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  1. Resonance

    Malden house menu

    He's talking about this file, https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/master/Altis_Life.Altis/config/Config_Housing.hpp
  2. Resonance


    Short term solution for a long term problem
  3. Resonance

    Police Issues

    Just make your own, using other peoples work is going to give you nothing but nightmares when you run into issues. You know what you change when you do your own work, you don't know what others have changed when you use their work.
  4. Resonance

    Police Issues

    That. Is this your own mission file or are you using someone else's? @Alex Longmire
  5. Resonance

    Police Issues

    Ah okay, feel free to post your RPT's and I'll do my best to help you find your issue. If you could also, post the init from one of the ATM NPC's along with your RPT's
  6. Resonance

    Police Issues

    Is it a certain ATM or is all of them? Sounds like there might be a side check on it in the NPC/object init if it's just a certain one
  7. Resonance

    UK Met CTSFO uniform (kinda)

    Looks nice, thanks for sharing
  8. Resonance

    Houses not saving

    @Frank Done Is this still an issue? If not please reply with your fix for the problem. If it still is you'll have 72 hours to reply with your RPT logs before I close this topic due to lack of reply/activity on your part.
  9. Resonance

    Spot the coding mistake

    Will you make me one of your cool free scripts if I guess it right? 😮
  10. Resonance

    Houses not saving

    Can you provide your full RPT files of both server and client? Also is this a fresh install of 5.0?
  11. Resonance

    Key Cards

    That'd be nice of you, would you consider releasing it in the scripts section as well as I've seen quite a few people bring up looking for something like this?
  12. Resonance

    infiSTAR - AntiHack

    I'll look later into the latest version of infistar to see about getting it working but it's more of a security risk to re-enable it imo. If you want all license and money just give them to yourself in your database
  13. Resonance

    infiSTAR - AntiHack

    Believe those are disabled by default in his menu, that or he never updated the variables for the new framework.
  14. Resonance

    infiSTAR - AntiHack

    Instructions are provided in the zip you download from infistar, just follow them like you would when setting up an exile server.