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  1. Deadlesszombie

    [TUTORIAL] Speaker/PA announcements

    If you do not know how to find your rpt logs don't make a server. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/24674-how-to-find-your-local-rpt-output/
  2. Deadlesszombie

    Looking For An All Round Developer

    your roblox application was accepted welcome to builders club
  3. Deadlesszombie

    [TUTORIAL] Speaker/PA announcements

    And we can't figure out what is wrong without your error logs
  4. Deadlesszombie

    Looking For An All Round Developer

    I'm not sure if this is a meme like the other posts but this topic was made a really long time ago
  5. Deadlesszombie

    [TUTORIAL] Speaker/PA announcements

    How do you expect help if you can't provide logs.
  6. Deadlesszombie

    Professional Looking HUD

    Why are you posting this in a script thread as well as you aren't documenting your problem very well. Not many people here speak your language and will be able to help you as this is predominantly an english-speaking forum
  7. Deadlesszombie

    [request] 5.0 huds? and scripts

    Blatantly asking for scripts isn't going to make anyone do anything for you, if you try doing your own work and need help we can help you, people choose to make scripts and release them here also aren't you the guy that uses RibSoSay's files for your server Edit: Yes.
  8. Deadlesszombie

    [Tutorial] Block Changing Names

    PASTEBIN rpt logs
  9. Deadlesszombie

    [Tutorial] 5.0 Dynamic Market

    13:17:47 Conflicting addon life_server in 'life_server_old\', previous definition in 'life_server\'
  10. Deadlesszombie

    [Release] Stretcher Script

    Please read comments before you ask a stupid question...
  11. Deadlesszombie

    Dynamic Airdrop 100% working 5.0

    That error would be from either your mods or arma3
  12. Deadlesszombie


    This seems like a lot of work and is overcomplicated good luck
  13. Deadlesszombie

    [Tutorial] Block Changing Names

  14. Deadlesszombie

    I need respawn help

    add or move the spawnpoint https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/3f8a0caa51e374fa00abc195eed1686b1c2d7d37/Altis_Life.Altis/config/Config_SpawnPoints.hpp
  15. Deadlesszombie

    Money Spawn

    life_cash = life_cash + 500; is what you are looking for, but you would need to add a function that gets called when the AI Dies