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  1. 2 scripts not working I think is a poor excuse for not using the most recent version. I can assure you there are scripts like you describe that work for 5.0.
  2. Disregard this video as its 3 years old. Follow this guide https://asyetuntitled.gitbook.io/docs/server-setup
  3. You wouldn't buy a house with a backdoor so why would you buy an anticheat with one?
  4. forgot passing all functions through the network was a really efficient way of hiding shit.. oh wait its not.
  5. Features Custom Police Department Stations Police Radar Shrooms Remove Snake Custom Y-Menu Gas Station Robbery Delivery Missions NLR Timer Brighter Nights Invisible Backpacks Public Cop Slots Removed Effects for Marijuana Use Effects for Heroin Use Seatbelts Auto Gates for Cops Is there anything that makes your server particularity special?
  6. dont get people to change player defaults
  7. I don't understand. For mods just load a mod on your server and client. For adding more vehicles to the store just look at how the config is currently done and come back if you need help.
  8. ? Do you mean adding vehicles to the shop?
  9. Use files that aren't stolen. https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework
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