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  1. KR3

    hello now i have a problem

    lmao keep going lad
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  3. KR3

    Declare Terroism Barebones

    Alright, its nice of you, why so salty ? THIS. IS. A. HELP. FORUM. I mean if you want to help, right that's cool, but do it properly, no need to tell to the person you're helping thats he's a kid. Plus, i am sure that you didnt even try the script you posted. It won't work. You're using : _tactive Where does it come from ? You didn't even pass it in param. When you're checking if the player has already declare himself as a terrorist, it will go trough the script and the global message will be displayed again... Same for : _active He just spawned here, and no one know how it get here and what is it. You're checking an empty variable. It can't work... The hint you writed will be only local. You need to remoteExec that hint. So : First, declaring a new bool variable in configuration.sqf like : life_terrorism_declared = false; The script (could avoid the _player and directly use player, but i dont like it) : private ["_player"]; _player = player; if !(license_civ_rebel) exitWith {}; if (life_terrorism_declared) exitWith {hint"You're already a terrorist.";}; if (life_action_inUse) exitWith {}; life_action_inUse = true; life_terrorism_declared = true; format ["%1 has declared himself a terrorist !", name _player] remoteExec ["hint"]; life_action_inUse = false; You need to check if your CfgRemoteExec.hpp allow the hint to be exec, so : class Commands { mode = 1; jip = 0; F(hint, ANYONE) }; As you say, add the script where you want in your mission file, and so in your Functions.hpp Then if you want the rebel to not be terrorist anymore when he gets arrested, go into the proper functions, like fn_jail.sqf, and add : life_terrorism_declared = false; Do the same when he dies... This is what, i would have done
  4. Use mariaDB for local database. https://downloads.mariadb.org/
  5. I’d like to help you, but please, we’re human and we want to understand things you’re trying to say !
  6. KR3

    Declare Terroism Barebones

    Yea it took you five minutes and we can see that’s true only by reading your code, kid
  7. KR3

    Backpack Space

    Hello, Please send your RPT logs every time you ask for help. That’s a gain of time. I can help you today with teamviewer if you want to. Just PM me
  8. KR3

    extDB3 cannot connect to database

    Is your sql working on your windows services ?
  9. KR3

    malden spawn

    What do you mean ?
  10. KR3

    malden spawn

    Hello, you have to modify the file : mission.Altis\core\fn_initCiv.sqf private "_spawnPos"; //_altisArray = ["Land_i_Shop_01_V1_F","Land_i_Shop_01_V2_F","Land_i_Shop_01_V3_F","Land_i_Shop_02_V1_F","Land_i_Shop_02_V2_F","Land_i_Shop_02_V3_F"]; //_tanoaArray = ["Land_House_Small_01_F"]; _maldenArray = ["Land_i_Shop_02_b_blue_F","Land_i_Shop_01_V3_F","Land_Metal_Shed_F"]; private _spawnBuildings = _maldenArray ; civ_spawn_1 = nearestObjects[getMarkerPos "civ_spawn_1", _spawnBuildings,350]; civ_spawn_2 = nearestObjects[getMarkerPos "civ_spawn_2", _spawnBuildings,350]; civ_spawn_3 = nearestObjects[getMarkerPos "civ_spawn_3", _spawnBuildings,350]; civ_spawn_4 = nearestObjects[getMarkerPos "civ_spawn_4", _spawnBuildings,350];
  11. Hello, - you failed the installation - your client mods, conflict with ace. Try to launch your server with only ace and cba. Disable the others client mod
  12. KR3

    Basic.cfg help me!

  13. KR3

    Vehicle shop crashes game

    Please, post your config vehicles.