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  1. Does anyone know if he's still not home?
  2. I've got a random doubt in my mind these days, and I'd give love to anyone who's able to answer me. So, Altis Life was created by a guy "named" Tonic. Now, what happened to him? If I remember correctly, I saw a post in this forum, like 4 years ago, about the fact he stopped playing and developing this mod Does anyone have informations?
  3. Benvenuto! Annuncio che da oggi il server Everwild Altis Life è aperto e siamo qui pronti ad accogliervi. Il server è un Altis Life "Vanilla", di conseguenza non c'è il bisogno di scaricare alcuna mod per entrare nel server. Se avete qualche dubbio, richiesta o consiglio, non esitate a contattarci tramite discord, siamo sempre qui per tutti. Vi aspettiamo! IP SERVER: [Porta: 2302] Sito Web: www.ewaltis.it Discord: https://discord.gg/wy3XRZv
  4. Yeah, the problem is doing that, I have a lot of custom scripts on my, and I'm having troubles trying to update them to 5.0, mostly because I don't really know how to update some of them
  5. Solved, the inventoryopened.sqf on seems to have an ending brace and semicolon that shouldn't be there
  6. Hi, I'm having a problem on my server. People can open car inventories even if the car is locked and not theirs. I checked fn_inventoryOpened and the eventhandler and all seems good. Any clue how to deal with this?
  7. Oh, got it, can you tell me if i can find compatibility issues and/or differences between 50 and the forum?
  8. Thank you for the answer. Sorry for my ignorance, but I have lost contacts with my old scripter and I'm trying to use my c++ knowledge to understand sqf. What do you mean by "update"?
  9. Hi all, i haven't played Altis Life since 2016, now i'd like to run a server again, but i have a major problem, I see that there is the 5.0 version, but i still am on version, is there a way i can upgrade my mission to 5.0, and also, I get a "Setting up Client, please wait". Can someone help me at least with the first thing? Thank you in advance
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