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  1. Very nice design! have you got all screens working?
  2. Hi, I want peoples opinions and thoughts on my custom Y-Menu, any feedback at all is appreciated.
  3. Your missing the "create gang" screen + what @Wackbatt said are these just mock-ups? are have you actually implemented this in game?
  4. Are you using Server x64 when launching server?
  5. You have to delete the schema first so that altislife database doesn't exist then it will recreate it
  6. You have to make sure your life server is packed into a pbo and also make sure your using the correct life server, thats what fixed it for me
  7. Hi guys! I have seen other posting "who wants to start a server?" and stuff like that but this is much different. We are in the process of making a custom map and we could do with more map editors to help us get the job finished. We just need people who are experienced with the editor or with X-cam that will help us finish of the map. We also are looking for developers willing to join the team and help incorporate the new mods into our already existing mission file. Also anyone looking for a new community that will be launching soon and has experience then just pm me,
  8. Hi! Great script but when a cop respawns the barriers arent there in the scroll wheel actions
  9. When I use the code cracker this pops up and there is no countdown timer: http://imgur.com/t2vwIrg
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