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  1. There's a mistype in that link you may want to fix So you want someone/a group of people to make you a server?
  2. Sure, but hi res textures aren't worth $20 when you can get near as good ones for free from those listed mods
  3. Feels like them just milking out what cash there is that's left, you can pay for this or just download RHS/CUP for free
  4. Moved to a better section. Also as Breaker had said, details would be nice
  5. You'd need to edit the mission SQM for map changes and what not, pull it from your server box and use the editor on it to make your changes There's lots of places to download mods but just because you can download them doesn't mean you'll have the permission to use them on a public server (So it's best to download them directly from the mod creator, or ask the creator if you've obtained them through a 3rd party) No need to be sorry, everyone has to start somewhere I recommend joining the discord if you haven't already - https://discordapp.com/invite/FzgeVxw
  6. Thanks for the share, looks nice!
  7. Chris Stark was apart of that project, anything really taken from A3L in terms of that he was open to giving permission to Repentz.
  8. Not at all, most people pay that in gas a week. Especially students that commute
  9. Message me on discord if it gives you an issue, if push comes to shove I can just make you one specifically for that board
  10. When Project Argo launched they held a contest revolving around Billboards and provided a perfect template, it should scale to every one perfectly including that one. ProjectArgo_billboard_sample.zip
  11. Short term solution for a long term problem
  12. Looks nice, thanks for sharing
  13. Will you make me one of your cool free scripts if I guess it right? 😮
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