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  1. i have done everything , im getting no errors but when i use the code cracker it does the timer and then there is nothing i cant access the vault and am getting no menus from either the trader or the vault ? can someone please help me with this problem!
  2. I'm pretty new to all this but I'm trying to give my police better skins and all tutorials I have found are out dated or missing things . I am running 5.0 if someone can give me a run through that would be great
  3. this works fine but the menus are not showing for trader and proscesser they work but u cant see scrp;; wheel menu anyome help ?
  4. i havent got .... in the key handler file if (player getVariable ["isEscorting",false]) exitWith { [] call life_fnc_copInteractionMenu; };
  5. like it .. all works fine only one that did .. so well done, is there anyway i can make it smaller ?
  6. where do i put the hud folder?
  7. where do i put the hud folder?
  8. i am getting error in discription.ext player settings missing ??
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