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  1. Our server is now live with the custom framework so all you need to do is go on our website and install our addons and you're ready to go! https://www.modernliferpg.com/topic/59-how-to-connect-to-mlrpg/?tab=comments#comment-104
  2. Hello guys, We have delayed our release due to us missing a person who can texture, we need a few police cars, uniforms, and EMT cars textured. Is this something you know very well how to do in ArmA 3 and wanna help us out feel free to contact me on our website or Teamspeak server. we are willing to pay for the textures! https://ModernLifeRPG.com
  3. We just made it modded. We did a community poll and people wanted it modded but it's unwhitelisted so all you need once we launch is the server password which will be public on our website
  4. We have released a new dev blog for the people who have not watched it and we are releasing in 2 weeks, check our website for the countdown timer. Dev blog #3
  5. I fully understand why because its the Arma community and I can tell you this I have been coding and modding in Arma for over 8 years now and started on this framework back in summer 2016 and I have logs and video from that (https://trello.com/b/eE14olCK/modern-life-rpg) And I sometimes stream when I code so many people know I coded this from scratch also if it was just a copy paste why use like 2 years on it?
  6. Every single script is made by my self, except maybe the extdb code and the notification that my friend made
  7. Just to put it out there ALRP did not make it, a friend of mine did and i have full permission to use it.
  8. I'm the creator of RP Project, I started all over again but kept some of the same like same player inventory system
  9. never even heard of rpf framework tbh and i have been working on it for almost 2 years now
  10. Hmm okay, i will make sure i contact them today and check this again. Thanks
  11. I'm the lead developer & owner of Modern Life RPG and we have just launched our server on Altis without mods, we are running a fully custom framework made from scratch by my self. Some features: Duty System (This means everyone spawn in as a civilian but you need to go to the police station or EMT station in order to go on duty) Revive System (This system will be synced to hit parts of your body depending on the chance of you being revived and needed to be taken to the hospital) Company System (This will let you run your own business on our server with your own shops, factories, employees, delivers and private contracts) DMV System (You need to take a test for almost every single license) Phone System (This will allow you to add contacts, change ringtones, call friends and call 911. This is still a WIP due to us moving from modded it was connected with TFR) Fishing Mining Delivery missions Plantation fields (Grow the seeds you have bought from the seed store, it might even be weed seeds, this can also be growing at your house) House System Furniture system (Your house might look a bit boring so feel free to buy furniture) Robbery (You may rob players, bank, and stores) and more... NOTICE: Dev Blog #3 might come this week! NOTICE: We changed the name from ArmA Roleplay to Modern Life RPG Website: http://www.modernliferpg.com TS IP: Dev Blog #1 Dev Blog #2 Dev Blog #3:
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