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  1. when this was created it used extdb2
  2. "coding exp" you need to know how to copy and paste.
  3. thats a summer beer, but its a nice one. you should try a desperado.
  4. the config file you need to (blacklisting variables), and like the revive on 4.4r3 i had to make small changes to make it work.
  5. you obviously have not read the code at all then if you are serious about it.
  6. change the case number to this 210
  7. a part of the tuto was deleted i do not know how. it is updated now
  8. that will never be possible since that was the old website of alrpg
  9. once you installed it it and try to rob it you get a progress bar once it's finished you get the money.
  10. this script came originally from altisliferpg, or do you not mean that ?
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