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  1. Thanks for your input, this server is mainly for fun and enjoyment for me and a small group of friends seeing how far we can go without stressing ourselves. So if the dev wishes to do that i wouldnt mind itll be a shame but it is there work after all.
  2. corrections have been made and to answer this "This is a big question that a lot of people forget. A lot of server owners will claim any script made for they community is theirs without giving credit to the author. Will you be one of those owners or will the script author have full ownership over his/her scripts and be allowed to use/give them away as they see fit? If asked to stop using one or more of their scripts will you do so?" they will have full access to the scripts and everything if they wish for me to stop using them i will do as they say.
  3. Hello guys i recently started up an altis life server and could use a little help on the devolpment side, i am just a beginner, so i am still learning.I am willing to pay you for your help, but understand I must need proof of your skills. Perferred Development Skills - SQF - SQS - Map Developement - Custom Dedicated/Server Setup's What i wish to add to my server - Custom map- Quest line- Quest level system and perks.- Custom drugs/useable drugs - More veihcles and weapons in shop also Price adjustment.- setting up pvp/kos Island -Much more Contact me! Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Cuckboii/Discord: .......#0050
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