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  1. _name = toLower(profileNameSteam); if !(_name find "www.websitename.com" isEqualTo -1 || {_name find "websitename.com" isEqualTo -1}) then { Wouldn't this be a better approach?
  2. Remove all the statements with '_veh isEqualTo ...' in fn_clearVehicleAmmo and add the following: if (!(_veh in LIFE_SETTINGS(getArray,"vehicleShop_rentalOnly"))) then { private ["_mags", "_i"]; _mags = [_veh magazinesTurret [-1],_veh magazinesTurret [0],_veh magazinesTurret [1]];// need to define for each vehicle type _i= -1; { _veh removeMagazinesTurret [_x select 0,[_i]]; _i = _i + 1; } forEach _mags; }; This will remove ammo of all turrets of all vehicles, except from the rental only vehicles. The reason I want rental only vehicles to have ammo, is because I am allowing my players to rent vehicles with turrets.
  3. Indeed some hidden characters (4!) Forgot to post an update here Thank you
  4. 17:20:19 Error in expression <"from 0 to 1 step 0 do{_adjustBrightness=CHBN_adjustBrightness;_adju> 17:20:19 Error position: <=CHBN_adjustBrightness;_adju> 17:20:19 Error Missing ;
  5. Sadly does not work on 5.0
  6. I have and it works. You have to define _min and do the same check but with _min
  7. Thought so, thank you
  8. Is it allowed to increase paychecks for donators according to the terms of Bohemia?
  9. if( _price > _max)then {_price = _max;}; To fix the 0 bug, isn't it as easy as that, but then with _min?
  10. Aren't you missing an option in the load and unload? onLoad = "call life_fnc_3dPreviewInit; ctrlShow [2330,false];"; onUnLoad = "call life_fnc_3dPreviewExit;"; 5.0.0
  11. case (isPlayer _x && _onDuty == 1): {format["%1<br/><t size='0.8' color='#FF0000'>Staff on Duty</t>",(_x getVariable ["realname",name _x])];}; Should have a space inbetween format and [ case (isPlayer _x && _onDuty == 1): {format ["%1<br/><t size='0.8' color='#FF0000'>Staff on Duty</t>",(_x getVariable ["realname",name _x])];}; Otherwise it throws an error
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