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  1. My Function isn't working for Unrestraining a player aswell as my Tickets are being issued to the user using scroll wheel can Anyone point me in the right direction?
  2. Issue Solved A3AT Find OPEN_ADMIN_MENU_KEY and change = 0x3B
  3. I feel stupid asking this question although I've looked through the code for hours Infistar normally opens through the "F1" key I attempted to find this in the code with the following F1 F1..F15 DIK_F1 0x3B 59 I can't find how to change it from F1 to ins, I'm not asking to be spoon fed, but I am asking for a general area to look as I feel totally Lost, Google doesn't seem to know the answer either...
  4. You my dear friend are a legend. I really hope this works
  5. Ive been looking through files for awhile and cant seem to find any Class for Restraining sounds? does anyone know how to add Restraining sound to Cop? I have everything I need for it just don't know where to do it? Currently on 5.0.0
  6. @TrueAllegiant are these files still open? the link doesn't work anymore?
  7. @Wackbatt What key unrestrains? I can restrain others with shift+R but cant move or unrestrain with winkey
  8. @Wackbatt Solved Thank you for your assistance my Fellow Developer I went into Functions and did some tweaking here and there and fixed it!
  9. For ziptie_need_rebel = false; it looks like this right? https://pastebin.com/F6ifgEFi
  10. I genuinely don't understand See it still isn't working Ima check through all my files again really quick this is starting to become annoying as hell
  11. https://sqfbin.com/ukeyekonecijalasukuv https://pastebin.com/VUPWtEvQ
  12. I can't see anything wrong within this code I don't think I understand this I'm truly stumped edit I'm gonna try a few things to try and fix this
  13. I'm either stupid or something within my dev serv isn't working https://pastebin.com/xHzhUfqy Note: Sometimes I'm just stupid. duly noted
  14. Following the Pastebin you sent. Im not trying to be a pain or anything, but I don't fully understand Project tag what did you mean?
  15. Stringtable.xml Couldn't post all copied bottom https://pastebin.com/v0UVfdeN Vitems https://pastebin.com/PA3DtdBv
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