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  1. There's a mistype in that link you may want to fix So you want someone/a group of people to make you a server?
  2. Sure, but hi res textures aren't worth $20 when you can get near as good ones for free from those listed mods
  3. Feels like them just milking out what cash there is that's left, you can pay for this or just download RHS/CUP for free
  4. The amount of scrolling I had to do for that RPT, Jesus. Your mission and server is filled with errors and bugs, you'll have to work those out if you want to actually get it going. Also something tells me something may have broken in one of your mods from the update
  5. What? Is there any context you can give to explain this?
  6. Moved to a better section. Also as Breaker had said, details would be nice
  7. You'd need to edit the mission SQM for map changes and what not, pull it from your server box and use the editor on it to make your changes There's lots of places to download mods but just because you can download them doesn't mean you'll have the permission to use them on a public server (So it's best to download them directly from the mod creator, or ask the creator if you've obtained them through a 3rd party) No need to be sorry, everyone has to start somewhere I recommend joining the discord if you haven't already - https://discordapp.com/invite/FzgeVxw
  8. Thanks for the share, looks nice!
  9. Resonance

    Player HUD Image

    Chris Stark was apart of that project, anything really taken from A3L in terms of that he was open to giving permission to Repentz.
  10. Easiest way is to just go into the editor, hovering over your selection will prompt you with the classname. I did make a giant list of the Orange DLC classnames when they came out though, so here you go. Vans are in there but it's better for you to go in game to make sure it's the right one you want Aid Worker Clothing Aid Worker Clothes (Cargo) [IDAP] - U_C_IDAP_Man_cargo_F Aid Worker Clothes (Jeans) [IDAP] - U_C_IDAP_Man_Jeans_F Aid Worker Clothes (Polo) [IDAP] - U_C_IDAP_Man_casual_F Aid Worker Clothes (Polo, Shorts) [IDAP] - U_C_IDAP_Man_shorts_F Aid Worker Clothes (Tee) [IDAP] - U_C_IDAP_Man_Tee_F Aid Worker Clothes (Tee, Shorts) [IDAP] - U_C_IDAP_Man_TeeShorts_F Construction Coveralls Construction Coverall (Black) - U_C_ConstructionCoverall_Black_F Construction Coverall (Blue) - U_C_ConstructionCoverall_Blue_F Construction Coverall (Red) - U_C_ConstructionCoverall_Red_F Construction Coverall (Vrana) - U_C_ConstructionCoverall_Vrana_F Guerilla Garmet (Olive) - U_BG_Guerilla1_2_F Mechanic Clothes - U_C_Mechanic_01_F Paramedic Outfit - U_C_Paramedic_01_F EOD Vests EOD Vest (Blue) - V_EOD_blue_F EOD Vest (Blue) [IDAP] - V_EOD_IDAP_blue_F EOD Vest (Coyote) - V_EOD_coyote_F EOD Vest (Olive) - V_EOD_olive_F Identification Vests Identification Vest (Red Crystal) - V_Plain_crystal_F Identification Vest [IDAP] - V_Plain_medical_F Leg Strap Bags Leg Strap Bag (Black) - V_LegStrapBag_black_F Leg Strap Bag (Coyote) - V_LegStrapBag_coyote_F Leg Strap Bag (Olive) - V_LegStrapBag_olive_F Multi-Pocket Vests Multi-Pocket Vest (Black) - V_Pocketed_black_F Multi-Pocket Vest (Coyote) - V_Pocketed_coyote_F Multi-Pocket Vest (Olive) - V_Pocketed_olive_F Safety Vests Safety Vest (Blue) - V_Safety_blue_F Safety Vest (Orange) - V_Safety_orange_F Safety Vest (Yellow) - V_Safety_yellow_F Kitbag (Green) - B_Kitbag_rgr_Mine Messenger Bags Messenger Bag (Black) - B_Messenger_Black_F Messenger Bag (Coyote) - B_Messenger_Coyote_F Messenger Bag (Gray) - B_Messenger_Gray_F Messenger Bag (Olive) - B_Messenger_Olive_F Messenger Bag [IDAP] - B_Messenger_IDAP_F UAV Bags UAV Bag(AL-6) [AAF] - I_UAV_06_backpack_F UAV Bag(AL-6) [CSAT] - O_UAV_06_backpack_F UAV Bag(AL-6) [NATO] - B_UAV_06_backpack_F UAV Bag(AL-6, Medical) [AAF] - I_UAV_06_medical_backpack_F UAV Bag(AL-6, Medical) [CSAT] - O_UAV_06_medical_backpack_F UAV Bag(AL-6, Medical) [NATO] - B_UAV_06_medical_backpack_F UAV Bag(AL-6, Medical) [IDAP] - C_IDAP_UAV_06_medical_backpack_F UAV Bag (Demining) [IDAP] - C_IDAP_UAV_antimine_backpack_F UAV Bag (Utility) - C_UAV_06_backpack_F UAV Bag (Utility) [IDAP] - C_IDAP_UAV_06_backpack_F UAV Bag (Utility, Medical) - C_UAV_06_medical_backpack_F UAV Bag [IDAP] - C_IDAP_UAV_01_backpack_F Basic Helmets Basic Helmet (Blue) - H_PASGT_basic_blue_F Basic Helmet (Olive) - H_PASGT_basic_olive_F Basic Helmet (White) - H_PASGT_basic_white_F Baseball Caps Cap (Black) [IDAP] - H_Cap_Black_IDAP_F Cap (Orange) [IDAP] - H_Cap_Orange_IDAP_F Cap (White) [IDAP] - H_Cap_White_IDAP_F Ear Protectors Ear Protector (Black) - H_EarProtectors_black_F Ear Protector (Orange) - H_EarProtectors_orange_F Ear Protector (Red) - H_EarProtectors_red_F Ear Protector (White) - H_EarProtectors_white_F Ear Protector (Yellow) - H_EarProtectors_yellow_F Hard Hats Hard Hat (Black) - H_Construction_basic_black_F Hard Hat (Black, Ear Protectors) - H_Construction_earprot_black_F Hard Hat (Black, Headset) - H_Construction_headset_black_F Hard Hat (Orange) - H_Construction_basic_orange_F Hard Hat (Orange, Ear Protectors) - H_Construction_earprot_orange_F Hard Hat (Orange, Headset) - H_Construction_headset_orange_F Hard Hat (Red) - H_Construction_basic_red_F Hard Hat (Red, Ear Protectors) - H_Construction_earprot_red_F Hard Hat (Red, Headset) - H_Construction_headset_red_F Hard Hat (Vrana) - H_Construction_basic_vrana_F Hard Hat (Vrana, Ear Protectors) - H_Construction_earprot_vrana_F Hard Hat (Vrana, Headset) - H_Construction_headset_vrana_F Hard Hat (White) - H_Construction_basic_white_F Hard Hat (White, Ear Protectors) - H_Construction_earprot_white_F Hard Hat (White, Headset) - H_Construction_headset_white_F Hard Hat (Yellow) - H_Construction_basic_yellow_F Hard Hat (Yellow, Ear Protectors) - H_Construction_earprot_yellow_F Hard Hat (Yellow, Headset) - H_Construction_headset_yellow_F Head Bandages Head Bandage (Clean) - H_HeadBandage_clean_F Head Bandage (Moderate) - H_HeadBandage_stained_F Head Bandage (Severe) - H_HeadBandage_bloody_F Headsets Headset (Black) - H_HeadSet_black_F Headset (Orange) - H_HeadSet_orange_F Headset (Red) - H_HeadSet_red_F Headset (White) - H_HeadSet_white_F Headset (Yellow) - H_HeadSet_yellow_F Press Helmets Press Helmet - H_PASGT_basic_blue_press_F Press Helmet (Neck Protection) - H_PASGT_neckprot_blue_press_F Safari Hats Safari Hat (Olive) H_Hat_Safari_olive_F Safari Hat (Sand) - H_Hat_Safari_sand_F Wireless Earpiece (Hat Slot) - H_WirelessEarpiece_F Wireless Earpiece (Mask Slot) - G_WirelessEarpiece_F Respirators Respirator (Blue) - G_Respirator_blue_F Respirator (White) - G_Respirator_white_F Respirator (Yellow) - G_Respirator_yellow_F Safety Goggles - G_EyeProtectors_F Safety Goggles (Earpiece) - G_EyeProtectors_Earpiece_F UAV Terminal [Civilians] C_UavTerminal Van (Cargo) - Rebel Camo - B_G_Van_02_vehicle_F Van Transport - Rebel Camo - B_G_Van_02_transport_F Van (Ambulance) - C_Van_02_medevac_F Van (Cargo) - Civ Skins - C_Van_02_vehicle Van Transport - Civ Skins - C_Van_02_transport_F Van (Services) - C_Van_02_service_F IDAP Skin Vehicles MB 4WD - C_IDAP_Offroad_02_unarmed_F Offroad - C_IDAP_Offroad_01_F Van (Ambulance) - C_IDAP_Van_02_medevac_F Van (Cargo) - C_IDAP_Van_02_vehicle_F Van Transport - C_IDAP_Van_02_transport_F Zamak Transport - C_IDAP_Truck_02_transport_F Zamak Transport (Covered) - C_IDAP_Truck_02_F Zamak Water - C_IDAP_Truck_02_water_F Mohawk [EH302] - C_IDAP_Heli_Transport_02_F
  11. This if it actually turns out to be an issue with the script itself. This in every other case
  12. They're all different vans, the ones for Cargo have a different class name then the ones for passengers, ect. So find the correct classname for the one you want and add that
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