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  1. im getting issues with this, im having players getting wiped, there money set to 5k and they loose everything, i followed the install guide so please dont say "you didnt follow it correctly" cuz i did
  2. hey so when i press L on its own its activates the anrp and when i press shift l to turn lights on it also ANPR's the car how can i change it so you have to press Ctrl L to anrp
  3. i spawn in with a blurred screen. how do i fix that
  4. i added it all in, yet i dont get any messages, and still take damage, can someone help me
  5. @Raul125how can i get this script to work if you are on as a civilian, but you have a license, so you can do undercover work?
  6. Jimmy_Reddington


    So i tried to change all the AI shops into sign shops, but when i launched my server to test it, it broke the players, not able to access Y menu, and had to re spawn to actually load in. so if there certain script i need to put in to change them? also how do i at the radius you have to be to access a shop, i was stood at some distance from the shop but could still access it.
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