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  1. If someone need this for Spyglass I collected Variables and patches and bis_functions for arma 1.76: spypatches.txt
  2. These Variables are already in my config_spyglass.hpp. Simply add the Variables to yours. For Example your first error: { "@gpspoint.1", "STRING" }, Second error: { "@gpspoint.2", "ARRAY" }, Third Error: { "@gpspoint.3", "ARRAY" }, And in my config_spyglass you can find all variables I used. config_Spyglass.hpp
  3. Here have a look into my Config_Spyglass.hpp. I have 75 GPS points config_Spyglass.hpp
  4. I have collected some Script Releases from the old Forum wich I can't find here. I only printed the Website in Reading View and basicView with FreePFD. I want to share this, maybe someone is bored and want to get this old stuff working. I am interested on the wantetbased speedradar and I will have a look on it in the next few days. [HOW TO] Molotov Cocktails [HOW TO] Watermark your server [How To]Alcohol with multiple item processing,Drunk Effects, Passouts, and Police Breathalyzing [HowTo] Have Sex with a hooker [HOWTO] midgetgrimm's alcohol system in Altis Life 4.0.0 [HOWTO] Persistent Vehicle Inventory [Script] ShipWreck's by Ryan [Script] Temporary Marriage [Tutorial] Fitness center which energizes [Tutorial] Stable Paintball Script [TUTORIAL] Wasted Death Screen Radar Script Robbing the ATM's In Altis Life Simple Organ Theft with Black Market Sales Speed radar cam (yes another, but different) Speedcontrolscript Give Credit to the author! ALRPG_ressource.rar
  5. did you try my fn_gpsPointCfg.sqf ? I disabled levelcheck there. When it works i update my main post. Don't know if conditions work correctly
  6. replace this file and give it a try fn_gpsPointCfg.sqf
  7. which version do you use? do you have fn_levelcheck file?
  8. I don't know how to fix your problem until I can see an error in your client rpt. Do you guys followed all install instructions correctly?
  9. I don't know how to fix your problem. Maybe you can ask SIDROZ if/how he fixed it. Also you can have a look into the RawAltislife File. Here I have only installed the GPS System without taskdestination. AltisGPSraw.rar
  10. I don't know if this works. Cannot setup a altisserver quickly. replace your fn_gpsPointCfg whith this one fn_gpsPointCfg.sqf
  11. Thats a fatal error i think.. its from a _config file. I'm almost sure this is the main problem. go into your Config_vItems Line 290. There xou are missing a ;
  12. you have another problem here: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\Config_vItems.hpp, line 290: '/VirtualItems/storagebig.weight': Missing ';' at the end of line Try to fix this first
  13. I see no GPS error in your log. sure you set in config\Config_GPSPoints.hpp (line 13) to Altis? class Altis { If you use another map try to add your mapname
  14. Hallo! Thank you !TS JORDAN for releasing your Bountyhunter. It works great! I have no problems i want to edit something: My civilians can revive each other. Is there a way to prohibit Civ or Medic revive when a player is on the Bounty list? I noticed that the killed player only get deleted from list when he is respawning. When the player is requesting medic and will be revived he is still on the list. Or maybe i testet it too short.
  15. Have you changed this? If you use Altis Map change the class in config\Config_GPSPoints.hpp (line 13) to Altis: class Altis { Can you send me your rpt log? Or paste it here?
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