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  1. @Pablo el Caso The Source files are in this pack if you still want those icons. You can make them yourself if you know how.
  2. This is a pack of some of the UI's and Icons I made for Repentz/Orion. Feel free to use any of these files and edit them to your liking. This Pack Includes - 2 versions of my Phone Esc Menu Icons ID System UI Source Files for my TS Icon Pack Interaction Menu Spawn Menu Mr. New Mr._New_-_UI_&_TS_Source_Files.zip
  3. I have edited the post to have at SWAT icon & the Warning Icon. However, I will add more icons to the pack as people request. If you would like anything added just PM me or post it here. Sorry for all the delays and the swat icon not being the best. However, I have been really busy lately and haven't had time to work on anything.
  4. Sorry, I forgot to upload them here. I will upload them later today.
  5. @Vase I was looking at making some swat rank icons for the new server im working on. I will make them later today along with some better punishment tags. For the moment there is some within the pack but they are for strikes and dont look the best.
  6. You can change your TeamSpeak icon file size limit by searching for the icon in the permissions. if you wish to not change this permission you can always just compress the images then upload them. Keep in mind that in order to do this you need to have the advanced permissions system enabled. This can be done in options, under application.
  7. This is a TeamSpeak Icon Pack made by @Repentz and myself. Feel free to use these icons if you wish we thought some people might want them and figured we should just release them. Swat & Warning - Mr. New.zip Mr. New - Teamspeak Icon Pack.zip
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