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  1. For your increase by one question if you do _query = format ["UPDATE players SET cash= cash + '1' WHERE pid='%1'", PlayerID];
  2. Did u solve this mate. what was the solution i have the same problem
  3. john123

    [Tutorial] 5.0 Dynamic Market

    Getting this error when loading into server. Followed instructions. Was origanally an error playerinv but i managed to fix it
  4. So i've noticed on my mission when I use the scroll menu on a shop and then leave. if i scroll on a random object close by say a bin the shops scroll menu will appear. Strange thing is tho I loaded up a clear mission file from the framework and bug seems to be on there as-well any idea's does this happen for anyone else. is the only fix to go into every shop and do a distance conditon?.
  5. yes thank you very much
  6. john123

    Gang List

    Hi, Are there any scripts out there that show a list of current gangs and there members. Or any idea how i'd go about it. I know how i'd recall it from the DB but not too sure how to do the GUI etc. Thanks in advance.
  7. So i've been trying this code and nothing seems to happen any idea's? hint"Test"; _uid = getPlayerUID player; _query = format["SELECT name FROM players WHERE pid='%1'",_uid]; _queryResult = [_query,2] call DB_fnc_asyncCall; hint _queryResult;
  8. Great thanks ill give it a go
  9. that has deffo cleaned up part of my question. I just can't understand why when im running the script nothing appears to happen. maybe you could write an example for lets say finding a person by the UID in table Person and deleting their entry. [_query,2] call DB_fnc_asyncCall; Also i understand this bascially sends the Query to a script that executes it on the database but whats the number 2 for.
  10. I was wondering if anyone is able to explain how to execute a query on the DB from a script. From looking around the files i think i've got a basic understanding but i'm still confused. private _query = format ["DELETE FROM bounty WHERE bountyID ='%1'",_uid]; - I understand this is the query we are running. so in table bounty delete the entry where the bounty ID .... is. I Dont quite understand whats with %1 and _uid at the end. [_query,2] call DB_fnc_asyncCall; - i understand this sends query command to script that deals with the execution. Lets say for instance i wanted to remove someones want from the database once they die how would i go about this? private _query = format ["DELETE FROM wanted WHERE wantedName ='????????'",???????]; [_query,2] call DB_fnc_asyncCall;