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  1. look at keyhandler you can work it out
  2. im not giving you credit because i sense bs that you made it, that code has been used on so saying you created it is wrong heres from one community /* Author Scotty from Realmenofgenius 11/01/2015 */ private["_hgItems","_holder","_items","_pwItems","_safeItems","_swItems","_weps"]; _safeItems = ["FirstAidKit","ItemRadio","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemGPS","ItemWatch","NVGoggles","Rangefinder","Binocular"]; [player,"patdown1"] spawn life_fnc_nearestSound; 0 cutText["Your weapons are removed.","PLAIN"]; //--Get weapons, attachments and magazines of player _weps = []; _pwItems = primaryWeaponItems player; _swItems = secondaryWeaponItems player; _hgitems = handGunItems player; _mags = magazinesAmmoFull player; //--Now remove stuff {player removeMagazine _x} foreach (magazines player); if(primaryWeapon player != "") then { _weps pushBack (primaryWeapon player); player removeWeapon (primaryWeapon player); }; if(secondaryWeapon player != "") then { _weps pushBack (secondaryWeapon player); player removeWeapon (secondaryWeapon player); }; if(handgunWeapon player != "") then { _weps pushBack (handgunWeapon player); player removeWeapon (handgunWeapon player); }; { _items = _x; { player unassignItem _x; player removeItem _x; }forEach _items; }forEach [_hgItems, _pwItems, _swItems]; //--Anything in backpack, vest etc we forgot? Make sure we don't include rangefinders etc. { if (!(_x in _safeItems)) then { player removeItem _x; _weps pushBack _x; }; }forEach (weapons player); //-- Create holder and add everything to it. _holder = createVehicle [ "GroundWeaponHolder", getPosATL player, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE" ]; { _holder addWeaponCargoGlobal [_x,1]; }forEach _weps; { _holder addMagazineCargoGlobal [_x select 0,1]; }forEach _mags; { _items = _x; { _holder addItemCargoGlobal [_x,1]; }forEach _items; }forEach [_hgItems, _pwItems, _swItems]; player say3D "Patdown"; //--Save the player's updated gear. call life_fnc_saveGear; looks similair........ and most likely the actual author
  3. oh file i was thinking of was: file: fn_robShops.sqf Author: Stevo Description: Executes the rob shop action! Thanks: MrKraken (for the barebones tutorial), Ciaran (for assisting with syntax errors and script development) & Erdem Cankiran (for showing how to implement the user of markers) but found in my files which is alot better i will share after i get it working with this version which is basically just changing everything to remoteexec
  4. if server running on 2302: may need to edit hosts file C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc add these lines at bottom open it in notepadd++ or whatever ibattle.org www.ibattle.org and change port inside config.cfg \Bec\Config # Set the port to the server. default port is 2302 Port = 2306 inside BEServer.cfg add these lines create it if its not already there RConPassword pass RconIP RConPort 2306 and of course port forward the ports used
  5. not really, why would i have proof, i would say original was from lakeside Life-Studios where i see it and based my version from that. as they was first people to implement it but i have github proof it was over a year ago when i added to an altis server but nearly 2 years ago when i used on takistan life for arma 3 on xenos we was first people to port takistan life you can go google that https://gyazo.com/c95cdf9b27fe244051cedca98232a5db not like code was that important you need to prove you made it, its quite simple to make.
  6. [] spawn { while {true} do { _server = [] call TFAR_fnc_getTeamSpeakServerName; _channel = [] call TFAR_fnc_getTeamSpeakChannelName; if(!([] call TFAR_fnc_isTeamSpeakPluginEnabled)) then { cutText["Task Force Radio is not running on your computer, Enable TFR Plugin on Teamspeak!","BLACK"]; waitUntil {([] call TFAR_fnc_isTeamSpeakPluginEnabled)}; cutText["","PLAIN"]; }; if(_server != "Xenos Gaming - TeamSpeak Server" or _channel != "TaskForceRadio") then { cutText["Please join the Task Force Radio Teamspeak! and reload your plugin","BLACK"]; waitUntil {([] call TFAR_fnc_getTeamSpeakServerName) == "Xenos Gaming - TeamSpeak Server" and ([] call TFAR_fnc_getTeamSpeakChannelName) == "TaskForceRadio"}; cutText["","PLAIN"]; titleText ["Task Force Radio loaded successfully"]; }; sleep 5; }; }; mine from 1 year ago when xenosgaming was still around i was going to use that from life-studios arma 3 life you pasted but lets be honest its terrible
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