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  1. Yo buddy just add this in the controls backgrounds and it should make the background black class MainBackground: Life_RscText { colorBackground[] = {0,0,0,0.7}; idc = -1; x = 0.1; y = 0.2 + (11 / 250); w = 0.8; h = 0.6 - (22 / 250); };
  2. Does anyone know why u have a 200 kb jpg and then u put it into paa and it goes to like 2k and how do some servers have like 200kb texture files?
  3. On the arma 3 server tab it just says reading mission lots of times and it doesnt accually create the game server, i have checked the RPT and its nothing wrong.arma3server_x64_2020-05-28_01-47-04.rpt
  4. Martinez101


    @Jimmy_Reddington It would have been you have fucked the init. Or you have done something in your code.
  5. Hello, how do you make it so when your in 3rd person you can see your player tags above your head.
  6. Can you show me your file so i can see the issue?
  7. Yes, it is do you need help with the code @Bellert
  8. @Sir Custard Of Cream could you send me that player tags so i can edit it please i like how you have done it and i would like one
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