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  1. Your Str_Mar_AdvacedRebel is not found. Did u put it in your string table. If i was you i'd just do this and bypass the whole string table this addAction["Advanced rebel clothing",life_fnc_clothingMenu,"AdvancedRebel_C",0,false,false,"",' license_civ_rebel && playerSide isEqualTo civilian',5]; Notice how i've deleted localize Also make sure the 3rd argument is looking for the correct class name as your clothing was looking for "reb" and not "AdvancedRebel_C "
  2. Render disance fix: core/init.sqf setObjectViewDistance 8000;
  3. I have also noticed thisbug. I noticed that when I use a gui editor (One we've paid for) to edit the y menu it will break the Vinventory. Not too sure on a fix sadly i just manually edited it in the files
  4. I may be wrong but i believe exitwith means terminate the script. Best thing to do is while {life_bank_drilling && _success == false} do { sleep 1; _elapsed = _elapsed + 1; if (!alive _unit || _unit getVariable ["restrained",false] || _unit distance (getPos life_bank_building) > 60) exitWith {_success = false}; if (_elapsed >= 10) then {_success = true}; }; Alternatively there is https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/breakOut. However this is how i would do it ^
  5. This happens when u don't restart your client after updating the mission file...
  6. So i am trying to make it so that players are able to pick up items via the scroll menu instead of the windows key. I'm struggling to get the add action string to display what the item is and how many of the item there is. Here is what I have so far. life_actions pushBack (player addAction[format ["Pickup %1 (%2)", cursorobject getVariable "item" select 0, cursorobject getVariable "item" select 1], "hint ""Test""", cursorobject,0,false,false,"", 'player distance cursorObject <= 5 && cursorObject isKindOf "Land_Suitcase_F"']); Result is just Pickup Any help is much appreciated. Cheers
  7. So i've noticed that a player will see them selves wearing a skins and so will others around them. However sometimes there might be once person who is unable to see the players skin until they drop and pick up their uniform. Any fix for this is it just arma?
  8. So i'm not too sure without checking but i think when playing as civ the wanted menu button gets turned into the gang menu button. So you will need to make a new button which might be complicated if you have limited knowledge. might be an idea to just leave it on a key in ur case mate as you'll have to make sure ur new wanted menu button is hidden for cops or there will be too lol. Just be sure to you disable all the stuff that allows people to add crimes to people else ur civs are going to be wanting people
  9. Disable the wanted list button being disabled in Y menu when not civ. or add [] call life_fnc_wantedMenu to a key. Go into wanted menu and remove the must be cop code (line 11). Write in the code into that script that hides the functionailty of being able to add to the wanted list
  10. ah think i misread the question thought he wanted a script that would allow players to shoot out of vehicles where this was not possible
  11. Easy work around would be on player killed save their gear to a varible. Then in cop loadout add that gear to their player
  12. Putting this in handle damage will prevent people from being killed from being run over and will also tell them who just ran them over. if(vehicle _source isKindOf "LandVehicle") then { if(_source != _unit AND {alive _unit} AND {isPlayer _source}) then { _damage = 0.001; [0,format["%1 just ran over %2!", name _source, name _unit]] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",0]; }; };
  13. I'm pretty sure it's not possible to allow passengers to shoot out of a vehicle which they cannot without mods
  14. i was running another script from there for something else and when using spawn it was causing and error however remote exec didn't. I shall try spawn
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