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  1. MORE NEWS: New update coming soon. register at https://ourliferpg.net/ to hop on the server and have a good time.
  2. The new update is live look at the post to find out more information Server IP: Server.OurLifeRPG.Net Port: 2302 please make sure you've completed the civilian application and are whitelisted Found below ↓ https://ourliferpg.net/index.php?/topic/11688-steam-player-ids-for-whitelisting/ Thanks Corrie Healy
  3. I would like to thank you for pointing that out . Also if i might add Even though the TOS are copyed form the https://brocelite.com/pages/terms-conditions everythig elese is original i have been told. you will probably find that 1 or 2 things are the same but everything from the mission file to the handbooks are all original. you can view the SD standard operating procedures here : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1swq5DYHjBXxsm2ApJuC-PqGd_xybzQkwWyv1tSInGaM/edit and the EMS one here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dAcdIfITui55IyET5f_HDPreYFA5H0mxxL7SbO8LViU/edit
  4. I can understand why it seems fishy but. Alot of servers use each others TOS.
  5. maybe it was a coincidence or something else. lol. also dam you investigate more than sherlock holmes Do hope that it didn't turn you off going on the server
  6. You should really go back on the server if you enjoyedthe arma 2 one. And to answer you question. I don't believe that the update is out.
  7. OUR LIFE RPG I would like to say that i have no role in the development of this role play server. I am also not taking any credit from anyone who works on this server. But if you are looking for some good role play you can find it here. A few points i would like to say is That the server is only new to Arma3 It is hosted in the USA The community was founded by C P 3 0 8 8 and the head developer is TheGamingChief. I think This role play server is a modded community We play on the map Kelleys island. The county is called Erie County We are not a whitelisted community so you can simply download the mods for the server join the ts and hop on The server was Previously on Arma2 We use TFR (Task Force Radio) on our ts server If your looking for a good time and some very good roleplay consider hopping on the server and give it a shot we are always open 24/7 and we always need new players If your interested the website can be found here: https://ourliferpg.net/ If you just wanna join the arma3 to see what its like the Server IP: Server.OurLifeRPG.Net Port: 2302 The teamspeak can also be found here TS.OurLifeRPG.Net Before trying to connect to the server please make sure you've completed the civilian application and are whitelisted. And make sure you've followed the instructions on this thread to install the addons.. Foound Here: --> https://ourliferpg.net/index.php?/topic/11688-steam-player-ids-for-whitelisting/ You can download the mods for this server at the steam workshop by typeing: OurLifeRPG | ArmA 3 Life Addons | https://ourliferpg.net : and click subcribe on the one by TheGamingChief Or if you prefer Arma3 sync you can use the auto config URL Here: ftp://repo.ourliferpg.net/arma3/.a3s/autoconfig Download the addons as you normally would from ArmA 3 Sync There are other options to download the mods this is probaly the easyest one if you would like to use a differnt methood they can be found here:https://ourliferpg.net/index.php?/topic/11865-guide-how-to-download-the-arma-3-addons-wip/ Some of the things that you can do Maybe you simply wanna do some mining there is plenty to do from Gold to Iron you can monopolise the market on it Or maby you wanna do some harvesting of some illigal narcotics form some Marijuana to Cocaine. You could become a drug kingpin and maby bump heads with the Erie County Sheriff's Office Or if mining or doing drugs isnt your taste and you wanna go a bit more balls to the walls you could. 1.Rob a store 2.Rob the bank or 3. Rob a random person And maybe just maybe if the law hasn't caught up with you and you havent been robbed while mining you may just make enough money to buy a nice house to bring you mates over. And if you are in the Sheriff's Office and you wanna get pay back on the drug kingpin that has made your job even harder why not get premission to do a raid on them The trailer This trailer is just some of the stuff that you may face in the line of your chosen Carrier from car chases to building fires A small note i would like to add As I have mentioned previously that this community is new to Arma 3 and there are many more updates to come in his further like to own shops or many more things the video above is the first major update since the severe launched so if you do go on please don't instantly leave. I will be updating this post with more info on the server as time goes on. I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this post. And i hope to see you on the server Feel free to ask any questions about the server in the comment's or on the webiste chat box or to go on the ts and meet some of the people Announcements about the server The Update seen in the video above is now live with a new and wide rage of cars,trucks,and many more Here are just some of the many things that have been added Added: New Drug System -Drugs are now grown inside your own house, the drug fields will be removed from the map next update. -You can get the potting beds and the window covers from the general store. -You can put two plants in each potting bed. Added: New Gang System -Gang prefix will be shown next to a players Steam ID. -When you are killed by someone in a gang their gang prefix will be displayed. This helps identify RDM. Added: Unique license plates for all vehicles. Added: New in-game police computer, accessed by scroll from the inside of any police vehicle. -The web-based computer is no longer used, please only use the computer in-game from now on. Added: Ability to save and retrieve cars from your home. Added: New FD base. Added: New SD uniforms. Added: New SD vests. Added: New cars for all sides. Added: Heavier vests to terror. Added: Orca to terror helicopters. And also the main thing that has been adjusted Adjusted: One life rule, you can now commit crimes as civilian while in SD and EMS without being worried about being removed. However, you can't load in as SD or EMS if you have any active warrants or are currently serving jail time on civilian. You can turn yourself in at the AI outside of jail if no SD are on and you want to resolve your current warrants IP & PORT Server IP: Server.OurLifeRPG.Net Port: 2302
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