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  1. Same thing, when I buy car cant store in garage but if i Impound the car and pull from garage now can store vehicle.
  2. Strange it is that me that everything works and I can spawn. But others that spawn on the island and not enter them into a database.
  3. I will go try fix everything. But before last update works everything excelent.
  4. RPT https://pastebin.com/AfXGWwY4 EXTDB2 https://pastebin.com/dmQjYRbd
  5. Alright, so I was able to get the server running. 1) Upon logging in, you are immediately spawned on the small island extremely North. After looking at the map in the editor, this location looks to be where the squad leader is placed. Afterpressing ESC and respawning, the option to choose the spawn is available. Any thoughts on a fix for this? 2) Player menu (Y), doesn't work. 3) Vehicles are purchasable, but cannot be unlocked and entered. 4) Finally, I can't seem to get the iniDB save system to work properly.
  6. Man you dont understand me. I have police skin for Apex jeep (police_jeep.jpg) and I want add this skin to Apex jeep on civ side. license boat only for example, later I will make license_civ_cop. You know? { "Police", "civ", { //< civ side "textures\police_jeep.jpg" }, "license_civ_cop" } I didnt want add car skin to boat!
  7. { "Police", "civ", { //< civ side "textures\police_jeep.jpg" }, "license_civ_boat" } //< for example I want add police skin to civ side. And boat license only for example
  8. class C_Offroad_02_unarmed_F { vItemSpace = 30; storageFee[] = { 10, 10, 0, 0 }; garageSell[] = { 5000, 1000, 0, 0 }; insurance = 2000; chopShop = 5000; textures[] = { { "Black", "civ", { "\A3\Soft_F_Exp\Offroad_02\Data\offroad_02_ext_black_co.paa" } }, { "Blue", "civ", { "\A3\Soft_F_Exp\Offroad_02\Data\offroad_02_ext_blue_co.paa" } }, { "Green", "civ", { "\A3\Soft_F_Exp\Offroad_02\Data\offroad_02_ext_green_co.paa" } }, { "Orange", "civ", { "\A3\Soft_F_Exp\Offroad_02\Data\offroad_02_ext_orange_co.paa" } }, { "Red", "civ", { "\A3\Soft_F_Exp\Offroad_02\Data\offroad_02_ext_red_co.paa" } }, { "White", "civ", { "\A3\Soft_F_Exp\Offroad_02\Data\offroad_02_ext_white_co.paa" } }, { "Police", "civ", { "textures\police_jeep.jpg" }, "license_civ_boat" } //< for example }; }; Does not work.
  9. If i have specific license I can buy specific vehicle skin. Thanks for answer I will try it tomorrow.
  10. Hello, how I can make skin for vehicle only for specific license? Sorry for my english.
  11. Hello, how I can make skin for vehicle only for specific license? Sorry for my english.
  12. I fix this error 17:54:46 Warning Message: No entry 'mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\description.ext/life_spawn_selection/controlsBackground/MapView.LineMarker'. and i have same error in hudupdate.sqf. I do not know what's going on.
  13. I dont know how to fix this error.
  14. I have error only in arma rpt. Arma rpt http://pastebin.com/cPHzuAxn Server rpt http://pastebin.com/18pkF5z3
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