://www.altisliferpg.com/topic/3230-tutorial-customization-of-lights-cop-ems/
  6. sleep 2; for 2 seconds of delay......................................................................
  7. Deadlesszombie

    Cop-Gate Opener

    You don't need to say that you will try for every single script..
  8. Deadlesszombie

    Gang List

    Gangs are simply "groups" in arma, you can get the names from all the units in the group
  9. how will people trade and give weapons to one another if you dont let them drop on ground?
  10. Deadlesszombie

    processAction to ask for quantity?

    init="this allowDamage false; this enableSimulation false; this addAction[localize""STR_Process_Marijuana"",life_fnc_processAction,""marijuana"",0,false,false,"""",' _b = (nearestObjects[getPosATL player,[""Land_u_Barracks_V2_F"",""Land_i_Barracks_V2_F""],25]) select 0; life_inv_cannabis > 0 && !life_is_processing && !life_action_inUse && !isNil {_b getVariable ""gangOwner""} && {(_b getVariable ""gangOwner"") == (group player)} && playerSide isEqualTo civilian ']; This is an example init of the marijuana processing, there is something here that is important that i think you are referring to life_inv_cannabis > 0 this line checks if the player has more than 0 cannabis, if you change this to any number and it should answer your question
  11. Deadlesszombie

    [4.4/5.0] Clean HUD

    ? you probably need to change the layer of the hud/belt
  12. Deadlesszombie

    Help with IPB

    Well that is called a navbar, you will need to know a little html, w3schools is a good website to learn it https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_responsive_navbar_dropdown.asp
  13. Deadlesszombie

    [Tutorial] Altis Central Bank - Second Fed!

    look for examples of life_fnc_broadcast
  14. Deadlesszombie

    [Tutorial] Custom Paychecks

    If i'm correct it is possible, i've done it before, but he most likely edited and broke the script he was editing
  15. Deadlesszombie

    Ra's al Ghul Helper App

    Personally i would like to see you being more active on the forums, other than that, not bad