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  1. Sound mate. Glad you got it sorted. Come back if you've any more problems.
  2. Remove line 12133 from your stringtable.
  3. Right, paste your entire stringtable here https://sqfbin.com and I'll have a look. Please also pastebin your RPT and we'll try to get this sorted.
  4. https://sqfbin.com/obipupesikakejudeneb have a look at that.
  5. At the top of the file you'll see <Project> and at the bottom you'll see </Project> everything needs to be in between those tags.
  6. https://pastebin.com/nWbgaE6a
  7. Move the zipties string table package into the project tag if that makes sense.
  8. Could you pastebin your string table and your config vitems?
  9. Have you added everything to the string table correctly?
  10. Mate nice little pint of lambrini at the parks with the lads. Can't beat it.
  11. Hold on bloke. On the piss atm.
  12. You've got some strange characters at the end of your file there boss.
  13. You press shit + r to ziptie someone. Feel free to add it to fn_useitem.sqf if you wish to use it from your Y menu.
  14. I'm going to be revising this release soon. Issues like this will be resolved and improvements made.
  15. Can't say I've ever heard of an issue like this before. Does your police interaction menu work?
  16. Sounds like a you problem. Maybe if you open your eyes :^)
  17. There is nothing to explain apart from spoon feeding it you. I've explained what the problem is.
  18. Nope. In fact, this is even more incorrect than your first attempt. Read what I said. You are missing a !
  19. Whats the problem? I cant open your eyes for you. The tutorial says remove _Btn4 ctrlEnable false around line 127 meaning it may not be on that exact line.
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