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  1. @Jhuds Can you go here and report the bug? https://www.standardlife.life/forum/18-bug-report/
  2. 100% agree, the dialog will be remade and the server is up and running right now
  3. Standard Life | Hey, I would like to invite everyone to come to play on Standard Life, our framework is made 100% from scratch since 2016, this is not Tonic's framework. If you don't believe me jump on the server and check it out yourself Some key features for the server: Company System Evidence System Evidence Locker AirSoft AirDrop missions Street Racing Fire System for vehicles Governor System Shop owner Lawyer System Repo Job Plantation (Drugs and so on) Police Database News Reporter Duty System (Everyone spawns as civilian and you would need to go to the police station to go on duty) Blackmarket (Spawns randomly around on the map) And there are many more features! Website: (Not ready yet, waiting for domain to transfer) TS3 (It's not a real IP to prevent ddose): Standardlife Server IP: Discord Server: https://discord.gg/NtgNYZV We are also currently looking for more staff and for someone to take over the police!
  4. haha does screenshots are not taken from my desktop Yes they are stored secure, i would never have any sensetive data in plaintext & they are stored on my website, i have even had people test the security and i would love to have more people test it so if you want send me a private message and we can have a chat about it
  5. haha i agree doe, i have not used an AI for testing since 2015 doe, i just know it works XD
  6. If you where to change the code it self then i would blame that person for not thinking about copy the code and making another function or setting up a test mission. It's very simple to test this, just copy the taser code and make a function or however you want and BOOM you have a working code for an AI (ofc rename the player ect). I have done this myself.
  7. You can, just set a name for the AI and replace commands like "player" with the AI name. so if a code would have it like this "player setDamage 1;" you would replace that with "MyTestAI setDamage 1;" Something like this: [] remoteExec["FunctionNameHere",MyTestAI]; FunctionNameHere = { MyTestAI setDamage 1; }; You dont even need to remoteExec, you can run this on yourself and just use "MyTestAI" insted of "player"
  8. Hey, I'm currently creating an admin tool and player tool for arma and other games but i need some servers that can test this and give general feedback before i go full public with it. What will you get from testing it? I will let your server use this program for free on the best package. Send me a private message here if your interested. Some screenshots of the program (only 4 screenshots):
  9. Our server is now live with the custom framework so all you need to do is go on our website and install our addons and you're ready to go! https://www.modernliferpg.com/topic/59-how-to-connect-to-mlrpg/?tab=comments#comment-104
  10. Hello guys, We have delayed our release due to us missing a person who can texture, we need a few police cars, uniforms, and EMT cars textured. Is this something you know very well how to do in ArmA 3 and wanna help us out feel free to contact me on our website or Teamspeak server. we are willing to pay for the textures! https://ModernLifeRPG.com
  11. We just made it modded. We did a community poll and people wanted it modded but it's unwhitelisted so all you need once we launch is the server password which will be public on our website
  12. We have released a new dev blog for the people who have not watched it and we are releasing in 2 weeks, check our website for the countdown timer. Dev blog #3
  13. I fully understand why because its the Arma community and I can tell you this I have been coding and modding in Arma for over 8 years now and started on this framework back in summer 2016 and I have logs and video from that (https://trello.com/b/eE14olCK/modern-life-rpg) And I sometimes stream when I code so many people know I coded this from scratch also if it was just a copy paste why use like 2 years on it?
  14. Every single script is made by my self, except maybe the extdb code and the notification that my friend made
  15. Just to put it out there ALRP did not make it, a friend of mine did and i have full permission to use it.
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