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  1. Do I start looking at marketSell and MarketBuy right?
  2. How to make this show items icon? Thx.
  3. This will happen when cops place a curfew on a map. Curfew is a function that will create marker zone . It should not ban cops when they put on curfew Problems when they clicked on the map to place it they will get kick and banned.
  4. So function will occurs when player disconnected while they dies
  5. Its not what you say. What I mean is that when a player dies and they disconnected from server without respawning first then it will remove there money and sent them to jail after they reconnected
  6. I wanted to create function that will remove x amount of cash and sent that player to jail when player is killed and then disconnected from server without waiting for respawn time
  7. I'm on V.5 and I tried but paychecks revert back to the LIFE_SETTINGS paycheck not the custom one.
  8. Oh really, i didn't know that sry.
  9. https://pastebin.com/RYMyqPtS here is the RPT file
  10. I tried to make that donor will have less respawn timer, this will make respawn time decrease by 20%. I changed the following file to this On Player killed if (LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"respawn_timer") < 5) then { _maxTime = time + 5; } else if(FETCH_CONST(life_donorlevel) > 1) then { _maxTime = time + ((LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"respawn_timer") - (LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"respawn_timer") / 100) * (LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"respawn_timer_donor")))); } else { _maxTime = time + LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"respawn_timer"); }; and Add respawn_timer_donor = 20 to Config_Master.hpp I wanted to know why my respawn time is not showing up. Thank You it's a sqf problem RPT file have no error.
  11. My Config.cfg File https://pastebin.com/pzVSNE63 My BEserver.cfg file https://pastebin.com/Wk46uhPf
  12. TADST but when I set 100 it always go to 64
  13. I put number at 100 but still it forces my server to 64 maximum players.
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