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  1. Thanks so much it is working like a charm! I only have a small server 30 - 40 people but not one person has said its bad. Fantastic Job buddy +Rep Btw do you mind if I use this in one of my youtube videos. Like a tutorial on how to install it. Regards, Oscar <3
  2. Arnt you moderator??

    1. Jason_000


      No. He was removed from the community.

    2. Oscar
  3. Great Script! Works Like a Charm +Rep btw Happy New Year!!
  4. @Warnerm14 Mate this Script is probably my Favourite Script on Altis Life RPG Full Stop! You worked so hard on this and you deserve to win an award! I have added multiple new barriers to it to add extra RP to my Server! Makes my Server's Police Force 50 Times better! Great Script Warner!
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