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    Anti-Theft Script for mod

    forgot passing all functions through the network was a really efficient way of hiding shit.. oh wait its not.
  2. Hello everyone, Thought it may be time to write a proper tutorial for my zipties. Location of changes: Mission.Map (Eg. AltisLife.Altis or TanoaLife.Tanoa) Difficulty: Medium Github: https://github.com/Wackbatt/Altis-Life-Zipties 1. Download the files from the github listed above. 2. Navigate to the core folder and drag the zipties folder into it. 3. Go back to your mission root and open functions.hpp and add the following to the very bottom: class zipties { tag = "zipties"; class Functions { file = "core\zipties"; class zip_blindfold {}; class zip_blindfoldAction {}; class zip_gagPlayer {}; class zip_gagAction {}; class zip_interaction {}; class zip_patDown {}; class zip_patDownAction {}; class zip_tie {}; class zip_tieAction {}; class zip_untie {}; class zip_untieFix {}; }; }; 4. Open cfgRemoteExec.hpp and add the following under the client section: F(zipties_fnc_zip_tie,CLIENT) F(zipties_fnc_zip_gagplayer,CLIENT) F(zipties_fnc_zip_blindfold,CLIENT) F(zipties_fnc_zip_patdown,CLIENT) F(zipties_fnc_zip_untieFix,CLIENT) 5. Open stringtable.xml and add the following package at the bottom <Package name="zipties"> <Key ID="STR_NOTF_ziptied"> <Original>%1 was ziptied by someone.</Original> <German>%1 wurde gefesselt.</German> </Key> <Key ID="STR_NOTF_unzipteed"> <Original>%1 was cut loose.</Original> <German>%1 wurde befreit.</German> </Key> <Key ID="STR_ExcessiveTied"> <Original>You have been released automatically for excessive restrainment time</Original> <German>Du wurdest automatisch frei gelassen.</German> </Key> <Key ID="STR_tied"> <Original>You have been restrained by someone.</Original> <German>Du wurdest gefesselt.</German> </Key> <Key ID="STR_Ziptie"> <Original>Ziptie</Original> <German>Fesseln</German> </Key> <Key ID="STR_gag"> <Original>Gag</Original> <German>Knebel</German> </Key> <Key ID="STR_blindfold"> <Original>Blindfold</Original> <German>Augenbinde</German> </Key> </Package> 6. Open description.ext and add the following: class ziptie { name = "ziptie"; sound[] = {"\sounds\ziptie.ogg", 1.0, 1}; titles[] = {}; }; class gag { name = "gag"; sound[] = {"\sounds\gag.ogg", 1.0, 1}; titles[] = {}; }; 6. Add the sounds and icons from the github to the appropriate folders. 7. Go to the config folder and open Config_master.hpp and add the following in the life settings section: ziptie_need_rebel = false; 8. Open Config_vItems.hpp and add the following: class ziptie { variable = "ziptie"; displayName = "STR_Ziptie"; weight = 6; buyPrice = 5000; sellPrice = 1200; illegal = true; edible = -1; icon = "icons\ziptie.paa"; }; class gag { variable = "gag"; displayName = "STR_gag"; weight = 7; buyPrice = 3000; sellPrice = 1000; illegal = true; edible = -1; icon = "icons\gag.paa"; }; class blindfold { variable = "blindfold"; displayName = "STR_blindfold"; weight = 7; buyPrice = 3500; sellPrice = 1200; illegal = true; edible = -1; icon = "icons\blindfold.paa"; }; 9. Open core\actions and replace the 3 files with the files from the git repo. 10. Goto core\functions and open actionkeyhandler and find if (playerSide isEqualTo west && {player getVariable ["isEscorting",false]}) exitWith { [] call life_fnc_copInteractionMenu; }; and add the following underneath: if (playerSide isEqualTo civilian && {player getVariable ["isEscorting",false]}) exitWith { [] call zipties_fnc_zip_interaction; }; and in the same file find if ((_curObject getVariable ["restrained",false]) && !dialog && playerSide isEqualTo west) then { [_curObject] call life_fnc_copInteractionMenu; }; and add the following underneath: if ((_curObject getVariable ["ziptied",true]) && !dialog) then { [_curObject] call zipties_fnc_zip_interaction; }; 11. Open keyhandler in the same folder and replace line 24 to 26 with the following: if ((_code in (actionKeys "GetOver") || _code in (actionKeys "salute") || _code in (actionKeys "SitDown") || _code in (actionKeys "Throw") || _code in (actionKeys "GetIn") || _code in (actionKeys "GetOut") || _code in (actionKeys "Fire") || _code in (actionKeys "ReloadMagazine") || _code in [16,18]) && ((player getVariable ["restrained",false]) || (player getVariable ["playerSurrender",false]) || (player getVariable ["ziptied",false]) || life_isknocked || life_istazed)) exitWith { true; }; 12. Add the following to the if statement for case 21: !(player getVariable ["ziptied",false]) and replace case 19 with the following: case 19: { if (_shift) then {_handled = true;}; if (_shift && playerSide isEqualTo west && {!isNull cursorObject} && {cursorObject isKindOf "Man"} && {(isPlayer cursorObject)} && {(side cursorObject in [civilian,independent])} && {alive cursorObject} && {cursorObject distance player < 3.5} && {!(cursorObject getVariable "Escorting")} && {!(cursorObject getVariable "restrained")} && {speed cursorObject < 1}) then { [] call life_fnc_restrainAction; } else { [] call zipties_fnc_zip_tieAction; }; }; 13. Replace the entirety of fn_pullOutVeh.sqf with the file from the github. 14. Open core\medical and open onplayerkilled and add the following underneath the set variables: [_unit] call zipties_fnc_zip_untieFix; 15. Open core\vehicle and open vinteractionmenu and find if (playerSide isEqualTo west) then { and add the following above it: _Btn4 ctrlSetText localize "STR_vInAct_PullOut"; _Btn4 buttonSetAction "[life_vInact_curTarget] spawn life_fnc_pulloutAction; closeDialog 0;"; if (crew _curTarget isEqualTo []) then {_Btn4 ctrlEnable false;}; then remove _Btn4 ctrlEnable false; from around line 127. 16. Open core\init.sqf and find player setVariable ["restrained",false,true]; player setVariable ["Escorting",false,true]; player setVariable ["transporting",false,true]; player setVariable ["playerSurrender",false,true]; and add the following underneath: player setVariable ["ziptied",false,true]; player setVariable ["blindfolded",false,true]; player setVariable ["gagged",false,true]; 17. Repack your pbo and relaunch your server. Additional Notes: It is up to you to include the 50+ changes to other files in the framework to prevent ziptied people from performing certain actions like gathering, mining etc. I eventually will be making this more stream lined so that these changes are not needed so make sure you keep your files up to date. Leave any comments below regarding changes/updates and fixes, feel free to fork the repo and commit any changes you feel need to be made.
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    [US/UK] Paradise Life Community

    Features Custom Police Department Stations Police Radar Shrooms Remove Snake Custom Y-Menu Gas Station Robbery Delivery Missions NLR Timer Brighter Nights Invisible Backpacks Public Cop Slots Removed Effects for Marijuana Use Effects for Heroin Use Seatbelts Auto Gates for Cops Is there anything that makes your server particularity special?
  4. dont get people to change player defaults
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    help guida

    I don't understand. For mods just load a mod on your server and client. For adding more vehicles to the store just look at how the config is currently done and come back if you need help.
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    help guida

    ? Do you mean adding vehicles to the shop?
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    Mission read problem.

    Use files that aren't stolen. https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework
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    extDB3: Config Error & Setting Up Client

    Its in the files that aren't stolen
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    Fixing Lag Switch

    thatun my favourite
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    Fixing Lag Switch

    Estimated time of arrival
  11. this is against the monetisation TOS big man
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    >Asking how to remove hospitals >Telling him how to add more.
  13. Wackbatt


    The hospitals are created on the marker on the map, see here https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/master/life_server/init.sqf#L91-L116
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    [Release] Zipties | Blindfolds and Gags | 4.4r3+

    Mate nice little pint of lambrini at the parks with the lads. Can't beat it.
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    [Release] Zipties | Blindfolds and Gags | 4.4r3+

    Hold on bloke. On the piss atm.
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    [Release] Zipties | Blindfolds and Gags | 4.4r3+

    You've got some strange characters at the end of your file there boss.
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    Border Life Roleplay | Malden Life

    But wasn't the majority of stuff on Orion stolen in the first place?
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    what happend to abeloth

    It shut down about 9 months ago boss.
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    [TUTORIAL] Weapon/Clothing/License Shop [VIDEO]

    Should probably have a word with your host.
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    Game Update

    Update with steam cmd or your control panel.