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  1. Deadlesszombie

    Seatbelts Not Working

    Which tutorial are you following
  2. Deadlesszombie

    [4.4/5.0] Clean HUD

    Yes he could if he knows how to change it
  3. Deadlesszombie

    Francis "Devza" Fanzer Helper Application

    Please post and become a little more active, we will review then
  4. Deadlesszombie

    Stuck on Setting up server please wait

    4.4r3 is nearly 3-4 years old, it is reccomended to use 5.0
  5. Deadlesszombie

    Police Ticket Thought

  6. Deadlesszombie

    Taser help?

    Post error logs Also what is "<;p>" at the top and bottom of the file
  7. Deadlesszombie

    Job Creator (Create Jobs automatically)

    Checked by moderators, should be safe.
  8. Deadlesszombie

    Anti-Theft Script

    13:57:12 Error in expression <elect 3; _projectile = _this select 4; _originalDamage = if (_part == "") the> 13:57:12 Error position: <originalDamage = if (_part == "") the> 13:57:12 Error Missing ; 13:57:12 File core\functions\fn_handleDamage.sqf [life_fnc_handleDamage], line 70 13:57:12 Error in expression <fe_fnc_pullOutVeh]" if (pisNull objectParent player) exitWith {}; if (pl> 13:57:12 Error position: <objectParent player) exitWith {}; if (pl> 13:57:12 Error Missing ) 13:57:12 File core\functions\fn_pullOutVeh.sqf [life_fnc_pullOutVeh], line 8 13:57:23 Error in expression <createVehicle position player; sleep 5;  _layer = "normal" cutText ["This> 13:57:23 Error position: < _layer = "normal" cutText ["This> 13:57:23 Error Invalid number in expression 13:57:23 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\core\items\fn_itemStolen.sqf, line 14
  9. Scripting and map edits are two different things btw
  10. Deadlesszombie

    Can't join the server.

    CallExtension 'extDB2' could not be found 22:27:44 "extDB2: Error with Database Connection" Check your settings for extdb and login
  11. Locked, we don't condone software theft
  12. Deadlesszombie

    Can't join the server.

    PASTEBIN your new logs
  13. Deadlesszombie

    [Tutorial] Gang Capturable Areas

    Look at your RPT Logs of your server
  14. Deadlesszombie

    [Tutorial] Protect your mission

    Make sure you understand what he fixed for you, you were missing quotes if you needed to change the top, which is not the case
  15. Deadlesszombie

    [Tutorial] Protect your mission

    Your server name needs to be exactly the same in the top line