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  1. If you really want a cookie I'm down to do it
  2. Would anyone like to see this gif as a menu? I can make the basic setup but the rest would be up to you.
  3. Pm me if you guys still need help with this. I have a solution.
  4. Do either of you need help installing Arma 3 on Linux? I've done it many times.
  5. Replace the end of your function.hpp with this. class Toxic_Functions { tag = "Toxic"; class Toxic_Main { file = "core\Toxic"; class busMenu {}; class busStart {}; }; }; };
  6. Oh no I don't care about the player stats thing. I just think your script is shit haha.
  7. This is just fucking retarded. I would much rather use Xafloro's scripts than this.
  8. Sounds to me more like a personal vendetta but ok.
  9. Why aren't you remaking any of the mavericks scripts?
  10. Maihym

    Anti aimbot?

    Thanks for the aimbot script 😂
  11. Should I just encase all my doors and windows in concrete?
  12. My house has a backdoor. It's nice for when I go to the backyard.
  13. The code no longer uses publicVariable if you bothered to check it. It only uses publicVariable to tell the clients if the functions are ready or not. Anyways, what's the difference (network traffic wise) between the clients downloading the variables via the mission file and sending the functions over the network via remoteExec?
  14. Change your money variable in your entire server, then do a check every few seconds and see if the old money variables have anything. If they do then ban the player.
  15. You're right, I think what I'll do instead them is just keep allFunctions on the server side and then send it over when needed to fix that security vulnerability. This will also take care of the JIP queue issue.
  16. True, saving it on the disk would be much better but that allows people to easily steal your code. I'm not saying my way is the most efficient way but it's better for security than this script OP posted. The allFunctions variable only gets called once when the user joins in. Then missionNamespace is used to actually call the individual functions and for all the checks. Which is why I don't think it'll impact performance very much.
  17. Ok...you're not saying how this affects performance though. You're just showing the code. Do you have any stats to backup your claim?
  18. How does that affect performance?
  19. I'm not using jip. Right now will all the functions I've added into my config, they all come out to 1mb. I don't think 1mb is going to kill the server. Especially since I'm only sending that 1mb when a player joins and only once.
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